• WordNet 3.6
    • v heft lift or elevate
    • v heft test the weight of something by lifting it
    • n heft the property of being large in mass
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Heft Same as Haft n.
    • Heft The act or effort of heaving; violent strain or exertion. "He craks his gorge, his sides,
      With violent hefts ."
    • Heft The greater part or bulk of anything; as, the heft of the crop was spoiled.
    • Heft To heave up; to raise aloft. "Inflamed with wrath, his raging blade he heft ."
    • Heft To prove or try the weight of by raising.
    • Heft Weight; ponderousness. "A man of his age and heft ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n heft Same as haft.
    • n heft The act of heaving or retching; violent strain or exertion; effort.
    • n heft Weight; heaviness.
    • n heft The greater or weightier part of anything; the bulk; the gist.
    • n heft Need; emergency.
    • n heft Command; restraint.
    • heft To heave up.
    • heft To try the weight of.
    • heft To weigh.
    • heft An early modern English preterit and past participle of heave.
    • n heft A dwelling; a place of residence.
    • heft To dwell.
    • heft To familiarize with a place or an employment; attach or cause to become attached by long usage.
    • n heft A note-book.
    • n heft A part or number of a serial publication, as of a magazine; a division of a work which is being issued in parts.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Heft (Spens.), obsolete form of heaved.
    • n Heft heft heaving: :
    • v.t Heft to try the weight of
    • Heft (Spens.) obsolete form of heaved.
    • v.t Heft heft to accustom to a thing or place:
    • n Heft heft a notebook, a number of sheets sewed together.
    • n Heft heft (Shak.) retching
    • n Heft heft (U.S.) weight: the bulk of
    • v.t Heft heft (Scot.) to attach.
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
From Heave: cf. hefe, weight. Cf. Haft
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Cf. Ice. hefdha, Sw. häfda, Dan. hævde.


In literature:

While I hefted the gun, Tennis brought out a crumpled shirt.
"Blue Ridge Country" by Jean Thomas
Garry seized it by the scruff of the neck, and hefted it.
"The Ranger Boys and the Border Smugglers" by Claude A. Labelle
He hauds baith heft and blade.
"The Proverbs of Scotland" by Alexander Hislop
I wanta tell you I'll cut the guts outa any guy that lays the heft of a single finger onto Eve.
"The Flaming Jewel" by Robert W. Chambers
Into the brains of a little son, six years old, their hatchets were sunk to the heft.
"Chronicles of Border Warfare" by Alexander Scott Withers
Speakin' gen'ral, the heft of feelin' is in his favor.
"Faro Nell and Her Friends" by Alfred Henry Lewis
Philologus, Supplementband XIX, Heft III.
"Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome" by Apicius
Instead, he tiptoed out of the elevator hefting his gun, and came up silently behind the pair.
"Occasion for Disaster" by Gordon Randall Garrett
With a sense of dread, Dulaq picked up the club and hefted it in his hand.
"The Dueling Machine" by Benjamin William Bova
Takin' the shirt out o' its loop, I made the cord fast to the heft o' my bowie.
"Our Young Folks--Vol. I, No. II, February 1865" by Various

In poetry:

We build
With skull and heft and mass
Our deep
"Foundations" by Genevieve Taggard
He looked to right, he looked to left,
And down to the cold gray hearth,
Where lay an axe with half burned heft
Amidst the ashen dearth.
"The Hall And The Wood" by William Morris
The moustached woman on my left,
With spirits on her heavy breath,
Lasciviously leaned her heft
On me as one who languisheth.
The sordid room was still as death.
"The Seance" by Robert W Service
He was tall, was my Jack,
And as strong as a tree.
Thar's his gun on the rack,--
Jest you heft it, and see.
And YOU come a courtin' his widder! Lord! where can that critter,
Sal, be!
"Penelope" by Francis Bret Harte
Ef the way a man lights out of this world
Helps fix his heft for the other sp'ere,
I reckon my old friend Golyer's Ben
Will lay over lots of likelier men
For one thing he done down here.
"Golyer" by John Hay
She eyed en; and, as when a weir-hatch is drawn,
Her tears, penned by terror afore,
With a rushing of sobs in a shower were strawn,
Till her power to pour 'em seemed wasted and gone
From the heft o' misfortune she bore.
"Additions: The Fire at Tranter Sweatley's" by Thomas Hardy

In news:

Mike Wallace, '60 Minutes' interrogator, gave show journalistic heft and a showman 's flair (+video).
If heft is what you're looking for—as well as something that can do double duty keeping doors ajar—you'll have a few literary options this fall.
When Takahiro Omori hefted the Classic trophy overhead, bass fishing crowned its first non-American world champion.
All the recent talk about the heft of student loan debt leads me to sound a warning to students and parents alike.
Both his sound and physique have gained heft, as his first O.C.
The gift volumes recommended this year have intellectual heft and emotional wallop, explaining how artisans fabricated absurd luxuries that barely survived wars, natural disasters and owners' falls from power.
Thousands of Michigan hunters are donning orange, hefting guns and hitting the woods as firearm deer hunting season starts today.
Proof of the extra heft of Sunday's episode of HBO's "Game of Thrones" came as viewers realized that there would be no continuation of most of the open storylines that make up the epic fantasy series.
I love the heft and beauty of a well-made bowl and over the years have brought a fair number of them into my kitchen.
Mike Tuscano of Amagansett hefted a fat striped bass he caught while light-tackling with Capt.
The Challenger 's considerable size and heft make themselves felt when it comes to flinging the car around corners or tackling twisty roads.
Instead, look for weightier examples with the heft to match the season's cuisine.
Elizabeth Tinucci hefts a breakfast roll at Colossal Cafe in Minneapolis.
A visually dazzling presentation becomes a distraction that lacks emotional heft.
1513 First Ave, at 79th St. A rustic heft and a pop of creative ego flavor the Sicilian cooking of Salvatore Fraterrigo, the new resident chef at Agata & Valentina.

In science:

Pollmann, Realisation der biaffinen Wurzelsysteme von Saito in Lie–Algebren, Hamburger Beitr¨age zur Mathematik, Heft 29 (1994).
Twisted Toroidal Lie Algebras
Bruck, A Survey of Binary Systems, Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete, Neue Folge, Heft 20, Springer-Verlag, 1958.
Generators of nonassociative simple Moufang loops over finite prime fields
Karl Georg Christian von Staudt’s Geometrie der Lage was first published in 1847 by Bauer und Raspe in N¨urnberg, followed by three Hefts of Beitr¨age zur Geometrie der Lage in 1856, 1857, and 1860.
Publication history of von Staudt's Geometrie der Lage
Wiedemann, Schriftenreihe Heft 8, Institute for Transportation Science, University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany (unpublished). K.
A Simplified Cellular Automaton Model for City Traffic