• WordNet 3.6
    • n hacker one who works hard at boring tasks
    • n hacker a programmer for whom computing is its own reward; may enjoy the challenge of breaking into other computers but does no harm "true hackers subscribe to a code of ethics and look down upon crackers"
    • n hacker someone who plays golf poorly
    • n hacker a programmer who breaks into computer systems in order to steal or change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n hacker hăk"ẽr One who, or that which, hacks.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n hacker A tool used for making incisions in trees as channels for the passage of the sap; a hack.
    • hacker Same as hack, 4.
    • ***


In literature:

The hackers of the Hackers Conference had little if anything to do with the hackers of the digital underground.
"Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling
But recent investigations have shown that these, too, have an adaptive significance (Hacker).
"Darwin and Modern Science" by A.C. Seward and Others
This morning Hacker and Axtell were hanged and quartered, as the rest are.
"Diary of Samuel Pepys, 1660" by Samuel Pepys
Ireton and Harrison were here in bed; and Cromwell, Axtell, Huncks, Hacker, and Phayer were present.
"The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction" by Various
Colonel Hacker, having arrested Fox in Leicestershire, had sent him up to London.
"The Life of John Milton, Volume 5 (of 7), 1654-1660" by David Masson
And now I'll tell the story of Sarah White and Mary Tuckett and Peter Hacker, the master of Bellaford.
"The Torch and Other Tales" by Eden Phillpotts
J. R. Creagh, 2nd-Lt. Hacker, and later 2nd-Lt. Gresty took charge of the latter.
"The Seventh Manchesters" by S. J. Wilson
Hacker, left Newport, and laid his course to the northward.
"The Naval History of the United States" by Willis J. Abbot
Editor Hacker was equally earnest in his appeals.
"Tin-Types Taken in the Streets of New York" by Lemuel Ely Quigg
June 24, 1781, he was agent for the privateer "Buccaneer," Captain Hoysted Hacker.
"Tea Leaves" by Various

In news:

Don't give hackers a skeleton key to data.
With the attack, hackers found 'a way around a roadblock,' one expert says.
DIY hacker Jake von Slatt poses with his steampunk Stratocaster.
SAO PAULO, Brazil — A massive 2007 electrical blackout in Brazil has been newly blamed on computer hackers, but was actually the result of a utility company's negligent maintenance of high voltage insulators on two transmission lines.
As Hackers Leak Symantec's Source Code , Firm Says Cops Set Up Extortion Sting Operation.
Hackers Create Financial Crisis In Burlington.
A group of hackers stealing data using an arsenal of previously unknown vulnerabilities to infiltrate business networks may be linked to the 2009 attack on Google.
As Hackers Leak Symantec's Source Code, Firm Says Cops Set Up Extortion Sting Operation .
FOR two decades, Nicholas Yeager, who likes to think of himself as a sort of medieval hacker, has been deeply committed to an ancient information storage and retrieval system.
Automotive Navigation, Entertainment Systems Susceptible to Hackers: McAfee.
Hacker 'Dark Tangent ' Joins DHS Advisory Council.
Nude Photo Hackers Taunt Blake Lively, Release More Shots.
A hacker attack that leads to planes dropping from the sky is the stuff of every cyberwar doomsday prophesy.
Jessica Hacker has a casserole recipe that will use up your leftover turkey and gravy, and will only cost you about 5 additional dollars.
A dose of anti-virus medicine could save Internet surfers a lot of grief, but many computer buffs refuse to guard themselves against the ruthlessness of today's high-tech hackers.

In science:

Protocols based on mathematical complexities strive to offer a secure Internet while hackers attempt to break in for profits.
Noise Secured Internet
In the recent news, we have learnt about crimes perpetrated by hackers.
CRyptography and non commutative cohomology
Memory barriers: a hardware view for software hackers.
On the Cost of Concurrency in Transactional Memory
The excellent facilities of the Haus der Astronomie were exploited by attendees during the 24 ‘Hack Day’. Hackers keen to produce video projects, spent the day and most of the night producing videos aimed at explaining exactly what astronomers really think.
Unproceedings of the Fourth .Astronomy Conference (.Astronomy 4), Heidelberg, Germany, July 9-11 2012
The effect of this would be considerable. Banks could use it to back up their financial data and businesses could set up their own hacker proof private networks.
Will the Butterfly Cipher keep your Network Data secure? Developments in Computer Encryption