• "He grasped my left wrist."
    "He grasped my left wrist."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v grasp get the meaning of something "Do you comprehend the meaning of this letter?"
    • v grasp hold firmly
    • n grasp the act of grasping "he released his clasp on my arm","he has a strong grip for an old man","she kept a firm hold on the railing"
    • n grasp an intellectual hold or understanding "a good grip on French history","they kept a firm grip on the two top priorities","he was in the grip of a powerful emotion","a terrible power had her in its grasp"
    • n grasp the limit of capability "within the compass of education"
    • n grasp understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something "he has a good grasp of accounting practices"
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

"Charlie grasped his rifle in both hands." "Charlie grasped his rifle in both hands."

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: An artificial hand , with fingers moved by cogwheels and levers, was designed in 1551 by Frenchman Ambroise Paré. It worked so well that a handless cavalryman was able to grasp the reins of his horse.
    • Grasp A gripe or seizure of the hand; a seizure by embrace, or infolding in the arms.
    • Grasp Forcible possession; hold. "The whole space that's in the tyrant's grasp ."
    • Grasp Reach of the arms; hence, the power of seizing and holding; as, it was beyond his grasp.
    • Grasp The handle of a sword or of an oar.
    • v. i Grasp To effect a grasp; to make the motion of grasping; to clutch; to struggle; to strive. "As one that grasped And tugged for life and was by strength subdued."
    • Grasp To lay hold of with the mind; to become thoroughly acquainted or conversant with; to comprehend.
    • Grasp To seize and hold by clasping or embracing with the fingers or arms; to catch to take possession of. "Thy hand is made to grasp a palmer's staff."
    • Grasp Wide-reaching power of intellect to comprehend subjects and hold them under survey. "The foremost minds of the next . . . era were not, in power of grasp , equal to their predecessors."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Fingerprints serve a function they provide traction for the fingers to grasp things.
    • grasp To seize and hold by clasping or embracing with the fingers or arms.
    • grasp To seize upon; take possession of.
    • grasp To seize by the intellect; become thoroughly cognizant of; comprehend.
    • grasp To make a grasp, or the motion of grasping; seize something firmly or eagerly.
    • n grasp A grip or seizure by the hand; the act of taking or attempting to take hold of something.
    • n grasp Power of seizing and holding; forcible possession.
    • n grasp Power of the intellect to seize and comprehend subjects; wide-reaching power of comprehension.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Grasping your ears is a sign of repentance or sincerity in India.
    • v.t Grasp grasp to seize and hold by clasping with the fingers or arms: to catch at: to comprehend
    • v.i Grasp to endeavour to seize: to catch (with at)
    • n Grasp gripe of the hand: reach of the arms: power of seizing: mental power of apprehension
    • ***


  • Jean Kerr
    Jean Kerr
    “If you can keep your head about you when all about you are losing theirs, its just possible you haven't grasped the situation.”
  • Jean Dubuffet
    Jean Dubuffet
    “Art is the most passionate orgy within man's grasp.”
  • Aesop
    “Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”
  • Mahatma Gandhi
    “Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.”
  • Cyril Connolly
    “Literature is the art of writing something that will be read twice; journalism what will be grasped at once.”
  • Samuel Osgood
    Samuel Osgood
    “I love a hand that meets my own with a grasp that causes some sensation.”


Grasp the nettle - (UK) If you grasp the nettle, you deal bravely with a problem.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. graspen,; prob. akin to LG. grupsen, or to E. grope. Cf. Grab Grope


In literature:

A young hacendado, splendidly horsed, was next upon his flanks; but each time he reached forth to grasp the tail it was whisked beyond his reach.
"The White Chief" by Mayne Reid
The father put her to one side, at the same time tightly grasping her hand in his.
"The Scalp Hunters" by Mayne Reid
The hand that grasps hers, grasps those lands; thus saith the prophecy.
"Rookwood" by William Harrison Ainsworth
For the convent is perhaps, after all, but an impatient grasping at the rest of paradise, before that rest is fairly earned.
"The History of Sir Richard Calmady" by Lucas Malet
For each a cheerful word, and the warm grasp of his big hand with the prescription.
"The Root of Evil" by Thomas Dixon
He felt a hand grasp his and heard Una speak again.
"The Northern Iron" by George A. Birmingham
Leaping astride it, I pushed off, just in time to intercept the unfortunate senator, who had sense enough left to grasp it.
"Down The River" by Oliver Optic
The method of experiment here pursued, though not of the simplest character, is still easy to grasp.
"Fragments of science, V. 1-2" by John Tyndall
Let us try to grasp the whole throbbing meaning that is in them.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture" by Alexander Maclaren
The fact that she had grasped it so quickly was a guaranty of her own metal.
"The Snowshoe Trail" by Edison Marshall

In poetry:

But see! she grasps a manly hand,
And in a voice so low,
As scarcely to be heard, she says,
'My brother, must I go?'
"The Slave-Auction--A Fact" by Anonymous Americas
Who, who shall in Thy presence stand,
Or match omnipotence;
Unfold the grasp of Thy right hand
And pluck the sinner thence?
"What Though I Cannot Break My Chain" by Augustus Montague Toplady
Oh! wished for, hoped for, happy time,
When I can have the grace,
To grasp thy hand, and more sublime,
Upon thy statue gaze.
"Voice From The South" by Frank Barbour Coffin
Would now the tall swift mists could lay
their wet grasp on my hair,
and the great natures of the hills
round me friendly were.
"Margaret's Song" by Lascelles Abercrombie
Helplessly the boat was drifting,
Death was staring in each face,
When he grasped the fallen rudder,
Took the pilot's vacant place.
"Our Hero" by Frances Ellen Watkins
Their weeping mother's trembling knees
Her lisping infants clasp,
Their meek imploring look she sees,
She feels their tender grasp.
"Edwin and Eltruda, a Legendary Tale" by Helen Maria Williams

In news:

Many new business owners believe they understand cash flow as it is a fairly easy concept to grasp.
But he was known to me as Mr Hull, and he did two things for me: He convinced me I could grasp mathematics when I wanted to give up on the topic, and he taught me chess .
Johnny Manziel, eluding the grasp of defensive back Deion Belue, helped lead Texas A&M to an upset of Alabama, then No.
ASK RICHARD IDRO IF HE HAD MALARIA as a child, and you will begin to grasp the toll this disease takes on sub-Saharan.
What Part of 'Mini' Did You Not Grasp, BMW.
But he was known to me as Mr Hull, and he did two things for me: He convinced me I could grasp mathematics when I wanted to give up on the topic, and he taught me chess.
Arms that bend and grasp.
Groupon's new operations czar grasps shaky helm.
Hard as it may be to grasp, any one of us could get caught up in The System if we're in the wrong place at the right time.
'Survivor:' Grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.
The US is losing its grasp on soft power.
Getting a grasp on what I don't know.
A 6th Sprint Cup title is within the grasp of the No 48 team.
"He had a very, very brilliant mind and he could grasp anything, but mostly he loved the engineering part of his position," his wife said.
Army Batters Navy, but Bid to End Streak Slips From Its Grasp.

In science:

Given the ambiguity about the structure and the severe constraints and functions ETC must fulfill, an exact model of ETC has so far been beyond our grasp.
Technicolor Signals at the LHC
While not fundamental, phenomenological models of strong interactions describe a host of striking features which are well within the grasp of the LHC.
Technicolor Signals at the LHC
To fully grasp parameter dependencies and correlations, the full dimensional parameter space must be studied.
Understanding Lyman-alpha emitters
There are numerous definitions of a graph state, but the simplest definition to grasp is the constructive definition, where a graph specifies a procedure for constructing the corresponding quantum state.
An introduction to one-way quantum computing in distributed architectures
Therefore it will be necessary when studying string theory later to have some grasp of general relativity.
A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics Part II