half a dozen


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n half a dozen the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one
    • ***


  • Jim Rohn
    “There are only about a half dozen things that make 80% of the difference in any area of our lives.”
  • Helen Rowland
    “It is easier to keep half a dozen lovers guessing than to keep one lover after he has stopped guessing.”


Six of one and half-a-dozen of the other - This is an idiom used when there is little or no difference between two options.


In literature:

Why, half a dozen things like that could fight a fleet, then go on gaily to tackle the forts.
"The World Peril of 1910" by George Griffith
When they want one queen, they raise half a dozen.
"Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained" by M. Quinby
Men leaped from half a dozen openings, and in a short while enough had gathered to form a good-sized company.
"An Undivided Union" by Oliver Optic
He had seen service in half a dozen countries, always with credit to himself, and he was in line for big promotion.
"Desert Conquest" by A. M. Chisholm
In a moment half a dozen students were speaking at once, and it took several minutes for the chairman of the meeting to restore silence.
"Dave Porter and His Rivals" by Edward Stratemeyer
He had gone a distance of half a dozen blocks when he came to a church.
"The Young Oarsmen of Lakeview" by Ralph Bonehill
They might have brought half a dozen different counts against him, but they did not.
"Elizabeth Hobart at Exeter Hall" by Jean K. Baird
There were four wagons, each drawn by a good team, beside half a dozen loose horses.
"The Huntress" by Hulbert Footner
Harrigan had told this tale half a dozen times, but each time the Barone felt called on to laugh.
"The Place of Honeymoons" by Harold MacGrath
About half-way across the clearing were half a dozen long logs scattered about.
"A Virginia Scout" by Hugh Pendexter

In poetry:

Had gentle prudence been the word,
He must have sought out wife the third.
If sense, wit, learning, he'd pursu'd,
You would have half a dozen view'd.
"The Wager" by William Hutton
"Again you'll see him, never fear;
Some half a dozen times a year
He still will charm the age;
Accustom'd long to be admired,
Of shades and streams he'll soon be tired,
And languish for the stage."
"Ode To Dragon" by Hannah More
Of a dog touches you and makes you rise
Upon one arm to pat him; and he licks
Your hand for that. A child is throwing sticks,
Hard by, at some half-dozen cows, which fix
Upon him their unmoved contented eyes.
"Fancies At Leisure - I" by William Michael Rossetti
Nay, I caught the trick
Of his fair face in some half-dozen sittings.
His is a bold and shapely head--it pleased me.
I like the lad; the work upon his portrait
Was pastime--'t is already nigh complete.
"The Spagnoletto. Act III" by Emma Lazarus
And so we worked together: and life was hard, but gay,
With now and then a baby for to cheer us on our way;
Till we had half a dozen, an' all growed clean an' neat,
An' went to school like others, an' had enough to eat.
"Over The Hill To The Poor-House" by William McKendree Carleton
Then our first-born baby--a regular little joy,
Though I fretted a little because it wasn't a boy:
Wa'n't she a little flirt, though, with all her pouts and smiles?
Why, settlers come to see that show a half a dozen miles.
"Out Of The Old House, Nancy" by William McKendree Carleton

In news:

For those determined to do the best job, there are a half-dozen Claus schools where they can learn the art of making memories for children.
Working with the local land trust, the town has protected at least half a dozen farms , including 109-acre Rosedale Farms and Vineyard along East Weatogue Street.
0A rash of catalytic converter thefts have cost more than half a dozen area businesses thousands of dollars.
A rash of catalytic converter thefts have cost more than half a dozen area businesses thousands of dollars.
The owners of a half-dozen terminals along the Columbia River and on Puget Sound extended the deadline to Saturday, Dec 8.
There are a half dozen ways to party in 2011 at Mammoth.
The bodies of two dolphins and the head of another have washed up along the Gulf Coast , raising red flags for federal investigators already looking into roughly half a dozen dolphin killings.
ESPN analyst, sat there in the visiting clubhouse surrounded by a half -dozen players, happily visiting for nearly a half -hour with.
The grass fire is just one of half a dozen fires in Centerville this month.
All 30 players in the US World Cup training camp were in full training for the first time on Saturday, but the status of a half dozen injured players remained the topic of conversation.
Asked about his favorite place to eat, Kim reveals his inner foodie, rattling off a half-dozen haunts he loves for a variety of cuisines.
But as Nancy Cordes reports, more than half a dozen Senate Republicans have publicly said their party does not have the public opinion on their side on that issue.
An India TV sting alleged half-a-dozen officials were willing to fix T20 World Cup matches.
The two and a half acre fire started around 10:30 last night in a field behind a dozen homes near Tuolumne Way.
PORTLAND (AP) — Pacific Northwest grain shippers say there will be no immediate lockout at a half-dozen terminals along the Columbia River and on Puget Sound.

In science:

Follow-up confirmation observations were undertaken in the half-dozen cases where the resulting folded data showed a pulsar-like signature (i.e., in cases where a signal was well-localized in period/DM phase space).
Radio Pulsars in the Magellanic Clouds
Our motivation and preferred hypothesis is that these galaxies were lensed by close collisions with, for example, 1010 solar mass clumps that reside within a half dozen groups of mass a few times 1012 solar mass in each field.
Observations of cluster substructure using weakly lensed sextupole moments
We plant a SN in half of the RS galaxies and 1% of the other galaxies in the field, along with dozens of hostless SNe.
The Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster Survey: type Ia supernova rate measurement in z~0.1 clusters and the late-time delay time distribution
In addition, the analysis was based on a relatively small sample (about 7 dozen stars), nearly half of which are in the core of the Sgr dSph.
Kinematics and Chemistry of Stars Along the Sagittarius Trailing Tidal Tail and Constraints on the Milky Way Mass Distribution
Although he considered only DI Her in detail, the number of interesting cases has grown to about half a dozen (Koch 1977; Moffat 1984), including AS Cam (Maloney et al. 1989).
Stability of Triple Star Systems with Highly Inclined Orbits