• WordNet 3.6
    • v grub search about busily
    • v grub ask for and get free; be a parasite
    • n grub a soft thick wormlike larva of certain beetles and other insects
    • n grub informal terms for a meal
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Grub A short, thick man; a dwarf.
    • Grub (Zoöl) The larva of an insect, especially of a beetle; -- called also grubworm. See Illust. of Goldsmith beetle, under Goldsmith. "Yet your butterfly was a grub ."
    • Grub To dig in or under the ground, generally for an object that is difficult to reach or extricate; to be occupied in digging.
    • Grub To dig; to dig up by the roots; to root out by digging; -- followed by up; as, to grub up trees, rushes, or sedge. "They do not attempt to grub up the root of sin."
    • Grub To drudge; to do menial work.
    • Grub To supply with food. "His shield well lined, his horses meated well."
    • Grub Victuals; food. "With my cargo of victualage ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • grub To dig in or under the ground; hence, to work hard in any way; especially, to make laborious research; search or study closely.
    • grub To eat; take a meal: as, it is time to grub.
    • grub To dig; dig up by the roots: frequently followed by up or out: as, to grub up shrubs or weeds.
    • grub To supply with food; provide with victuals.
    • n grub The larva of an insect; especially, the larva of a beetle: as, the white-grub (the larva of Lachnosterna fusca). Also grubworm.
    • n grub A short thick man; a dwarf: in contempt.
    • n grub Something to eat; victuals; a provision of food (as the product of grubbing or hard work).
    • n grub In cricket, a ball bowled along the ground. Also called, in the slang of cricket, sneaker and daisy-cutter.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Grub grub to dig in the dirt: to be occupied meanly:
    • v.t Grub to dig or root out of the ground (generally followed by up):
    • n Grub the larva of the beetle, moth, &c.:
    • adj Grub applied to any mean literary production
    • v.i Grub grub (slang) to eat
    • v.t Grub (slang) to supply with victuals:—pr.p. grub′bing; pa.p. grubbed
    • n Grub (slang) something to eat
    • ***


  • Henry David Thoreau
    “The perch swallows the grub-worm, the pickerel swallows the perch, and the fisherman swallows the pickerel; and so all the chinks in the scale of being are filled.”
  • Jonathan Swift
    “O Grub Street! how do I bemoan thee, whose graceless children scorn to own thee! . Yet thou hast greater cause to be ashamed of them, than they of thee.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. grubbin,., cf. E. grab, grope,


In literature:

At this time our want of grub began to tell on us.
"The Life and Adventures of Nat Love" by Nat Love
I'll tell 'ee some other time what good it does me; but just now you an' I shall go an' have some grub.
"Shifting Winds" by R.M. Ballantyne
Get the grub ready, boys, an' boil the kettle.
"Twice Bought" by R.M. Ballantyne
Come, now, to grub, all of you.
"The Lonely Island" by R.M. Ballantyne
It did not take long to prepare the meal, and the cowboys crowded around the "grub wagon" as they called it.
"The Boy from the Ranch" by Frank V. Webster
John Henry must have grub ready.
"The Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon" by James Carson
Ain't I only thinking of the rest of you when I bother myself about such a thing as grub?
"Motor Boat Boys Mississippi Cruise" by Louis Arundel
Pack animals were in vast demand, for it was considered a pound of grub was the equal of a pound of gold.
"The Trail of '98" by Robert W. Service
Once, as the family were grubbing together, a nut turned up at the back of the pile.
""Wee Tim'rous Beasties"" by Douglas English
Vell, I come for a veek and bring my own grub.
"The Forbidden Trail" by Honoré Willsie

In poetry:

The herder asked the cowboy
If he would like to stay
To join him in a little drink
And put some grub away.
"The Cowboy's Prayer" by Curley Fletcher
There ponder'd, felt I,
If worms, snakes, loathsome grubs, may to sweet spiritual songs be
If vermin so transposed, so used, so bless'd may be,
"Wandering At Morn" by Walt Whitman
Now I reckon your stomach would grow to your back
If it wa'n't for the cook that keeps fillin' the slack:
With the beans in the box and pork in the tub,
I'm a-wonderin' now, who would fill you with grub?
"Punchin' Dough" by Henry Herbert Knibbs
From the racked substance of the earth comes the plant and
That with heat and the night frost is tortured:
To some perfection that grows, man's thoughts wills his hand —
Roots rent, crown broken, grub holed, it is drawn upward.
"Of Cruelty" by Ivor Gurney
"'E might 'a' tnade it jist a wee bit worse.
I'd stand a lot uv that before I'd scream.
The grub wus jist the thing; an', say, me nurse I
She wus a dream!
I used to treat them tony tarts wiv mirth;
But now I know why they wus put on earth.
"Rabbits" by C J Dennis
But there's one won't wake nor wonder, nor scoff no grub at all,
Nor drag his achin' bones along to tally on the fall,
Nor jump to please the toughest mate New England ever bred,
Not stand no trick nor lookout &mdash an' for why? Because he's dead!
"Shanghai Passage" by Cicely Fox Smith

In news:

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I 've never known a man who didn't have an occasional craving for diner grub, no matter how dedicated he is to his physique.
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