• WordNet 3.6
    • v gird prepare oneself for a military confrontation "The U.S. is girding for a conflict in the Middle East","troops are building up on the Iraqi border"
    • v gird bind with something round or circular
    • v gird put a girdle on or around "gird your loins"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Gird A cut; a sarcastic remark; a gibe; a sneer. "I thank thee for that gird , good Tranio."
    • Gird A stroke with a rod or switch; a severe spasm; a twinge; a pang. "Conscience . . . is freed from many fearful girds and twinges which the atheist feels."
    • Gird To clothe; to swathe; to invest. "I girded thee about with fine linen.""The Son . . . appeared Girt with omnipotence."
    • Gird To encircle or bind with any flexible band.
    • v. i Gird To gibe; to sneer; to break a scornful jest; to utter severe sarcasms. "Men of all sorts take a pride to gird at me."
    • Gird To make fast, as clothing, by binding with a cord, girdle, bandage, etc.
    • Gird To prepare; to make ready; to equip; as, to gird one's self for a contest. "Thou hast girded me with strength."
    • Gird To sneer at; to mock; to gibe. "Being moved, he will not spare to gird the gods."
    • Gird To strike; to smite. "To slay him and to girden off his head."
    • Gird To surround; to encircle, or encompass. "That Nyseian isle, Girt with the River Triton."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • gird To bind or confine by encircling with any flexible material, as a cord, bandage, or cloth: as, to gird waist with a sash.
    • gird To make fast by binding; put on by tying or fastening: usually with on: to gird on a sword.
    • gird To surround; encircle; encompass; inclose.
    • gird To invest; clothe; dress; furnish; endue.
    • gird Hence— Figuratively, to brace the mind or spirit for any effort or trial.
    • n gird A hoop, especially one for a barrel, tub, or the like.
    • gird To strike; smite.
    • gird To lash with the tongue; gibe; reproach severely; taunt; upbraid.
    • gird To leap or spring with violence; rush.
    • gird To gibe; jeer; mock.
    • n gird A stroke with a switch or whip; hence, a twinge or pang.
    • n gird A short sudden effort; a spurt.
    • n gird A sneer; a gibe; a taunt; a stroke of sarcasm.
    • n gird Twist, used for binding together the fibers of yarn in the process of spinning.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Gird gėrd to gibe, jeer (with at)
    • v.t Gird (obs.) to taunt
    • n Gird (obs.) a sneer
    • v.t Gird gėrd to bind round: to make fast by binding: to surround: to clothe, furnish
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  • Lord Percival
    Lord Percival
    “One hour of thoughtful solitude may nerve the heart for days of conflict -- girding up its armor to meet the most insidious foe.”


Gird one's loins - If you gird your loins, you prepare for conflict or a difficult time.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. girden, gurden, AS. gyrdan,; akin to OS. gurdian, D. gorden, OHG. gurten, G. gürten, Icel. gyrða, Sw. gjorda, Dan. giorde, Goth. bigaírdan, to begird, and prob. to E. yard, an inclosure. Cf. Girth (n. & v.) Girt (v. t.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. gyrdan; cf. Ger. gürten, garden, Eng. yard.


In literature:

The North was girding itself for a fresh, onset on England.
"History of the English People, Volume I (of 8)" by John Richard Green
Upon none more so than he, who shoulders his musket, girds on his sword, and faces the enemy on to the charge.
"The Condition, Elevation, Emigration, and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States" by Martin R. Delany
She put on man's clothes, girded to her side a cutlass, and hung pistols in her belt.
"Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts" by Frank Richard Stockton
He is a heart girded in armour at the sight of the hosts, and who leaves nothing standing behind him.
"History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 2 (of 12)" by G. Maspero
Assur-nazir-pal girded on his armour and led his troops to battle as vigorously as in the days of his youth.
"History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 7 (of 12)" by G. Maspero
But when you gird at him lovingly, and have as good as gotten him, lo!
"Lorna Doone" by R. D. Blackmore
Like the athlete who descends into the arena, he anointed his limbs and girded his loins for the fight.
"Great Italian and French Composers" by George T. Ferris
Arise, then, and gird upon thy thigh the sword of thy illustrious ancestor Muhammad!
"Halil the Pedlar" by Mór Jókai
He had also a helmet on his head, and a sword girded on his side, and a shield on his flank, and had on a chain coat.
"Laxdæla Saga" by Anonymous
That man had a spear in his hand, and was girded with a short sword.
"The story of Burnt Njal" by Anonymous

In poetry:

Truth girds him round the reins, also
His sword is on his thigh;
His feet in shoes of peace do go
The ways of purity.
"Of Death" by John Bunyan
"Enough. Gird up your loins who stand
By Cameron's side to-day;
Shame on us if we shrink and let
The props of faith give way!
"Cameron's Stone" by Alexander Anderson
With Thy strength, O Master, gird us;
Be our Guide, and be our Guard:
Fill us with Thy Holy Spirit;
Oh, revive us by Thy Word!
"Oh, Revive Us" by Daniel Webster Moody
We gird us bravely to rebuke
Our erring brother in the wrong,--
And in the ear of Pride and Power
Our warning voice is strong.
"The Cypress-Tree Of Ceylon" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Dress thee in arms, most mighty Lord,
Gird on the terror of thy sword,
In majesty and glory ride,
With truth and meekness at thy side.
"Psalm 45 part 1" by Isaac Watts
He, too, had splendour seraph-like and bright
Wrapt as in some thin shroud,
And lurid as the sultry summer light
Girding a thunder-cloud.
"The Two Angels" by Alexander Anderson

In news:

Girding Girls to Win Debates.
Right-wing 'patriot' groups girding for actual class warfare, report says.
Vietnam's capital Hanoi girds up to celebrate 1,000 years.
Guards Gird to Fight ' Perverted Group'.
I am ready to gird myself against the onslaught of junk mail that is starting to roll in for the holidays already.
Advertisers are girding for battle against browser mechanisms intended to offer more online privacy.
Whether the issue of the day is an abortion ban in South Dakota or gay marriage in Maryland, conservatives and liberals tend to retreat to their respective corners and gird themselves for battle.
As we all gird for the launch of the Apple Tablet, take a moment to step back and realize what all these new devices are doing.
NAHB girds for a busy spring on Capitol Hill.
Transpacific services are dropping away by the week as the liner carrier industry girds itself for the traditional winter slack season with some quite untraditional dynamics at work.
Gerald E Connolly (D-Va.) kicked off the annual gathering of the National Treasury Employees Union on Tuesday with a call to federal workers to "gird yourself for battle" against Republican-led attacks on their ranks.
Bangkok Girds for Showdown.
TD girded for Clips' bruising style.
A few boats, girded with bumpers and floats, remained.
E-readers Amazon girds for digital battle 5 years after first Kindle released.

In science:

Representing a session as a Gird service will provide uniform management capabilities across different technologies that could be used to implement sessions.
Fine-Grained Authorization for Job Execution in the Grid: Design and Implementation
To look at the coordination in phase space of this state, a movement in each of the DN coordinates of the gird is performed, as in eq.(5), but for each coordinate qr taken in sequence from r = 1 to r = DN .
Monte-Carlo rejection as a tool for measuring the energy landscape scaling of simple fluids
These steps are arranged in the grid with inclusion and/or coverage characteristics. This gird can be expanded in either direction by adding new scope levels or "gray scales" along the top axis or by adding further test activities along the other axis.
Applying Software Defect Estimations: Using a Risk Matrix for Tuning Test Effort
This discretization introduces an additional source of error; see Serra (1984) for a thorough treatment of the induced difficulties. in the simulations described below, we seTo minimize the effect of discretization, lected a fine gird, which was calibrated to give accurate results.
Confidence Regions for Means of Random Sets using Oriented Distance Functions