• Jack took the gifts, thanked the gaint, and quickly caught up with the Prince
    Jack took the gifts, thanked the gaint, and quickly caught up with the Prince
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v gift give as a present; make a gift of "What will you give her for her birthday?"
    • v gift give qualities or abilities to
    • n gift the act of giving
    • n gift natural abilities or qualities
    • n gift something acquired without compensation
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Curius Dentatus refusing the Magnificent Gift offered by the Samnite Ambassadors Curius Dentatus refusing the Magnificent Gift offered by the Samnite Ambassadors
George I's gift bookplate George I's gift bookplate

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Watermelon is considered a good gift to give a host in Japan and China
    • Gift A bribe; anything given to corrupt. "Neither take a gift , for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise."
    • Gift (Law) A voluntary transfer of real or personal property, without any consideration. It can be perfected only by deed, or in case of personal property, by an actual delivery of possession.
    • Gift Anything given; anything voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation; a present; an offering. "Shall I receive by gift , what of my own, . . .
      I can command ?"
    • Gift Some exceptional inborn quality or characteristic; a striking or special talent or aptitude; power; faculty; as, the gift of wit; a gift for speaking.
    • Gift The act, right, or power of giving or bestowing; as, the office is in the gift of the President.
    • v. t Gift To endow with some power or faculty. See gift4}. "He was gifted . . . with philosophical sagacity."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Watermelons are a popular gift to bring to a host in China or Japan
    • n gift The act, right, or power of giving or conferring: as, to get a thing by gift; an office in the gift of the people.
    • n gift Specifically, in law: A voluntary transfer of property by the owner of it to another, without consideration or compensation therefor, or without any other consideration than love and affection, or a nominal consideration, or both; a gratuitous assignment. See donation and consideration, In old English law, the creation of an estate in tail (see estate) as distinguished from the creation of an estate in fee simple, which was termed feoffment
    • n gift That which is given or bestowed; anything ownership of which is voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation; a present; a donation.
    • n gift A natural quality or endowment regarded as conferred; power; faculty: as, the gift of wit; the gift of speech.
    • n gift plural White specks on finger-nails, which have been superstitiously supposed to portend gifts.
    • gift To confer or transfer as a gift; make a gift of; donate formally.
    • gift To endow with a gift or with any power or faculty: chiefly in the past participle.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The most popular gift that teachers receive in the United States from their students is chocolate
    • n Gift gift a thing given: a bribe: a quality bestowed by nature: the act of giving
    • v.t Gift to endow with any power or faculty
    • ***


  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Character is a victory, not a gift.”
  • Konrad Adenauer
    Konrad Adenauer
    “A thick skin is a gift from God.”
  • Gaston Bachelard
    “Reverie is not a mind vacuum. It is rather the gift of an hour which knows the plenitude of the soul.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Precious gifts of friendship... knowing the heart of another, sharing one's heart with another.”
  • J. C. (James Cash) Penney
    J. C. (James Cash) Penney
    “Geniuses themselves don't talk about the gift of genius, they just talk about hard work and long hours.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “The only gift is a portion of thyself.”


Don't look a gift horse in the mouth - This means that if you are given something, a present or a chance, you should not waste it by being too critical or examining it too closely.
Gift of the gab - If someone has the gift of the gab, they speak in a persuasive and interesting way.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. gift, yift, yeft, AS. gift, fr. gifan, to give; akin to D. & G. gift, Icel. gift, gipt, Goth. gifts,in comp.). See Give (v. t.)


In literature:

The Star grandfather was so pleased with Waupee's gift, that he called all his people to a feast.
"Thirty Indian Legends" by Margaret Bemister
Of the lighter graces and social gifts he had scant store.
"William Pitt and the Great War" by John Holland Rose
She had certain training and gifts which made him believe that she could do good work in his business.
"The Canadian Girl at Work" by Marjory MacMurchy
Would you not be glad, my dear, to have the same gift given to you?
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
It counteracts the depressing effect of an unwelcome gift.
"Patty's Success" by Carolyn Wells
The vicarage of Hurst Staple was in the gift of the noble family of Stapledean.
"The Bertrams" by Anthony Trollope
Charles never carried a watch, and this timepiece, together with many other similar gifts, was put away among his treasures.
"Charles Frohman: Manager and Man" by Isaac Frederick Marcosson and Daniel Frohman
Her few purchases had been made, and she wanted the day to work on unfinished gifts.
"The Little Colonel's Christmas Vacation" by Annie Fellows Johnston
Again, sometimes we use it for some gracious gift, as when we speak of the blessing of peace or of plenty.
"Separation and Service" by James Hudson Taylor
A boy with your heart can succeed in life, even if he have but common gifts.
"True to His Home" by Hezekiah Butterworth

In poetry:

And his gift, though poor and lowly
It may seem to other eyes,
Yet may prove an angel holy
In a pilgrim's guise.
"To ------," by John Greenleaf Whittier
Might not from God such influence come
A dying hope to lift?
Might he not send to poor heart some
Unmediated gift?
"The Disciple" by George MacDonald
Because of one small lady
Whose smile is my chief sun.
She gives not any gift to me
Yet all gifts, giving one. . . .
"Sunshine" by Vachel Lindsay
No gift have I of jewels or flowers,
My room is poor and bare:
But all the silver sea is ours,
And all the scented air
"Malay Song" by Laurence Hope
God wrapt him in a world of purer light
And clearer thought. His soul
Pulsed into being, gifted with far might.
The roll
"God Wrapt Him" by Alexander Anderson
"Ah me!" said the lily maiden,
"That I am the cause of strife!
Woeful is the gift of beauty--
I'll be an unwilling wife.
"The Prince Of Anhalt Dessau" by Nora Pembroke

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In science:

In this work we derived a GIFT for general jump processes.
A generalized integral fluctuation theorem for general jump processes
We see that, in form the GIFT for the jump cases is apparently distinct from that for the continuous diffusions that we obtained earlier .
A generalized integral fluctuation theorem for general jump processes
Additionally, we also find this robust GIFT usually does not result into a detailed fluctuation theorem.
A generalized integral fluctuation theorem for general jump processes
Of course, A limit of our two works is that we did not show some applications of the two GIFTs in concrete physical systems.
A generalized integral fluctuation theorem for general jump processes
Obviously, choosing F constant, one obtains the GIFT (6).
A generalized integral fluctuation theorem for general jump processes