• Firmer-Gouge Outside Bevel.  Inside Bevel Gouge
    Firmer-Gouge Outside Bevel. Inside Bevel Gouge
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v gouge force with the thumb "gouge out his eyes"
    • v gouge make a groove in
    • v gouge obtain by coercion or intimidation "They extorted money from the executive by threatening to reveal his past to the company boss","They squeezed money from the owner of the business by threatening him"
    • n gouge the act of gouging
    • n gouge and edge tool with a blade like a trough for cutting channels or grooves
    • n gouge an impression in a surface (as made by a blow)
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Gouging Gouging
Whetting a Gouge Whetting a Gouge

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The term, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye" is from Ancient Rome. The only rule during wrestling matches was, "No eye gouging." Everything else was allowed, but the only way to be disqualified is to poke someone's eye out.
    • Gouge A bookbinder's tool for blind tooling or gilding, having a face which forms a curve.
    • Gouge A chisel, with a hollow or semicylindrical blade, for scooping or cutting holes, channels, or grooves, in wood, stone, etc.; a similar instrument, with curved edge, for turning wood.
    • Gouge An incising tool which cuts forms or blanks for gloves, envelopes, etc. from leather, paper, etc.
    • Gouge Imposition; cheat; fraud; also, an impostor; a cheat; a trickish person.
    • Gouge (Mining) Soft material lying between the wall of a vein and the solid vein.
    • Gouge The act of scooping out with a gouge, or as with a gouge; a groove or cavity scooped out, as with a gouge.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n gouge A chisel with a longitudinally curved blade, used to cut holes, channels, or grooves in wood or stone, or for turning wood in a lathe.
    • n gouge In bookbinding, a gilders' tool intended to make the segment of a circle.
    • n gouge A local name for a shell which gouges or cuts the foot when trodden on; specifically, in the Gulf of Mexico, a shell of the genus Pinna or Vermetus.
    • n gouge A stamp for cutting leather or paper.
    • n gouge In mining, the band or layer of decomposed country rock or clayey material (flucan) often found on each side of a lode. It is so called because it can be easily removed or gouged out with a pick, thus greatly facilitating the removal of the contents of the lode. See selvage and flucan.
    • n gouge An effect of gouging; an excavation or a hole made by or as if by scooping out matter.
    • n gouge An imposition; a cheat; also, an impostor.
    • gouge To scoop out or turn with a gouge.
    • gouge Hence To scoop or excavate as if with a gouge; dig or tear out by or as if by a scooping action: as, to gouge a loaf of bread; to gouge a hole in a garment. [Gouging out the eyes of an antagonist with the thumb or finger has been a practice among brutal fighters in some parts of both Europe and America, but is now probably rare everywhere.
    • gouge To cheat in a bold or brutal manner; overreach in a bargain.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Gouge gowj or gōōj a chisel, with a hollow blade, for cutting grooves or holes
    • v.t Gouge to scoop out, as with a gouge: to force out, as the eye with the thumb
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. gouge,. LL. gubia, guvia, gulbia, gulvia, gulvium,; cf. Bisc. gubia, bow, gubioa, throat


In literature:

When Frank clinched and tried to gouge, Bill in self-defence dropped his sparring and resorted to the Indian tricks taught him by Lee.
"Battling the Clouds" by Captain Frank Cobb
Ice and water wore off the nub and leveled the hill, then gouged out the gulch.
"Rimrock Trail" by J. Allan Dunn
However, with a couple of good sharp chisels and a gouge the work will not be so difficult as at first appears.
"Boys' Book of Model Boats" by Raymond Francis Yates
Snow slide must have gouged part of the trail out.
"Thurston of Orchard Valley" by Harold Bindloss
Shells gouged deep holes in the dissolving ranks.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume V (of 8)"
Tolto's broad chest was covered with blood, partly from gouges in his skin, partly from his crushed lips.
"The Martian Cabal" by Roman Frederick Starzl
It isn't every day that an ordinary practitioner gets the chance of gouging out bullets.
"The Red Hand of Ulster" by George A. Birmingham
Johnson's left hand was gouging at my face, his fingers plucking at my eyes.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930" by Various
Who had gouged out the bowls for those icy lakes?
"A Mountain Boyhood" by Joe Mills
They went into a little shop where a good-looking young man, with chisels, gouges, and mallet, was fashioning the bust of a woman.
"Daughters of the Revolution and Their Times" by Charles Carleton Coffin

In poetry:

fence on the Boston Common. Behind their cage,
yellow dinosaur steamshovels were grunting
as they cropped up tons of mush and grass
to gouge their underworld garage.
"For the Union Dead" by Robert Lowell
How long… since their last shell gouged our batteries?
How long… since we rose at aim with a sleuth moon astern?
(It was the damned green moon that nosed us out…
The moon that flushed our periscope till it shone like a silver flame…)
"The Everlasting Return" by Lola Ridge

In news:

Schneiderman probing price gouging .
If the disc is too large, the abrasive may gather around the edges of the sander and gouge surfaces.
Other South Floridians have complained on social media of gas stations gouging during the storm.
Do constant reruns of "I Love the '80s" on VH1 have you ready to gouge out your eyeballs.
Gouge away at pics from the Pixies' visit to Bricktown.
I've heard of something called the Ellsworth bowl gouge grind.
That doesn't necessarily mean elevated prices reflect "gouging" by the oil companies, and if they do it's our government "gouging" us at the pump.
American Banker 's Jeff Horwitz finds some emails that offer an interesting look into how banks make unethical decisions to gouge their customers.
For residents, however, the big event can be a world-class hassle: Price-gouging is rampant and it's impossible to catch a cab, among other indignities.
'Survivor Philippines' recap, Gouge My Eyes Out.
The Jaguars faded in the second half — Shonn Greene and Bilal Powell gouged them up the middle — and lost 17-10 to the New York Jets on Sunday.
Nearly all of the jobs are in the fund's information technology and financial investment divisions, high-skill positions that employers gouge each others' eyes out to fill .
Price-gouging at Throggs Neck gas station at gas station .
Scrapes and gouge marks show the glider 's path along US 41A.
Class action lawsuit seeks to end alleged price gouging.

In science:

From food to beauty products, from our bone joints to the gouge of tectonic faults, the dynamical properties of dense materials determine important and ubiquitous phenomena that govern our life.
Rearrangements and Dilatancy for Sheared Dense Materials