get into


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v get into put clothing on one's body "What should I wear today?","He put on his best suit for the wedding","The princess donned a long blue dress","The queen assumed the stately robes","He got into his jeans"
    • v get into familiarize oneself thoroughly with "He really got into semantics"
    • v get into to come or go into "the boat entered an area of shallow marshes"
    • v get into secure a place in a college, university, etc.
    • v get into get involved in or with
    • ***


  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “The search for the perfect venture can turn into procrastination. Your idea may or may not have merit. The key is to get started.”
  • Mignon McLaughlin
    “What you can't get out of, get into wholeheartedly.”
  • Thomas Hardy
    “The main object of religion is not to get a man into heaven, but to get heaven into him.”
  • Johann Friedrich Von Schiller
    “Yes great people are always subject to persecution and always getting into straits.”
  • Edward F. Halifax
    “Ignorance makes most men go into a political party, and shame keeps them from getting out of it.”
  • Dan Quayle
    “People that are really weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history.”


Get into your stride - If you get into your stride, you become confident and proficient at something.
Get your teeth into - If you get your teeth into something, you become involved in or do something that is intellectually challenging or satisfying. ('Dig you teeth into' and 'sink your teeth into' are also used.)


In literature:

Who's he that he should have the monopoly of getting into a passion about nothing?
"The Kopje Garrison" by George Manville Fenn
It is very strange how the idea seems to get hold of a man, the minute he gets into khaki uniform, that he is a fully-trained soldier.
"The Red Watch" by J. A. Currie
It is difficult to get into the Paris express by accident.
"A Padre in France" by George A. Birmingham
She can't hear reason; that's the way she gets into whenever the fever's on her.
"The Wide, Wide World" by Susan Warner
Break macaroni into inch pieces and pack so that insects cannot get into it.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
As long as it was just Kassar against Nicetas, he could not get into the fight.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
They will find it easier to get into the valley than to get out, because we will be waiting for them.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea
After you have driven him in this way a short distance, you can get into the sulky, and all will go right.
"A New Illustrated Edition of J. S. Rarey's Art of Taming Horses" by J. S. Rarey
One of the men insisted that I get into some of his spare clothes, and I did so.
"The Electronic Mind Reader" by John Blaine
It looks as if he'd only engaged as her secretary to get into a class above his own and enjoy himself.
"The Lightning Conductor Discovers America" by C. N. (Charles Norris) Williamson and A. M. (Alice Muriel) Williamson

In poetry:

"O I did get the rose-water
Whair ye wull neir get nane,
For I did get that very rose-water
Into my mither's wame."
"Lord Thomas And Fair Annet" by Andrew Lang
Does every star that happens to fall
Turn into a fire-fly?
Can't it ever get back to Heaven at all?
And why
Is the sky?
"Questions At Night" by Louis Untermeyer
"No coward am I," said LA GUERRE, "as you guess -
I sneer at an enemy's blade;
But I don't want PREPERE to get into a mess
For splashing the stony parade!"
"The Two Majors" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Ah! I do think you mid as well be quiet;
You'll meäke things wo'se, i'-ma'-be, by a riot.
You'll get into a mess, Tom, I'm afeärd;
You'll goo vor wool, an' then come hwome a-sheär'd.
"Eclogue:--The Times" by William Barnes
"We had a big langouste for lunch.
I almost ate the whole of it.
And now I'll smoke and read my Punch,
And maybe siesta a bit;
And then I'll plunge into the sea
And get an appetite for tea."
"Lobster For Lunch" by Robert W Service
'Twas all a warm September an' the hops had flourished grand.
She saw the folks get into 'em with stockin's on their hands—
An' none of 'em was foreigners but all which she had known,
And old Mother Laidinwool she blessed 'em every one.
"Old Mother Laidinwool" by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

These are ten steps to get into social media and to see a route towards influence , the basics.
Starbucks is getting into the instant-coffee business.
The Angels' pattern in recent seasons has been to flounder around at about.500 for a few months, get into June and take off.
Michel Richard is getting into the meatball game.
The 10th annual Jolly Jaunt Hyannis, a fun, festive way to get into the holiday spirit, will be held Dec 4 at noon at the Resort & Conference Center in Hyannis.
After living here in the Southwest and getting into hunting is rough.
Brad Sherman throws his arm around Howard Berman's shoulders and says, "You want to get into this".
Now even print books are getting into the digital act.
Many Americans are not yet aware that the government is keeping tabs on them every time they get into their cars--but this could soon change.
Whether you're looking to get into snowshoeing, have been doing it for years or just want to take advantage of this unique opportunity, this workshop is for you.
The BBC is getting into bed with US online player Hulu again for "The Wrong Mans," a dramedy starring James Corden.
We're getting into a popular number from 1986 today that Keith Emerson and Greg Lake did with Cozy Powell called Touch and Go.
C Spire gets into landline replacement biz.
Don't get into a lather over sweatshops.
A San Antonio pediatrician worries that laundry detergent pods can get into the wrong hands.

In science:

This is not the place to get into a discussion of the proper units for entropy; let us just reiterate – to within a multiplicative constant.
Response to Comments on "Simple Measure for Complexity"
Since what one is really interested in is the potential as a function of φ you must invert φ(t) into t(φ), and then substitute this into V (t) to finally get V (φ(t)).
Exact Inflationary Solutions from a Superpotential
Then, the value of the function can be calculated via the appropriate {Z,Y,X,S}calc() and translated into a Kabbala type value with String Generator::Get {Z,Y,X,S}number().
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
The term 1/M 2 is then filled into the String Generator() as a complex number (Get Enumber()).
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
It this is permitted, one has to consider a few more cases.) It is known that in such cases the limiting probability does not depend on the initial probabilities of getting into this class, therefore we can ignore the dotted (transient) states from Fig. 5.
The temporal calculus of conditional objects and conditional events