• WordNet 3.6
    • n gnome a short pithy saying expressing a general truth
    • n gnome a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Gnome A brief reflection or maxim.
    • Gnome A dwarf; a goblin; a person of small stature or misshapen features, or of strange appearance.
    • Gnome (Zoöl) A small owl (Glaucidium gnoma) of the Western United States.
    • Gnome An imaginary being, supposed by the Rosicrucians to inhabit the inner parts of the earth, and to be the guardian of mines, quarries, etc.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n gnome A brief reflection or maxim; an aphorism; a saying; a saw.
    • n gnome Synonyms See aphorism.
    • n gnome One of a race of imaginary beings, first conceived as spirits of the earth, inhabiting its interior and that of everything earthly, animal, vegetable, or mineral. The gnomes ultimately came to be regarded as the special guardians of mines and miners, malicious in all other relations, and extremely ugly and misshapen; while the females of the race, called gnomides, not more than a foot high, were endowed with supreme beauty and goodness, and, being the special guardians of diamonds, were chiefly known in the countries that produced them.
    • n gnome Hence A grotesque dwarf; a goblin-like person of small stature and misshapen figure.
    • n gnome A name of sundry humming-birds: as, the giant gnome (Patagona gigas). =Syn. l. Goblin, etc. See fairy.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Gnome nōm a pithy and sententious saying, generally in verse, embodying some moral sentiment or precept
    • n Gnome nōm a sprite guarding the inner parts of the earth and its treasures: a dwarf or goblin.
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  • Emily Dickinson
    “Drab Habitation of Whom? Tabernacle or Tomb -- or Dome of Worm -- or Porch of Gnome -- or some Elf's Catacomb?”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. gnome, prob. fr. Gr. gnw`mon one that knows, a guardian, i. e., of the treasures in the inner parts of the earth, or fr. intelligence, both fr. gnw^nai gignw^skein, to know. See Know
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—a word traced by Littré to Paracelsus, and perh. formed from Gr. gnōmē, intelligence.


In literature:

Peter was filled with terror, for he felt that it was none other than the giant-gnome, Michael the Dutchman.
"ZigZag Journeys in Northern Lands;" by Hezekiah Butterworth
His mind went back to the clucking sounds which, among the Gnomes of the Moon, passed for speech.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science September 1930" by Various
She halted near the last gnome-tree, and stared at the desolate slope and the forbidding sky line.
"The Heart of Thunder Mountain" by Edfrid A. Bingham
The leader of the Gnomes was again the Gnome who had first leaped upon Jaska to examine her curiously.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, August 1930" by Various
When he came near, she saw that he was much younger than the fisher-gnome.
"St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. V, August, 1878, No 10." by Various
The maid grinned like a gnome; it served the schoolmaster right.
"Absolution" by Clara Viebig
The children looked in the direction that the gnome had indicated, and there they saw a larch-tree on which the sunlight had just fallen.
"Fairy Tales from the German Forests" by Margaret Arndt
They were mixed up in her mind with gnomes and pirates.
"The Wishing Moon" by Louise Elizabeth Dutton
And as gnomes live many hundreds of years he saw strange things.
"The Brown Fairy Book" by Andrew Lang
There were cowled gnomes, dogs, cats looking into a little mirror, with astonished grimaces.
"Their Son; The Necklace" by Eduardo Zamacois

In poetry:

But once within the wood, we paused
Like gnomes that hid us from the moon,
Ready to run to hiding new
With laughter when she found us soon.
"Going For Water" by Robert Frost
"We've had such hard, hard times this year
For goblins! Never knew the like.
All Elfland's mortgaged! And we fear
The gnomes are just about to strike.
"The Hard Times In Elfland [A Story of Christmas Eve]" by Sidney Lanier
Is mine the part of no companion hand
Of help, except my shadow's silent self?
A moonlight traveller in Fancy's land
Of leering gnome and hollow-laughing elf;
"Unencouraged Aspiration" by Madison Julius Cawein
More intimate became the forest fear
While pillared darkness hatched malicious life
At either elbow, wolf or gnome or knife
And wary slid the glance from ear to ear.
"Forest History" by George Meredith
Goodbye Wendy. Send the fairies,
Pinewood elf and larch tree gnome.
Spingle-spangled stars are peeping
At the lush Lagonda creeping
Down the winding ways of tarmac
To the leaded lights of home.
"Indoor Games near Newbury" by Sir John Betjeman
Still the fair Gnome's light hand the chime prolongs;
And while his utmost art the strain employs,
Cephroniel's softened son in gushing songs,
Pour'd forth his sad, deep sense of long departed joys.
"The Gnome’s Song" by Maria Gowen Brooks

In news:

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In the Harry Potter series, gnomes are pests that inhabit the gardens of witches and wizards.
Gnomes are considered harmless but mischievous.
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In science:

The communication model by signals and slots is already extensively used in Graphical User Interface libraries, such as Qt, the GUI layer for the KDE environment (, awt and Beans in Java, or Gtk, the layer for the Gnome environment (
Component Programming and Interoperability in Constraint Solver Design
This behavior is to be contrasted with the gnome Lie algebra gII1,1 for which the simple root multiplicities and the root space dimensions are of the same order of magnitude .
On the Imaginary Simple Roots of the Borcherds Algebra $g_{II_{9,1}}$
Furthermore, we observe that the simple multiplicities do not depend monotonically on the norms for levels ℓ ≥ 2, unlike the level-1 simple multiplicities, and unlike the simple multiplicities of the gnome Lie algebra.
On the Imaginary Simple Roots of the Borcherds Algebra $g_{II_{9,1}}$
B¨arwald, O., Gebert, R. W., G¨unaydin, M., and Nicolai, H.: Missing Modules, the Gnome Lie Algebra, and E10 .
On the Imaginary Simple Roots of the Borcherds Algebra $g_{II_{9,1}}$
Heinlein, Al l You Zombies in 6 × H , Gnome Press 1959; By His Bootstraps in The Menace From Earth, Gnome Press 1959.
TASI Lectures on Matrix Theory