give off


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v give off have as a by-product "The big cities gave off so many wonderful American qualities"
    • v give off give off, send forth, or discharge; as of light, heat, or radiation, vapor, etc. "The ozone layer blocks some harmful rays which the sun emits"
    • ***


  • Marcus Valerius Martial
    “Rarity gives a charm; so early fruits and winter roses are the most prized; and coyness sets off an extravagant mistress, while the door always open tempts no suitor.”
  • Dag Hammarskjold
    “Life yields only to the conqueror. Never accept what can be gained by giving in. You will be living off stolen goods, and your muscles will atrophy.”
  • Bob Hope
    “When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things -- not the great occasions -- that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness.”
  • Henry Miller
    “The man who looks for security, even in the mind, is like a man who would chop off his limbs in order to have artificial ones which will give him no pain or trouble.”
  • Aaron Burr
    Aaron Burr
    “Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Delay may give clearer light as to what is best to be done.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “It comes to pass oft that a terrible oath, with a swaggering accent sharply twanged off, gives manhood more approbation than ever proof itself would have earned him.”


In literature:

Give her a push, and she'd fall off her pins as though they were stilts.
"Mr. Scarborough's Family" by Anthony Trollope
You shall give up the jewels, the carriage, and the lady, and set off immediately to join your partida.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. CCCXXIX." by Various
The body in reality gives off a number of different odors.
"Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 4 (of 6)" by Havelock Ellis
I'll smash him in one column, and I'll give Rickman his send-off in four.
"The Divine Fire" by May Sinclair
My mother is comfortably off, and gives me an ample allowance.
"The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him" by Paul Leicester Ford
But Potter'd take the food right off his breakfast table and give it to him.
"Twelve Men" by Theodore Dreiser
He gives her jest one fling into the south, an' then he bolts off into the north, like an arrow out o' the bow.
"The Forest Runners" by Joseph A. Altsheler
Well, you better give Mort a good send-off.
"A Hoosier Chronicle" by Meredith Nicholson
Tell me, Mah-nee, who I am; give me some sign that what comes to me so often of that far-off land is true.
"Tracy Park" by Mary Jane Holmes
Even if one's roots are cut off, he should not yet give way to despair.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2"

In poetry:

Kill off mankind,
And give the Earth a chance!
Nature might find
In her inheritance
The seedlings of a race
Less infinitely base.
"Optimist" by Aleister Crowley
The precept craves, the gospel gives;
While that me presses this relieves;
And or affords the strength I lack,
Or takes the burden off my back.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. II." by Ralph Erskine
Let the wild leopards of the wood
Put off the spots that nature gives,
Then may the wicked turn to God,
And change their tempers and their lives.
"Hymn 160" by Isaac Watts
Tell faith it's fled the city;
Tell how the country erreth;
Tell manhood shakes off pity
And virtue least preferreth:
And if they do reply,
Spare not to give the lie.
"The Lie" by Sir Walter Raleigh
"I have answered three questions, and that is enough,"
Said his father; "don't give yourself airs!
Do you think I can listen all day to such stuff?
Be off, or I'll kick you down stairs!"
"Father William" by Lewis Carroll
Blanda, ha! not Recha,
Your Recha now no longer--you resign her,
Give her her Christian name again, and then
For my sake turn her off. Why Nathan, Nathan,
Why must she suffer for it? she for me?
"Nathan The Wise - Act V" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

In news:

Dávalos and Russell note that this die-off gives us a snapshot of what might happen to wildlife on Earth over the next few centuries as water levels rise rapidly.
More small businesses to give parties, bonuses , time off for holidays.
Celina Carvajal ( Cats, Tarzan ), who plays the role of determined fiancée Nicola in the pre-Broadway engagement of Kinky Boots , gives an inside look at her day off prior to opening night in Chicago.
Donor-retention efforts pay off in increased giving.
It has nice sunny days, but at night, the weather cools off – giving the grapes a chance to rest.
Surveillance video shows a thief running off with a "giving tree" meant for donations to the homeless from the outside of a Maine supermarket.
NBC 10 kicked off its charitable giving campaign , "10 Cares" with a telethon to benefit Make-A-Wish of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Solar Storm The sun gives off a solar flare on March 6, 2012.
Chilly 'Canes try to give Coker a warm send-off.
ChurchKey taps 50 holiday beers tonight and will give you 10 percent off if you make a donation to Martha's Table.
Leading up to the release of its fourth studio album, Nine Types Of Light, the Brooklyn-based experimental indie-rock band TV On The Radio is giving away a track off of the new album.
FREE AGENTS WHO COULD BE FITS FOR RANGERS: With MLB free agency officially underway, we're heading into the part of the off-season where reason often gives way to rampant speculation.
Winter storm gives some in Albany the day off .
Chrysler gives employees the day off to vote.
In a Tweet today, senior Chrysler executive Ralph Gilles reminded the world that Detroit's "Big Three" automakers give their workers the day off to vote.

In science:

Recently Shao and Dai (2007) realized that the impulsive prompt X-ray emission scattering off the surrounding medium could give rise to a long-term X-ray flux, which is comparable to that of most observed afterglows.
Echo Emission From Dust Scattering and X-Ray Afterglows of Gamma-Ray Bursts
This function decreases as a power law with increasing galaxy luminosity at faint magnitudes, but cuts off sharply for galaxies brighter than some characteristic magnitude, M ∗ , corresponding to L∗ . α gives the slope of the luminosity function at the faint end and φ∗ sets the overall normalisation of galaxy density.
The H alpha Galaxy Survey. IV. Star formation in the local Universe
In the quantum system, the off-diagonal elements give the quantum fluctuations.
Quantum response to time-dependent external fields
Current upper limits do not constrain severely the non-thermal population of cosmic rays in the clusters (Domainko et al. 2007). • Pulsars (early cut-off in energy spectrum): Fast rotating neutron stars are expected to give rise to acceleration within the magnetosphere (for a review, see e.g.
High-(Energy)-Lights -- The Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Sky
Marjoram et al. (2003) give an approximate version of the MetropolisHastings algorithm, which approximates the acceptance probability by using simulated model output with a metric and a 0-1 cut-off to approximate the likelihood ratio.
Approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) gives exact results under the assumption of model error