• WordNet 3.6
    • adj gawky lacking grace in movement or posture "a gawky lad with long ungainly legs","clumsy fingers","what an ungainly creature a giraffe is","heaved his unwieldy figure out of his chair"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Gawky Foolish and awkward; clumsy; clownish; as, gawky behavior.n. A fellow who is awkward from being overgrown, or from stupidity, a gawk.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • gawky Awkward in manner or bearing; inapt in behavior; clumsy; clownish.
    • n gawky ; pl. gawkies (-kiz). Same as gawk, 2.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Gawky awkward, stupid, ungainly
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Prob. a contr. of gaulick-, galloc-, gallish-(handed); most prob. not related to Fr. gauche.


In literature:

They make me think of myself and then I get gawky.
"The Shield of Silence" by Harriet T. Comstock
But how do you ken The gawky's gone for good?
"Krindlesyke" by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
The gawky hero looked very sheepish while she tied the soft bandage fast.
"A Dream of Empire" by William Henry Venable
The gawky chap was Mr. Dave Harrison, one of the finest operators in the profession.
"Danger Signals" by John A. Hill and Jasper Ewing Brady
The great gawky boy, with the curiosity of youth and ignorance combined, stood in the road and watched them.
"Mingo" by Joel Chandler Harris
And his neck was not bony, as it is in most youths at this gawky age, but smoothly rounded.
"Riders of the Silences" by John Frederick
Being very young, gawky, and ill-dressed, he was subject to a good deal of jesting and ridicule.
"Captains of Industry" by James Parton
That gawky child, all eyes and forehead.
"Mary Gray" by Katharine Tynan
Silvey gave an exultant yell and beckoned to a gawky, loosely jointed lad who stood a little apart from the rest of the gang.
"A Son of the City" by Herman Gastrell Seely
It is not high enough for such a tall, strapping gawky as you are.
"Traditions of the North American Indians, Vol. 2 (of 3)" by James Athearn Jones

In poetry:

I still min' Jock Buchan, the lang gawkie fule,
He was nearly man muckle though still at the schule,
While I was a laddie the penny book in,
Just trying for knowledge, though sweer to begin.
"Jock Buchan" by Alexander Anderson
The last leaves fell like notes from a piano
and left their ovals echoing in the ear;
with gawky music stands, the winter forest
looks like an empty orchestra, its lines
ruled on these scattered manuscripts of snow.
"Forest Of Europe" by Derek Walcott
Now I’m serious and angry, for it isn’t any joke—
Poets have been damned for ages by such evil-minded folk.
Must we all be public blackguards? Can’t a rhymer be a man,
Spite of Byron’s silly mistress—Burns’s gawky Mary Ann?
"The Sorrows of a Simple Bard" by Henry Lawson

In news:

Gadding of a Gawky Gowk.
From Gawky Teen to Responsible Adult.
Gadding of a Gawky Gowk.
Gadding of a Gawky Gowk .
A journalist who covered the Lincoln-Douglas debates recalls Lincoln's gawky, earthy appeal.
She was a gawky, 6-foot-3, middle-aged woman who introduced Americans to French cuisine and single-handedly put PBS on the entertainment map.
While Adventureland may shift moods suddenly and meander , the highlight is Eisenberg's ability to endearingly convey gawkiness and mortification.
From Gawky Teen to Responsible Adult .
A gawky, earnest, unmarried young woman pushes a cart full of cats through the park, calling out through her megaphone that she'll rent you a cat if you're lonely.