• I told 'ee to grease the wheels
    I told 'ee to grease the wheels
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v grease lubricate with grease "grease the wheels"
    • n grease the state of being covered with unclean things
    • n grease a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Cornelius van Drebel, a Dutch physician, built and successfully demonstrated the first submarine in 1620. It was a wooden framework covered with greased leather. The propulsion was provided by oars worked from the inside. It was tested in the Thames River in London.
    • Grease (Far) An inflammation of a horse's heels, suspending the ordinary greasy secretion of the part, and producing dryness and scurfiness, followed by cracks, ulceration, and fungous excrescences.
    • Grease Animal fat, as tallow or lard, especially when in a soft state; oily or unctuous matter of any kind.
    • Grease (Far) To affect (a horse) with grease, the disease.
    • Grease To bribe; to corrupt with presents. "The greased advocate that grinds the poor."
    • Grease To cheat or cozen; to overreach.
    • Grease To smear, anoint, or daub, with grease or fat; to lubricate; as, to grease the wheels of a wagon.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Vaseline was created by Robert Chesebrough in 1870. He developed it after visiting Titusville, PA in 1859. While there he noticed that workers were treating cuts and burns with grease that accumulated on drill rods from the oil fields.
    • n grease Animal fat in a soft state; oily or unctuous animal matter of any kind, as tallow, suet, or lard; particularly, the fatty matter of land-animals, as distinguished from the oily matter of marine animals.
    • n grease In hunting, the fat of a hart, boar, wolf, fox, badger, hare, rabbit, etc., with reference to the season (called grease-time) when they are fat and fit for killing, and are said to be in grease or (formerly) of grease.
    • n grease In farriery, a swelling and inflammation in a horse's legs attended with the secretion of oily matter and cracks in the skin.
    • n grease To suffer by one's own presumption or folly; endure without mitigation or relief the evil consequences of one's own acts.
    • grease To smear or anoint with grease or fat.
    • grease To bribe; corrupt with payments or gifts. [Obsolete or rare.]
    • grease To gull; cheat.
    • grease To cause to run easily, as if in a greased channel.
    • grease In farriery, to affect with the disease called grease.
    • grease Did you not grease the sealers of Leadenhall throughly in the fiste, they would never be sealed, but turned away. Greene, Quip for an Upstart Courtier (Harl. Misc., V. 411).
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Grease grēs soft thick animal fat: oily matter of any kind: an inflammation in the heels of a horse, marked by swelling, &c
    • v.t Grease (sometimes pron. grēz) to smear with grease, to lubricate—also used figuratively, to cause to go easily
    • v.t Grease (obs.) to bribe—as in to 'grease the palm.'—adv. Greas′ily
    • ***


  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Cheerfulness greases the axles of the world.”
  • Henry Wheeler Shaw
    Henry Wheeler Shaw
    “The wheel that squeaks the loudest is the one that gets the grease.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “The squeaking wheel doesn't always get the grease. Sometimes it gets replaced.”
  • Italo Calvino
    “Novels as dull as dishwater, with the grease of random sentiments floating on top.”
  • Philip Butler
    Philip Butler
    “Optimism and humor are the grease and glue of life. Without both of them we would never have survived our captivity.”
  • Carry Nation
    Carry Nation
    “Men are nicotine soaked, beer besmirched, whiskey greased, red-eyed devils.”


Elbow grease - If something requires elbow grease, it involves a lot of hard physical work.
Grease monkey - A grease monkey is an idiomatic term for a mechanic.
Grease someone's palm - If you grease someone's palm, you bribe them to do something.
Grease the skids - If you grease the skids, you facilitate something.
Greased lightning - If something or someone moves like greased lightning, they move very fast indeed.
Squeaky wheel gets the grease - (USA) When people say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, they mean that the person who complains or protests the loudest attracts attention and service.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. grese, grece, F. graisse,; akin to gras, fat, greasy, fr. LL. grassus, thick, fat, gross, L. crassus,. Cf. Crass


In literature:

A fat young "gobbler," it runs grease at every pore, causing the fire to flare up.
"The Death Shot" by Mayne Reid
The largest polar bear skin I ever saw was ruined by lying "in the grease" too long before dressing.
"Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit" by Albert B. Farnham
After his swift survey, the man stepped to the washstand and let a few drops of melted candle grease drip upon one corner.
"The Fighting Shepherdess" by Caroline Lockhart
There needs be no grease or oil upon the cotton.
"Searchlights on Health: Light on Dark Corners" by B.G. Jefferis
Ease off, an' keep your moccasins greased!
"Ride Proud, Rebel!" by Andre Alice Norton
Fill the bowl with the grease, soak the wick in grease and set it in the holder so that half an inch sticks up; the rest is in the grease.
"Woodland Tales" by Ernest Seton-Thompson
The bullets had, as usual, been dipped in grease to preserve them, and the grease had gone bad.
"The Relief of Mafeking" by Filson Young
Beside him squatted a ruddy-faced youth with a smudge of grease on his faintly-hooked nose.
"One Man's Initiation--1917" by John Dos Passos
Over and over the grimy, grease-soaked floor of the power-house they rolled and fought.
"The Man from the Bitter Roots" by Caroline Lockhart
They wait until the floor is thick with dirt and grease and then spread newspapers over it to cover up the dirt.
"Land of the Burnt Thigh" by Edith Eudora Kohl

In poetry:

Awaiting masses
Of cloud to give them expression,
These super-people! -
And my baby a nail
Driven, driven in.
He shrieks in his grease
"Brasilia" by Sylvia Plath
But first the eldest, christened Hodge,
He greased the dray-wheel axles, so
The super wouldn’t smell the dodge
And couldn’t let the Squatter know.
"The Squatter, Three Cornstalks, and the Well" by Henry Lawson
I would spill off his shoulders like grease,
he would be a zoo staring me down.
And what do we share? He gave
birth to me: I buried him
with fresh dirt and spit.
"To The Child Dead In My Larynx" by Ernesto Trejo
For parsons and preachers are all a mere joke,
Their hands must be greased by a fee;
But with the poor toiler to share your last toke,*
That's the religion for me.
"My Religion" by Anonymous Oceania
Their smiles began to die away;
Instead of yes, was answer'd nay.
If either had been out awhile,
Might safely come without a smile.
Then sounds discordant, in some cases,
Like wheels before the coachman greases.
"The True Lover's Knot" by William Hutton
Not so with Jones--for, though as prayerful,
To grease his wheels he e'er was careful,
And healed, with ready stitch, each rent
That ruthless time or tempest sent;
And thus, by works, his faith expressed,
Good neighbor Jones by Heaven was blessed.
"The Two Windmills" by Samuel Griswold Goodrich

In news:

As payback for union support, the Obama administration greases the wheels for the largest federal organizing effort in history.
Child falls into vat of fast-food grease at Tennessee Sonic restaurant.
Diesel owners who switch to cooking grease can run afoul of the law.
Matthew Tiffany, 26, of Monrovia fills his 1981 diesel Mercedes with fryer grease from a neighborhood restaurant.
In his garage he keeps a barrel full of grease from K.I.
And all that cooking can lead to lots of leftover grease.
Grease an approximate 9X13 inch-baking pan.
'Grease' to celebrate the auditorium's 75th anniversary.
Larry Untiet, Spencer High School's theater director, recently announced the cast and production staff for SHS's fall musical "Grease".
On a grease board outside the Nationals' locker room, these words are written: "Your attitude will always determine your altitude.".
Greg Grease's Cornbread, Pearl, and G album release.
Pour into a greased 9x13 baking dish.
Spread the artichokes evenly in a well-greased shallow 1½ to 2 quart baking pan (round or oval).
Grease fires can start in seconds.
Put the rice into a greased baking dish, spreading it evenly over the bottom.

In science:

The fibres were glued into the holes using a fast epoxy, and coupled optically to the photocathode using optical grease.
Development of a compact scintillator hodoscope with wavelength-shifting fibre read-out
No optical grease was used to provide an optical contact between the bundle cap and the photodetector, thus there was a natural air gap between them. A photomutiplier Hamamatsu R5800 was used as a photodetector for the prototype.
Performance of a fine-sampling electromagnetic calorimeter prototype in the energy range from 1 to 19 GeV
Giner-Sorolla R (2012) Science or Art? How Aesthetic Standards Grease the Way Through the Publication Bottleneck but Undermine Science.
Deep Impact: Unintended consequences of journal rank
Finally the coupling efficiency became better than 95 %, independent of the medium between both parts (air, glue, grease).
Testrun results from prototype fiber detectors for high rate particle tracking
The light collection is improved with optical grease applied at the end-faces of the clear fibers.
Cosmic ray tests of the D0 preshower detector