• WordNet 3.6
    • adj guileful marked by skill in deception "cunning men often pass for wise","deep political machinations","a foxy scheme","a slick evasive answer","sly as a fox","tricky Dick","a wily old attorney"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Guileful Full of guile; characterized by cunning, deceit, or treachery; guilty.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • guileful Full of guile; deceitful; artful; wily; cunning.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Guileful crafty: deceitful
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  • Abraham Lincoln
    “Having thus chosen our course, without guile and with pure purpose, let us renew our trust in God, and go forward without fear and with manly hearts.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. guile, deceit; from a Teut. root, as in A.S. wíl, Ice. vel, a trick.


In literature:

His information was minute and accurate, and, hawk and serpent, he acted upon it with fierceness and with guile.
"Sir Mortimer" by Mary Johnston
There was no guile in Michael.
"The Tree of Heaven" by May Sinclair
Never did daughter of the original Eve have deeper feminine guile than Mary Connynge.
"The Mississippi Bubble" by Emerson Hough
He appeared to have an almost childish trust in the craft and guile of his Chinese friend, and set the whole matter before him.
"The Pointing Man" by Marjorie Douie
Jacqueline, swift and guileful, was instantly beside her.
"Max" by Katherine Cecil Thurston
The Amazons are used to Grecian guile; ACHILLES-GLADSTONE sorely they mistrust.
"Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 101, December 5, 1891" by Various
Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.
"Golden Steps to Respectability, Usefulness and Happiness" by John Mather Austin
She sang of Guron taken and killed for his love, and how by guile the Count gave Guron's heart to her to eat, and of her woe.
"The Romance Of Tristan And Iseult" by M. Joseph Bédier
Yet Corsican hatred was tempered with Corsican guile.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)" by John Holland Rose
That is one of the many guileful methods of these crafty men who sit on front benches on both sides of the House.
"Sketches In The House (1893)" by T. P. O'Connor

In poetry:

Sad was the hour when, fraught with guile,
Spain's cruel sons our valleys sought;
Unknown to us the Christian's wile,
Unknown the dark deceiver's thought.
"The Lucayan's Song" by Amelia Opie
The Tempter, glorying in his wile,
Hath ta'en his mirror and withdrawn;
Again the flowers look up and smile,
And brightens off from air and lawn
The taint of guile.
"Kadisha; Or, The First Jealousy" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
"Nay, then," she cried, "if that be all,
I care not what thou hast to say;
The guile that lurks therein is small—
My husband but retires to pray,
At evening call."
"Kadisha; Or, The First Jealousy" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
What should a maiden be? Pure as the rill,
Ere it has left its first home in the hill;
Thinking no evil, suspecting no guile,
Cherishing nought that can harm or defile.
"Simplex Munditiis" by E W Bowling
As wily serpent ever prove,
Yet harmless as the turtle-dove,
Still winning souls by guileful love
And deep invention,
So once the great Apostle strove
With good intention.
"Epistle To A Young Clergyman" by Patrick Branwell Bronte
An eye whose judgment none affect could blind,
Friends to allure, and foes to reconcile;
Whose piercing look did represent a mind
With virtue fraught, reposed, void of guile.
"Of The Death Of Sir Thomas Wyatt The Elder" by Henry Howard

In news:

'Exit Through the Gift Shop' is a gleeful or guileful documentary.
Ortlieb used his 220-pound bulk to full advantage on the lengthy, relatively flat Veleta course that rewards gliding over guile and technique.
Celtics' guile too strong for 76ers in Game 7.
Free matinee show & potluck dinner w/ The Guile , All Dinosaurs, Saintseneca, Lowly The Tree Ghost, and Drugwars @ Pats In The Flats on Saturday January 9th at 3pm.
Imran Khan needs guile and organisation if he is to turn popularity into power.
It takes guile, planning, sharp vision, a silver tongue -- and a 50-foot extension cord.
The "Values Voters" label is a guileful assertion concocted by Republican conservative fundamentalist/evangelical Christians to flaunt their piety.
New film by Nicolas Jarecki has lots of guilt and money, but lacks danger and guile.
Guiles Jr of TAG Mechanical Systems Inc wrote Oct 18 about the wonders of green jobs.
It is only proper that one congratulates Guiles for an artful example of self-service disguised as concern for the public good.
Free matinee show & potluck dinner w/ The Guile, All Dinosaurs, Saintseneca, Lowly The Tree Ghost, and Drugwars @ Pats In The Flats on Saturday January 9th at 3pm.
NORTH NORWICH – This morning at around 10 am, North Norwich, Norwich and New Berlin fire crews were called to respond to a house fire on Guile Road in the Town of North Norwich.
TRINITY – One ambulance that currently stationed at Guil-Rand Fire Department soon will have a new home to be able to better serve the residents of Trinity.
Depending on your political perspective, Ronald Reagan either had zip to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union or single-handedly tossed it onto history's ash heap using his unique combination of guile and strength.

In science:

Blattner, A theorem of Cartan and Guil lemin, J.
Classification of finite simple Lie conformal superalgebras
At first sight, TEXmacs appears as a much more attractive alternative, being an Emacs-inspired WYSIWYGstyle text editor with advanced TEX rendering capabilities and a proper scheme (FSF’s guile ) as scripting language.
A novel approach to symbolic algebra
We say that Q is a normal basis of the involutive tableau A and that the expression (2.3) is the Guil lemin normal form for the elements of Q with respect to the basis A and B .
A class of overdetermined systems defined by tableaux: involutiveness and Cauchy problem
Blattner A theorem of Cartan and Guil lemin, J.
Classification of simple linearly compact n-Lie superalgebras
The Guillemin potential is a symplectic potential corresponding to the Guil lemin metric .
Toric K\"ahler-Einstein metrics and convex compact polytopes