herbaceous plant


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n herbaceous plant a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
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In literature:

The species Musaceae are herbaceous plants only.
"The Former Philippines thru Foreign Eyes" by Tomás de Comyn
The indigo plant is herbaceous, and from one to three feet high, with delicate bluish-green leaves.
"A Woman's Journey Round the World" by Ida Pfeiffer
Out of doors in summer, among shrubs or herbaceous plants, they are exceedingly attractive.
"Gardening for the Million" by Alfred Pink
By the end of May the herbaceous plants begin to leaf, frogs are heard, and there is bright light at midnight.
"The New North" by Agnes Deans Cameron
The species we observed on this occasion was a small spreading herbaceous plant.
"Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Vol 2 (of 2)" by Thomas Mitchell
My attention has been called a number of times to the unsatisfactory records and directions concerning the grafting of herbaceous plants.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 795, March 28, 1891" by Various
A herbaceous plant is one with a non-woody stem, as geraniums.
"The Library of Work and Play: Gardening and Farming." by Ellen Eddy Shaw
Afterwards they colour the cloth, thus prepared, with the juices of herbaceous plants.
"Earths In Our Solar System Which Are Called Planets, and Earths In The Starry Heaven Their Inhabitants, And The Spirits And Angels There" by Emanuel Swedenborg
This pretty herbaceous plant is sometimes said to be a British species; its specific name, however, somewhat forbids that opinion.
"Hardy Perennials and Old Fashioned Flowers" by John Wood
In fasciated stems, also, of herbaceous plants, it not unfrequently happens that the upper portions of the stem are brightly coloured.
"Vegetable Teratology" by Maxwell T. Masters

In news:

Herbaceous plants such as stinging nettle and sheep sorrel offer up their mineral-rich stores.
Wyoming big sagebrush is often manipulated to decrease its density and encourage the growth of herbaceous plants.
During the August 19 excursion, the hikers learned how to identify wild herbaceous plants of the Catskill Mountains.
Refuge biologist Eric Cole tells The Jackson Hole News and Guide there will be a total of 11,677 tons of herbaceous plants available for forage through this winter.
The commonly seen stiff, bushy herbaceous floral/plant with it's one inch in diameter light purple pom pom flowers is spotted knapweed.
Herbaceous perennials are the plants gardeners most commonly call perennials .
This cosmos is a historic herbaceous plant that fills summer gardens with showy flowers in an orderly arrangement of cosmic proportions.