glide by


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v glide by pass by "three years elapsed"
    • ***


  • Ovid
    “Time glides away and as we get older through the noiseless years; the days flee and are restrained by no reign.”


In literature:

They just glide along on the smooth flat under surface that by wear becomes like polished glass.
"Winter Adventures of Three Boys" by Egerton R. Young
Not far ahead, the water looked black and still, as it glided through a narrow defile, shut in by the rocks.
"The Black Tor" by George Manville Fenn
By degrees his eyelids dropped, were raised again, and then fell, and he seemed to glide into a heavy sleep.
"Bunyip Land" by George Manville Fenn
And the minutes glided by, and the position grew more and more hopeless.
"Charge!" by George Manville Fenn
Two days, three days glided by, and the convict was not found.
"First in the Field" by George Manville Fenn
As the minutes glided by in the midst of that profound silence, a fresh kind of feverish feeling began to steal over Fitz.
"Fitz the Filibuster" by George Manville Fenn
But time wore away, and as the day glided by I grew dull and low-spirited, for I began to dread a visit.
"Gil the Gunner" by George Manville Fenn
The evening soon glided away, and the boys gladly thanked their host and retired to their own room, utterly wearied out by the events of the day.
"Glyn Severn's Schooldays" by George Manville Fenn
A glance at the pale face upon the pillow took off some of the bitterness, though, and he resumed his watch while the hours glided by.
"In Honour's Cause" by George Manville Fenn
The days glided by and John Grange's powers developed in a wonderful way.
"A Life's Eclipse" by George Manville Fenn

In poetry:

And when she rode, or walked, she found
Him ever by her side;
On "angel wings" that happy year
The moments seem'd to glide.
"A Ballad" by Janet Hamilton
To sit and watch the wavelets as they flow
Two - side by side;
To see the gliding clouds that come and
And mark them glide;
"At The Water's Edge" by Rene Francois Armand Prudhomme
To yon dear grot by EVAN'S side,
How oft my steps were led;
Where far beneath the waters glide,
And thick the woods are spread!
"The Scotch Ballad" by Helen Maria Williams
"And so, sir sheriff and priest, good-by!"
He bent him to his oar,
And the small boat glided quietly
From the twain upon the shore.
"The Exiles. 1660" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Sweet awful hour! the only sound
One gentle footstep gliding round,
Offering by turns on Jesus' part
The Cross to every hand and heart.
"Holy Communion" by John Keble
Smooth thro' his heart glides soft repose,
No storms that seat surprize;
Calm as the stream which by him flows,
Or cavern where he lies.
"The Philosopher" by Samuel Bowden

In news:

After switching from a spinning style of throwing to a gliding style, he launched his first throw 51 feet, 11 inches, a personal best by over two feet.
After Sunday's first glide flight of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, one of the first thoughts going through the head of test pilot Peter Siebold after coming to a stop on the runway was that it all went by too quickly.
The Port Gamble S'Klallam tribe plans to increase the fuel capacity of the Gliding Eagle Marketplace service station by 50 percent this summer.
The accident is being investigated by the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada, which has suspended Orders' tandem instructor certification.
Like any other charity, Glide will have to send the donor a letter saying how much of the gift is tax-deductible , and the assessment must be able to withstand a challenge by the Internal Revenue Service.
Structural health monitoring (SHM) systems for composite aerostructures have been slow to deliver on their promise, but a system developed by Luna Technologies (Roanoke, Va.) is on a glide path to implementation on in-service aircraft.
Ron White is seen hang gliding in an unspecified location in this photo provided by a friend.
The actor is one of many who get away with gliding by on his natural charisma as a leading man.
Playtex, by Energizer Personal Care, has announced the redesign of Playtex Gentle Glide 360° tampons.
Compo wants to impress Nora by taking up hang gliding.
It is soothing to float down a river and peacefully glide by the trees on the riverbank.
In fact, it's another kind of gliding mammal that predates all other known flying mammals by some 70 million years.
Watch as thousands of Mullets jump and glide across the surface of the ocean, all caught on video by a GoPro camera by an unsuspecting swimmer.
Like other men who have dipped paddles into dark, clear waters and felt the soulful satisfaction of gliding through perfect silence, John Jennings has been captivated by canoes.
In this 2011 file photo, a skier glides by at Snowbird with an inversion blanketing the valley in the background.

In science:

At low temperatures, where mass transport by diffusion of vacancies and interstitial diffusion is frozen out, external strain is relieved by (volume-preserving) dislocation glide.
Stress-free states of continuum dislocation fields: Rotations, grain boundaries, and the Nye dislocation density tensor
The parallel singularities are de fin ed by the surface generated by P when this circle “glides” along the x, y and z axes. A particular parallel singularity occurs when the links BiCi are parallel.
Architecture Optimization of a 3-DOF Translational Parallel Mechanism for Machining Applications, the Orthoglide
In other words, the gliding plane Y =const. is “lifted” by the application of the shear stress (1.2), as can be seen in Fig. 1 (and the plane of shear Z = const. is pushed “outwards”.
Simple shear is not so simple
As he flew ever higher, he began to see snowflakes glide by, overwhelmingly intricate and beautiful patterns self-organised out of the simplest little water molecules.
Interplay between Network Topology and Dynamics in Neural Systems
One produces the first sort of cm in Figure 3g, by adding to a rhombic lattice unit for p1 (such lattice units need only be parallelograms, but here they are rectangular except in this case) both mirrors and glide-re flection axes with τ (cm/p1, Roth type 8).
Isonemal prefabrics with only parallel axes of symmetry