• the High Castle of The Miners--haÎt-qaÎt--at The Confluence of Wady Genneh and Wady Maghara
    the High Castle of The Miners--haÎt-qaÎt--at The Confluence of Wady Genneh and Wady Maghara
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n hatful as many or as much as a hat will hold
    • n hatful (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent "a batch of letters","a deal of trouble","a lot of money","he made a mint on the stock market","see the rest of the winners in our huge passel of photos","it must have cost plenty","a slew of journalists","a wad of money"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Putting water into Josiah's hat Putting water into Josiah's hat
A Cocked Hat A Cocked Hat
A man doffs his hat, holds a bag in his hand, and has a string attached. He forms a letter E A man doffs his hat, holds a bag in his hand, and has a string attached. He forms a letter E
Have you an--er--hats Have you an--er--hats
Mr. Laurence waving his hat Mr. Laurence waving his hat
Frog in a hat Frog in a hat


  • Theodore Roosevelt
    “My hat's in the ring. The fight is on and I'm stripped to the buff.”
  • Henry David Thoreau
    “Live your life, do your work, then take your hat.”
  • Fred A. Allen
    “A gentleman is any man who wouldn't hit a woman with his hat on.”
  • Nikolaus Lenus
    Nikolaus Lenus
    “Many search for happiness as we look for a hat we wear on our heads.”
  • John Oldham
    John Oldham
    “And all your future lies beneath your hat.”
  • Count Leo Tolstoy
    “There is only one time that is important -- NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time hat we have any power.”


All hat, no cattle - (USA) When someone talks big, but cannot back it up, they are all hat, no cattle.('Big hat, no cattle' is also used.)
At the drop of a hat - If you would do something at the drop of a hat, you'd do it immediately.
Eat my hat - People say this when they don't believe that something is going to happen e.g. 'If he passes that exam, I'll eat my hat!'
Hang your hat on (something) - To depend on OR believe in something.
Hat trick - Three successes one after the other is a hat trick.
Home is where you lay your hat - Wherever you are comfortable and at ease with yourself is your home, regardless where you were born or brought up.('Home is where you lay your head' and 'Home is where you hang your hat' are also used.)
I'll eat my hat - You can say this when you are absolutely sure that you are right to let the other person know that there is no chance of your being wrong.
Keep it under your hat - If you keep something under your hat, you keep it secret.
Knock into a cocked hat - If you knock something or someone into a cocked hat, you are much better.
Old hat - If something's old hat, it seems rather old fashioned and dated.
Pass the hat - If you pass the hat, you ask a people in a group to give money.
Pull a rabbit out of your hat - If you pull a rabbit out of a hat, you do something that no one was expecting.
Take your hat off - If you say that you take your hat off to someone, you are showing your respect or admiration.
Take your hat off to somebody - If you take your hat off to someone, you acknowledge that they have done something exceptional or otherwise deserve your respect.
Talk out of your hat - If someone is talking out of their hat, they're talking utter rubbish, especially if compounded with total ignorance of the subject on which they are pontificating. ('Talk through your hat' is also used.)


In literature:

The porter was brushing men's hats and coats.
"The Lion's Mouse" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
The other raised his hat.
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
His hat ... hat ... Life, Fate, Tragedy had mislaid his insufferable hat.
"Erik Dorn" by Ben Hecht
Then he paused before a hat.
"Americans All" by Various
Then putting on her hat, she hastened to the eating-house to send the telegrams.
"Laramie Holds the Range" by Frank H. Spearman
Evelyn had taken off her hat.
"Mistress Anne" by Temple Bailey
I never had yet a piece of feather on a hat, and your hat is all feathers.
"The Best Short Stories of 1919" by Various
His face looked very red below his high silk hat.
"Chance" by Joseph Conrad
Voles had taken up his hat again, and he stood now by the table, hat in hand, looking exactly what he was, a criminal on his defence.
"The Man Who Lost Himself" by H. De Vere Stacpoole
There hung two hats: an opera-hat and a dilapidated old stovepipe.
"The Wit and Humor of America, Volume VIII (of X)" by Various

In poetry:

Wer hat die Redlichkeit erhoben
Ohn unsre Vaeter mit zu loben?
Ja, ja, die trunken wacker Wein,
Wie konnten sie nicht redlich sein?
"Die Redlichkeit" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Hopeless or witless! Not one heeds,
As lavish Time comes down the way
And tosses in the suppliant hat
One great new-minted gold To-day.
"The Mendicants" by Bliss William Carman
SIGISMUND. Take a bit of advice for that:
Pause ere such bold words are said,
Lest you may not have a head
Upon which to hang your hat.
"Life Is A Dream - Act II" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
Die Ehre hat mich nie gesucht;
Sie haette mich auch nie gefunden.
Waehlt man, in zugezaehlten Stunden,
Ein praechtig Feierkleid zur Flucht?
"Ich" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
And then with sobbing fear I fled,
But they waylayed me on the street,
And tore the hat from off my head,
And trampled it beneath their feet.
"The Hat" by Robert W Service
But the hat that he wears
Is the worst of all;
I wonder that John keeps it on.
It once was tall,
But now it is small--
Like a closed accordeon.
"John S. Crow" by Clara Doty Bates

In news:

Security firm finds even the toughest black hat is vulnerable to seduction.
Back in the day it must have been a pleasant place to hang a hat and rock in a rocker the whole day away.
The Maven takes a few seconds to tip his hat to Kyle for his interview with Amiee Mann, Karen Bergquest and Joe Henry.
Hats off to Samuel Williams who was a conceal and carry permit holder who shot two robbers after they became violent.
Men Without Hats still going strong.
Martha's Vineyard artists wear Copley Society hat.
Hats of the Royal Wedding.
Guests of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge turned heads with their hats.
W hat does the determined restaurateur do when he wants to give a well-known, long-lived property a new identity.
Allen throws hat into ring for Horry County Council chairman position.
Ava Malacarne, 5, of Hanover, wears a balloon hat at the 31st annual Covered Bridge and Arts Festival.
The reviews are in for 'Cat in the Hat' at CTC .
Children's Theatre Company is presenting the US premiere of "Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat," a play that remains true to the classic tale by Dr Seuss.
The hat was made for Hill to wear during a cameo on the HBO television series "Deadwood.".
Besides being 'The Queen of Sappy Love Songs', she's also 'Wonder Woman' with all the hats she wears in her life, enjoying every moment of it.

In science:

Imagine smoothing the density field around this point with a filter, say a top-hat filter, of a successively smaller radius.
On Random Walks with a General Moving Barrier
Hatted indices refer to the tangent frame, while unhatted ones to the spacetime frame.
Basics of M-Theory
N dτ . 2 ΓI is expressible in terms of frame and coframe fields as ΓI (e) when torsion is absent. 3 Here we suppress the hat over the SO(3) quantities present in the Appendix, where it is necessary in order to distinguish them from the Lorentz ones.
Towards a general solution of the Hamiltonian constraints of General Relativity
M , so that ˆea from now on we suppress the hat over the triads as much as over the connections.) Eq.(61) shows the correspondence between the alternative notations in terms of the three-metric or of triads respectively.
Towards a general solution of the Hamiltonian constraints of General Relativity
One result states t hat the codes C2 (X ) defined on the elliptic quadrics are good codes according to the table of A. E.
Codes Defined By Forms Of Degree 2 On Quadric Surfaces