• WordNet 3.6
    • n hinderance the act of hindering or obstructing or impeding
    • n hinderance any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome
    • n hinderance something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Hinderance Same as Hindrance.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n hinderance See hindrance.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Hinderance act of hindering: that which hinders: obstacle
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  • Ella Wheeler Wilcox
    “There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.”
  • Ghose Aurobindo
    Ghose Aurobindo
    “The fly that touches honey cannot use it's wings; so too the soul that clings to spiritual sweetness ruins it's freedom and hinders contemplation.”
  • Les Brown
    “If you are carrying strong feelings about something that happened in your past, they may hinder your ability to live in the present.”
  • Abraham Lincoln
    “The way for a young man to rise is to improve himself in every way he can, never suspecting that anybody wishes to hinder him.”
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “The great man fights the elements in his time that hinder his own greatness, in other words his own freedom and sincerity.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. hindrian; Ger. hindern.


In literature:

This appeareth the more, by how much the more some force of fortune hath hindered him.
"The Best of the World's Classics, Restricted to prose. Volume II (of X) - Rome" by Various
But this did not hinder her from giving me marks of her usual goodness, in the severe malady just mentioned.
"The Autobiography of Madame Guyon" by Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte Guyon
No cause hinders its own effect.
"On Prayer and The Contemplative Life" by St. Thomas Aquinas
And with good cause if Simo hinder not.
"The Comedies of Terence" by Publius Terentius Afer
I followed as quickly as I could, and reached the patio almost as soon as he; but too late to hinder him from his purpose.
"The War Trail" by Mayne Reid
Though wherefore the like of these things should hinder them from remembering their Lord, is more than I can understand.
"Janet's Love and Service" by Margaret M Robertson
What should hinder me to combine profit with pleasure, and invest it as you do?
"The Scalp Hunters" by Mayne Reid
But, after all, nothing can hinder such a thing, if it is going to be.
"Stradella" by F(rancis) Marion Crawford
What's to hinder us from carrying the day in Ireland, too?
"The Northern Iron" by George A. Birmingham
Leave hinderers with the ass, they will be in congenial society!
"Broken Bread from an Evangelist's Wallet" by Thomas Champness

In poetry:

No locks, no bolts, no any human pow'r,
Nor all the world, can stop the rapid flight
Of pray'r — or hinder it, at any hour,
From posting to th' immortal Sire of light.
"Concerning Prayer, And Its Proper Requisites" by Rees Prichard
Shou'd he from penitence thy soul restrain,
'Till death, and make thee each good work postpone:
He hinders thee God's mercy to obtain,
Until perhaps the time of mercy's gone.
"Advice, To Guard Against The Temptations Of The Devil " by Rees Prichard
And glittered all, and sang; and, hindered not,
Upon their axes turned, constant and sure;
Their million million voices, strong and deep,
Bursting in great hosannas to the skies.
"The Legend Of The Earth" by Sarah Anne Curzon
Oh, sing again the song for me
My mother used to sing
When I, a child beside her knee,
Looked up for her sweet sympathy,
Nor ever thought how I might be
Her little hindering thing.
"A Song" by Hattie Howard
The laggard year is now at prime
And primrose-time is daffodil-time;
Where do the boys delay? What tether
Hinders them from the heavenly weather,
From violet-time and cowslip-time?
"Flower O' The Year" by Katharine Tynan
FLORUS. I this lady love so much,
That the sunlight I would hinder
From beholding her sweet face.
Since then all interposition
Is in vain, pray stand aside,
And our quarrel let us finish.
"The Wonder-Working Magician - Act I" by Denis Florence MacCarthy

In news:

Do not add posts that have nothing to do with the topic, repetitive posts to multiple items and off-topic posts that hinder discussion.
'Self-centered' ethic hinders young employees.
While Italy has nearly completed its planned bond market funding for this year, the latest political turmoil could hinder its ability to borrow around 420 billion euros in 2013.
Evening TV and violent cartoons hinder sleep in preschoolers.
WASHINGTON — Four female service members filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday seeking to overturn the Pentagon's exclusion of women from many combat roles, arguing that the restrictions are unconstitutional and have hindered their careers.
Proposed almost four years ago as Hantz Farms , the project now will have a chance to demonstrate if a large-scale blight removal and reforestation project will help or hinder Detroit's recovery.
And a regulator who was heavily involved in bringing the economy back from the brink says missteps made then hinder the economy to this day -- in some cases, badly.
Members of Oklahoma City hard rocker Hinder admit the band's been through a whole lot to get through its new album.
Hinder frontman talks of rehab after finishing new album.
Oklahoma City rocker Hinder's new album is "Welcome to the Freakshow".
Fog hinders visability as pedestrians cross Beach Boulevard in Westminster.
Fog hinders visability as pedestrians cross Beach Boulevard in Westminster.
Young cancer survivors say costs hinder follow-up care.
Over-involved parents may hinder kids in making friends kids, play, parents, friends, often, making, own, kindergarten, time, dates.
Greater Email Privacy Won't Hinder Law Enforcement.

In science:

Dunn TM, Hahn S, Ogden S, Schleif RF (1984) An operator at -280 base pairs that is required for repression of araBAD operon promoter: addition of DNA helical turns between the operator and promoter cyclically hinders repression.
Concentration and Length Dependence of DNA Looping in Transcriptional Regulation
Nevertheless, its application to micro-contact technology like MEMS switches has been hindered by a lack of reliability.
Asperity contacts at the nanoscale: comparison of Ru and Au
Interestingly, in three-dimensional simulations a magnetic field may actually enhance the fragmentation of a cloud (Gregori et al. 1999; Shin, Stone & Snyder 2008), though the actual mixing of the cloud and ambient medium remains hindered.
The turbulent destruction of clouds - I. A k-epsilon treatment of turbulence in 2D models of adiabatic shock-cloud interactions
However, there are a number of ways in which the growth of KH and RT instabilities may be hindered or amplified.
The turbulent destruction of clouds - I. A k-epsilon treatment of turbulence in 2D models of adiabatic shock-cloud interactions
In addition to these mechanisms, we note that a highly turbulent postshock flow may also hinder the formation of a clearly defined bowshock (see, e.g., Fig. 14).
The turbulent destruction of clouds - I. A k-epsilon treatment of turbulence in 2D models of adiabatic shock-cloud interactions