• Tonguing-and-Grooving Plane
    Tonguing-and-Grooving Plane
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v groove hollow out in the form of a furrow or groove "furrow soil"
    • v groove make a groove in, or provide with a groove "groove a vinyl record"
    • n groove a settled and monotonous routine that is hard to escape "they fell into a conversational rut"
    • n groove (anatomy) any furrow or channel on a bodily structure or part
    • n groove a long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process (such as erosion) or by a tool (as e.g. a groove in a phonograph record)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The sloth moves so slowly that green algae grows in the grooves of their hair
    • Groove A furrow, channel, or long hollow, such as may be formed by cutting, molding, grinding, the wearing force of flowing water, or constant travel; a depressed way; a worn path; a rut.
    • Groove (Mining) A shaft or excavation.
    • Groove Hence: The habitual course of life, work, or affairs; fixed routine. "The gregarious trifling of life in the social groove ."
    • v. t Groove To cut a groove or channel in; to form into channels or grooves; to furrow.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: A quarter has 119 grooves on its edge, a dime has one less groove
    • n groove A pit or hole in the ground; specifically, in mining, a shaft or pit sunk into the earth.
    • n groove A furrow or long hollow, such as is cut by a tool; a rut or furrow, such as is formed in the ground or in a rock by the action of water; a channel, usually an elongated narrow channel, formed by any agency.
    • n groove Specifically A long and regular incision cut by a tool, or a narrow channel formed in any way (as in a part of a construction), for something (as another part) to fit into or move in.
    • n groove Especially— The sunken or plowed channel on the edge of a matched board, to receive the tongue.
    • n groove The spiral rifling of a gun.
    • n groove In the wind-chest of an organ, one of the channels or passages into which the wind in admitted by the pallets, and with which the pipes belonging to a given key are directly or indirectly connected. When a given key is struck, its pallet is opened, and the groove filled with compressed air. Whether all the pipes connected with the groove are sounded or not depends on how many stops are drawn. Also grove.
    • n groove In anatomy and zoology, a natural furrow or longitudinal hollow or impression, especially one which is destined to receive one of the organs in repose: as, the antennal groove; the rostral groove in the Rhynchophora, etc.
    • n groove Figuratively, a fixed routine; a narrow, unchanging course; a rut: as, life is apt to run in a groove; a groove of thought or of action.
    • groove To cut or make a groove or channel in; furrow.
    • groove To form as or fix in a groove; make by cutting a groove or grooves.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Groove grōōv a furrow, or long hollow, such as is cut with a tool
    • v.t Groove to grave or cut a groove or furrow in
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  • Lord Alfred Tennyson
    “Let the great world spin for ever down the ringing grooves of change.”
  • Elaine Morgan
    Elaine Morgan
    “The trouble with specialists is that they tend to think in grooves.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
D. groef, groeve,; akin to E. grove,. See Grove


In literature:

Grooves should be cut on one side of all the posts to take the end panels.
"Mission Furniture" by H. H. Windsor
Many of the axes were grooved for hafting; one of the specimens was doubly grooved and had two cutting edges.
"Archeological Expedition to Arizona in 1895" by Jesse Walter Fewkes
The backing process gives the groove on which the cover is hinged.
"The Building of a Book" by Various
Square up the shelves so that they may be set into grooves in the adjacent rails.
"Mission Furniture" by H. H. Windsor
The grain is narrow as long as the glume and grooved.
"A Handbook of Some South Indian Grasses" by Rai Bahadur K. Ranga Achariyar
By means of a saw of flint set in wood, with sand and water, a groove was cut on one side and then on the other.
"Folkways" by William Graham Sumner
A groove is cut with the hammer and chisel around the pipe.
"Elements of Plumbing" by Samuel Dibble
He is a worthy enough young fellow in a certain groove, but it is always best to confine him to that groove.
"That Lass O' Lowrie's" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
A sort of block without a sheave, for a rope to reeve through; it is grooved for stropping.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
A groove should be turned in them stand of sufficient width to allow the glass to play freely.
"Practical Taxidermy" by Montagu Browne

In poetry:

Who feel the things that all men feel,
And think in well-worn grooves of thought,
Whose honest spirits never reel
Before man’s mystery, overwrought.
"In Praise Of Solid People" by C S Lewis
In it there is no Heart--no Soul--
No illimitable Goal--
Only wild happenings, by wont
Made into laws no might can shunt
From the deep grooves in which they hunt.
"The Athiest" by Cale Young Rice
Said the Suffragist to the Socialist: "You men will always find
That this old world will never move
More swiftly in its ancient groove
While women stay behind! "
"The Socialist And The Suffragist" by Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman
A lord of scholarship whose knowledge ran
Through every groove of human history, you
Were this and more — a Christian gentleman;
A fount of learning with a heart like dew.
"John Bede Polding" by Henry Kendall
Oh Bibbles, little black bitch in the snow,
With a pinch of snow in the groove of your silly snub nose.
What do you look at me for?
What do you look at me for, with such misgiving?
"The Blue Jay" by D H Lawrence
What place is left for words of measured praise,
Till calm-eyed History, with her iron pen,
Grooves in the unchanging rock the final phrase
That shapes his image in the souls of men?
"Edward Everett" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

Similar to the groove he finds while playing bass guitar, Andrew Sansoucie was dialed in at the state swimming and diving championships.
And instead of following a conductor's baton, she grooved in stiletto heels to a recorded soundtrack.
Trance jazz from two groove-based piano trios is in store on this edition of New Sounds.
REVIEWS Addison Groove, ' Transistor Rhythm.
Treefrog Groove is manufactured via a process that irons out knots and imperfections while adding a distinctive grain texture.
Treefrog Groove is manufactured via a process that irons out knots and imperfections while adding a distinctive grain texture.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Mat Latos always seems to find a groove at AT&T Park, dating to his days as a Giants nemesis with the San Diego Padres the past three seasons.
Swamp Grooves From The Bayou Underworld.
The unidentifiable dance grooves of ESG.
"There's not many riffs better than that," Dave Grohl has observed – and even though its galloping, octave-leaping groove is the twin of "Immigrant Song," Page makes it new with a 3D solo.
Four-time Rockford Area Music Industry (RAMI) award winners, the Groove Weasel present a reunion concert at 8:30 pm, Saturday, Oct 23, at Kryptonite Music Lounge, 308 W State St Photo provided.
THE title How James Bond Got His Groove Back might have been too hokey.
Bumbershoot 2010 day one notable act: Wheedle 's Groove.
Wheedle 's Groove is a local collective that showcases some of the stars from the Seattle funk/soul scene of the '60s and '70s.
The plate also has a machined groove between the lights for storing the winch hook.

In science:

Although in the s-polarization state the presence of the grating leads to an increase of the real part of the effective impedance too, even for very deep grooves it cannot achieve such giant values that are possible in the p-polarization state.
The Leontovich boundary conditions and calculation of effective impedance of inhomogeneous metal
Taking into account that in the case of an arbitrary 1-D surface profile s-polarized waves do not penetrate into deep grooves, we can generalize our result: if an arbitrary 1-D surface profile has rather deep grooves, the effective impedance associated with this surface is a strongly anisotropic tensor.
The Leontovich boundary conditions and calculation of effective impedance of inhomogeneous metal
Thus, inside the grooves the modal function with n = 0 gives the main contribution to the magnetic field.
The Leontovich boundary conditions and calculation of effective impedance of inhomogeneous metal
In most of the examples, two such distortions are present at adjacent grooves, and so the whole edge between these grooves is brought closer to the centre of the cluster, forming new contacts with the closest interior atoms.
Identifying structural patterns in `disordered' metal clusters
Beyond N =50 these groove-bridged Marks decahedra are no longer most stable.
Identifying structural patterns in `disordered' metal clusters