• "They butted each other gently."
    "They butted each other gently."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj gentle marked by moderate steepness "an easy climb","a gentle slope"
    • adj gentle having little impact "an easy pat on the shoulder","gentle rain","a gentle breeze","a soft (or light) tapping at the window"
    • adj gentle having or showing a kindly or tender nature "the gentle touch of her hand","her gentle manner was comforting","a gentle sensitive nature","gentle blue eyes"
    • adj gentle quiet and soothing "a gentle voice","a gentle nocturne"
    • adj gentle soft and mild; not harsh or stern or severe "a gentle reprimand","a vein of gentle irony","poked gentle fun at him"
    • adj gentle belonging to or characteristic of the nobility or aristocracy "an aristocratic family","aristocratic Bostonians","aristocratic government","a blue family","blue blood","the blue-blooded aristocracy","of gentle blood","patrician landholders of the American South","aristocratic bearing","aristocratic features","patrician tastes"
    • adj gentle easily handled or managed "a gentle old horse, docile and obedient"
    • v gentle stroke soothingly
    • v gentle cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of "She managed to mollify the angry customer"
    • v gentle give a title to someone; make someone a member of the nobility
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Breaking it Gently Breaking it Gently
Gentle Satire Gentle Satire
He drew off the crowns very gently, and put the nightcaps on their heads instead He drew off the crowns very gently, and put the nightcaps on their heads instead
Gently stroking her head as her mother used to do Gently stroking her head as her mother used to do
Romulus and Remus discovered by a gentle shepherd Romulus and Remus discovered by a gentle shepherd

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Gentle A compellative of respect, consideration, or conciliation; as, gentle reader. "Gentle Gentle Jew.""Gentle servant."
    • Gentle (Zoöl) A dipterous larva used as fish bait.
    • Gentle A trained falcon. See Falcon-gentil.
    • Gentle Not wild, turbulent, or refractory; quiet and docile; tame; peaceable; as, a gentle horse.
    • Gentle One well born; a gentleman. "Gentles , methinks you frown."
    • Gentle Quiet and refined in manners; not rough, harsh, or stern; mild; meek; bland; amiable; tender; as, a gentle nature, temper, or disposition; a gentle manner; a gentle address; a gentle voice.
    • Gentle Soft; not violent or rough; not strong, loud, or disturbing; easy; soothing; pacific; as, a gentle touch; a gentle gallop . "Gentle music.""O sleep! it is a gentle thing."
    • Gentle To make genteel; to raise from the vulgar; to ennoble.
    • Gentle To make kind and docile, as a horse.
    • Gentle To make smooth, cozy, or agreeable. "To gentle life's descent,
      We shut our eyes, and think it is a plain."
    • Gentle Well-born; of a good family or respectable birth, though not noble. "British society is divided into nobility, gentry, and yeomanry, and families are either noble, gentle , or simple.""The studies wherein our noble and gentle youth ought to bestow their time."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • gentle Of good birth or family; well-born; specifically, belonging to the gentry as distinguished from the nobility: as, the studies of noble and gentle youth.
    • gentle Pertaining to or characteristic of good birth or station; honorable; respectable; refined.
    • gentle Of well-bred character or quality; gracious; courteous; kindly and considerate; not rough or harsh; mild; soothing: as, a gentle nurse; a gentle nature, manner, voice.
    • gentle Tame; docile; tractable; peaceable; not wild or refractory: as, a gentle horse or hawk.
    • gentle Improved by cultivation; ameliorated; domesticated.
    • gentle Soft; mild in action, performance, or use; not rude or boisterous: as, a gentle breeze; a gentle tap; a gentle tone.
    • gentle Refreshing; reviving.
    • gentle Gradual; easy; not steep; moderate in degree; not sharply defined: as, a gentle slope; the gentle curves of a river or a figure.
    • n gentle A person of good family; a person of gentle birth; a gentleman.
    • n gentle In falconry, a falcon-gentle; a trained hawk: whence one of the names of the common goshawk of Europe, Falco gentilis.
    • n gentle A maggot or larva of the flesh-fly, used in fishing.
    • gentle To make or constitute gentle, or as if gentle; place in the rank of gentlemen; raise from a vulgar or ignoble condition.
    • gentle To make gentle in manner or appearance; render mild and amiable; soften; subdue: as, to gentle a colt.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Gentle jen′tl well-born: mild and refined in manners: mild in disposition: amiable: soothing: moderate: gradual
    • v.t Gentle (Shak.) to make gentle
    • n Gentle (obs.) a person of good family:
    • n Gentle (Shak.) a trained falcon: the larva of the flesh-fly, used as a bait in angling
    • ***


  • Dorothy Parker
    “All those writers who write about their childhood! Gentle God, if I wrote about mine you wouldn't sit in the same room with me.”
  • Jean Paul Richter
    “Strong characters are brought out by change of situation, and gentle ones by permanence.”
  • Han Suyin
    Han Suyin
    “There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.”
  • George Herbert
    “Throw away thy rod, throw away thy wrath; O my God, take the gentle path.”
  • C. S. Lewis
    “The safest road to hell is the gradual one -- the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.”
  • Frank Muir
    Frank Muir
    “Wit is a weapon. Jokes are a masculine way of inflicting superiority. But humor is the pursuit of a gentle grin, usually in solitude.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. gentil, F. gentil, noble, pretty, graceful, fr. L. gentilis, of the same clan or race, fr. gens, gentis, tribe, clan, race, orig. that which belongs together by birth, fr. the root of genere, gignere, to beget; hence gentle, properly, of birth or family, that is, of good or noble birth. See Gender, and cf. Genteel Gentil Gentile Gentoo Jaunty


In literature:

Tail waving gently, therefore, he followed the outraged boy back to the barn.
"Frank of Freedom Hill" by Samuel A. Derieux
The approach of the chief was far different, gentle and delicate.
"The Riflemen of the Ohio" by Joseph A. Altsheler
Mr. Pritchett was rather fat and wheezy, and the effort made him sigh gently for the next two minutes.
"The Bertrams" by Anthony Trollope
There the road suddenly widened, and gently descended to the valley.
"The Son of Monte Christo" by Jules Lermina
Sor Tommaso groaned and winced under every touch, and the Scotchman, with dry gentleness, did his best to reassure him.
"Casa Braccio, Volumes 1 and 2 (of 2)" by F. Marion Crawford
How pretty and bright she looked: even my mother's eyes were not more gentle than hers.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
Then gently, decisively, he disengaged her fingers from his coat; but their clinging grasp checked his impatience to be gone.
"Captain Desmond, V.C." by Maud Diver
Dissolve the butter in a saucepan, then place in the onions sliced, and stand the pan over a gentle heat, shaking frequently.
"New Vegetarian Dishes" by Mrs. Bowdich
Immediately he reached for her, but his hands were gentle once more, helping her to sit up.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea
Miss Delacour did most of the talking, and Mrs Macintyre all the sad, gentle smiles.
"Hollyhock" by L. T. Meade

In poetry:

The gentle Muse of Morning
Comes now no more to me,
But with the Muse of Midnight
I revel royally.
"Muses" by Victor James Daley
Lead gently, Lord, and slow,
For oh, my steps are weak,
And ever as I go,
Some soothing sentence speak;
"A Hymn" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
I said, "Go, gentle singer,
Thy wooing voice is kind:
But do not think its music
Has power to reach my mind.
"The Night-Wind" by Emily Jane Bronte
Just one little word when spoken,
In a soft and gentle tone,
May send reviving spirits
Into a heart of stone.
"Life Pictures" by Frank Barbour Coffin
LIKE the vulture
Who on heavy morning clouds
With gentle wing reposing
Looks for his prey,—
Hover, my song!
"Winter Journey Over The Hartz Mountain" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
List we softly to the music
As its volumes gently roll,
Varied in their intonation
By the tension of the soul.
"Heartstrings" by Jared Barhite

In news:

Harlequin 's 'On Golden Pond' is smooth and gentle.
Over the past week, conservative pundit Ann Coulter's tweet about President Obama — "I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard" — has drawn criticism and outrage.
Dig through your closets to find those gently used hats and wigs.
Martin says the gentle nature of the breed coupled with its heartiness got him interested 25 years ago.
At the base of the ridge, Hereford 's northern boundary begins sloping gently downhill to the landing zone's southern edge.
As snow falls gently, Castillo's (Happy Like Soccer) woodcutlike ink-and-watercolor spreads show a boy in red boots and scarf pulling a sled, accompanied by his dog.
I just smeared it (gently) across my cheeks, eyes, and brow, then blended the color in with the tips of my fingers.
The five miles of trail meandering through the park are mostly flat to gently rolling terrain and pretty much rock free — nice for unshod hooves .
The dumplings are filled with pork spiked gently with Japanese horseradish.
Snowball is a gentle white pony who seems to enjoy getting brushed as much as she likes rolling around in the dirt.
Jalen Edwards, gently strokes Jake, a Golden Retriever, who came to visit him in his hospital bed .
Toward that end, the day's plan was to send convoys of cooperation-two Humvees to one Iraqi police car-gently forth into the streets of Baghdad.
Judge's costly fit of impatience wins a gentle knuckle-rap.
Well- intentioned 'The Help' tackles race issues gently.
At a newly constructed launch site on a tree-shorn plain in central Alaska, a large crane crawls from silo to silo, gently lowering missiles into their holes.

In science:

E ′ is the staircase obtained from E by deleting (from its complement) a slice of height i + 1 = hE (p − 1) = trp (IE |y ) and moving everything to the left. ≥0 is a gentle staircase, then etrp (IE + (tq )|x) = Corollary 2.16.
Limit linear systems and applications
Then we exploit results from to prove the theorem in section 3.2. respect to the maximal ideal too, of the same colength #(Z2 3.1 Gentle staircases on blown-up surfaces Let S be a smooth, pro jective, algebraic surface, and D a (−1)-curve on it.
Limit linear systems and applications
If E is a gentle staircase, IE ,f ,g does not depend on f by 2.13; then we denote IE ,g = IE ,f ,g and define Ip,E ,C or Ip,E ,g to be the ideal sheaf with cosupport at p and stalk IE ,g ∩ OS,p , and Zp,E ,C ⊂ S or Zp,E ,g ⊂ S the zeroscheme it defines.
Limit linear systems and applications
If E is a 1-gentle staircase with finite complement, then Ip,E ,C = π∗ (Ip′ , ˜E , ˜C ⊗ OS ′ (−h(E )Dp )), where ˜E is the staircase with finite complement that has ˆℓ ˜E (i) = max{ ˆℓE (i) − 1, 0} for al l i.
Limit linear systems and applications
Moreover, if E is r-gentle r ≥ 1, then ˜E is (r − 1)-gentle.
Limit linear systems and applications