• WordNet 3.6
    • n grafting the act of grafting something onto something else
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Back in 1919, the Russian transplant pioneer Serge Voronoff made headlines by grafting monkey testicles onto human males.
    • Grafting (Carp) A scarfing or endwise attachment of one timber to another.
    • Grafting (Naut) The act or method of weaving a cover for a ring, rope end, etc.
    • Grafting (Surg) The transplanting of a portion of flesh or skin to a denuded surface; autoplasty.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Coral (pro osteon) has molecular architecture and chemistry similar to human bone and so it can be used to replace bone grafts, helping bones heal faster. 150-200 pounds of it can sustain hundreds of graphs
    • n grafting The act of inserting a shoot or scion taken from one tree into the stem or some other part of another, in such a manner that they unite and produce fruit of the kind belonging to the tree from which the scion was taken. The methods of grafting are of great variety, designated by the words whip, splice, cleft, saddle, crown, etc. In whip-grafting, or tongue-grafting, the stock and scion, of equal size, are fitted together by tongues cut in each, and tightly bound (whipped or lashed) until they are well united in growth. Splice-grafting is performed by cutting the ends of the scion and stock completely across in an oblique direction, in such a way that the sections are of the same shape, then laying the oblique surfaces together so that the one exactly fits the other, and securing them by tying or otherwise. In cleft-grafting the stock is cleft down, and the graft, cut in the shape of a wedge at its lower end, is inserted into the cleft. In saddle-grafting the end of the stock is cut in the form of a wedge, and the base of the scion, slit up or cleft for the purpose, is affixed. Crowngrafting, or rind-grafting, is performed by cutting the lower end of the scion in a sloping direction, while the head of the stock is cut over horizontally and a slit is made through the inner bark; a piece of wood, bone, ivory, or other such substance, resembling the thinned end of the scion, is inserted in the top of the slit between the alburnum and the inner bark and pushed down in order to raise the bark, so that the thin end of the scion may be introduced without being bruised; the edges of the bark on each side are then brought close to the scion, and the whole is bound with matting and clayed.
    • n grafting In carpentry, the joining of two piles or beams endwise; scarfing.
    • n grafting Joining; splicing; specifically, splicing a rope by unlaying and relaying the strands of the ends to be joined, or, in knitting, adding one piece to another.
    • n grafting In bee-culture, the substitution of eggs or larvæ in queen-cells for the original occupants.
    • n grafting The practice of taking or making ‘graft’; the practice of stealing money or its equivalent, especially in positions of trust, in ways not. easily detected or punishable.
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  • George Santayana
    “The passions grafted on wounded pride are the most inveterate; they are green and vigorous in old age.”
  • Emma Goldman
    “It is essential that we realize once and for all that man is much more of a sex creature than a moral creature. The former is inherent, the other is grafted on.”


In literature:

I planted the tree and made its top into six grafts.
"The Foundations of Japan" by J.W. Robertson Scott
In addition to his miscellaneous grafts, he grafted on us.
"The Road" by Jack London
New Graft on the Family Tree (A).
"The Bay State Monthly, Vol. II, No. 6, March, 1885" by Various
It smells like a good, old-fashioned graft, with the lid nailed on.
"The Taming of Red Butte Western" by Francis Lynde
Loving Father, I pray that I may not try to change the standard of love by grafting on my own selfishness and infirmities.
"Leaves of Life" by Margaret Bird Steinmetz
On the varieties of grafting and the skill required for it see Verg.
"Cato Maior de Senectute" by Marcus Tullius Cicero
And upon a system comprising all these incompatibilities there was grafted the ruinous principle of ascendancy.
"The Framework of Home Rule" by Erskine Childers
Stupidity, license, and graft sat enthroned in the City Hall.
"Darkwater" by W. E. B. Du Bois
He learned to graft trees, and thus rendered great assistance to William Wright in his necessary business.
"The Underground Railroad" by William Still
It were a brave honour, truly, to graft me with thy favours.
"Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 1 (of 2)" by John Roby

In poetry:

But I, like unto an Olive tree
Grafted in the Lord's garden,
Unfearing I'll blossom forth
In my hope of heaven's defence.
"Song II" by Mikolaj Sep Szarzynski
That, keeping old traditions fast,
Still hails the things that are to be,
And, firmly rooted in the Past,
On Law hath grafted Liberty;-
"The Door Of Humility" by Alfred Austin
As grafted rocks do meet the flood,
So fast, so firm the Luddite stood;
As floods oppos'd do backwards dash,
So back the Watch and Ward did crash.
"The Watch And Ward." by Samuel Bamford
The photograph is married to the eye,
Grafts on its bride one-sided skins of truth;
The dream has sucked the sleeper of his faith
That shrouded men might marrow as they fly.
"Our Eunuch Dreams" by Dylan Thomas
How can one bandage serve for gashes twain?
How on two masters wait a single swain?
Would not one gardener tend two groves in vain?
For he must graft the saplings one by one.
"Without Thee What Are Song And Dance To Me?" by Sayat Nova
Chorus: It's ah! for, etc.
Then hang the jolly prog, the hocussed shanty grog,
The beer that's loaded with tobacco;
Grafting humour I am in, and I'll stick the peg right in
And settle once more down to Yakka.
"Across the Western Plains I Must Wander" by Anonymous Oceania

In news:

The ability to reposition the device can minimize complications that could occur if the graft is positioned incorrectly during the initial deployment.
Rotational Thrombectomy System Cleared for Dialysis Grafts.
With pitching staffed pruned, Twins must now graft arms.
Suharto Fostered Rapid Economic Growth, and Staggering Graft.
Rotational Thrombectomy System Cleared for Dialysis Grafts.
FDA Approves Medtronic Stent Graft for Aortic Transection Repair.
Low Levels of Anti-PC Predict Vein Graft Failure.
Thompson backs denials of officials, lessens chance of more graft indictments.
Are New AAA Grafting Techniques Valid Or Just Monkeying Around.
David Durk, Serpico's Ally Against Graft, Dies at 77.
Mongolia's Ex-President Given Four-Year Jail Term in Graft Trial.
Former Mongolian President Nambaryn Enkhbayar was found guilty of graft charges and sentenced to four years in prison, a court spokesman in Mongolia said.
South African Girl's Skin Graft Successful So Far.
But the Krugers were uncomfortable with their options for healing her skin: temporarily using skin from a cadaver or from a pig, or taking her small portion of undamaged skin and grafting it elsewhere.
A second skin- graft procedure is scheduled for Friday.

In science:

Meusburger, C.: Grafting and Poisson structure in (2+1)-gravity with vanishing cosmological constant. to appear in Commun.
Dual generators of the fundamental group and the moduli space of flat connections
Meusburger, C.: Geometrical (2+1)-gravity and the Chern-Simons formulation: Grafting, Dehn twists, Wilson loop observables and the cosmological constant.
Dual generators of the fundamental group and the moduli space of flat connections
Graft one of these trees tU,f (U ) ∈ T µf (U ) at < U, f (U ) > on the level 1.
Domain closure conditions and definability preservation
Rayleigh processes, real trees, and root growth with re-grafting.
Loop-erased random walk on finite graphs and the Rayleigh process
Winter, Rayleigh processes, real trees, and root growth with re-grafting, Probab.
Convergence of simple random walks on random discrete trees to Brownian motion on the continuum random tree