• WordNet 3.6
    • v garnish decorate (food), as with parsley or other ornamental foods
    • v garnish take a debtor's wages on legal orders, such as for child support "His employer garnished his wages in order to pay his debt"
    • n garnish any decoration added as a trimming or adornment
    • n garnish something (such as parsley) added to a dish for flavor or decoration
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Garnish A fee; specifically, in English jails, formerly an unauthorized fee demanded by the old prisoners of a newcomer.
    • Garnish Fetters.
    • Garnish Something added for embellishment; decoration; ornament; also, dress; garments, especially such as are showy or decorated. "So are you, sweet,
      Even in the lovely garnish of a boy."
      "Matter and figure they produce;
      For garnish this, and that for use."
    • Garnish (Cookery) Something set round or upon a dish as an embellishment, such as parsley. See Garnish v. t., 2.
    • Garnish To decorate with ornamental appendages; to set off; to adorn; to embellish. "All within with flowers was garnished ."
    • Garnish To fit with fetters.
    • Garnish To furnish; to supply.
    • Garnish (Cookery) To ornament, as a dish, with something laid about it; as, a dish garnished with parsley.
    • Garnish (Law) To warn by garnishment; to give notice to; to garnishee. See Garnishee v. t.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • garnish To fortify; defend.
    • garnish To adorn; decorate with ornaments or appendages; set off.
    • garnish To fit with fetters.
    • garnish To furnish; supply; garrison.
    • garnish In cookery, to ornament, as a dish, with something laid round it.
    • garnish In law, to warn; give notice. Specifically— To summon in, so as to take part in litigation already pending between others.
    • n garnish Ornament; something added for embellishment; decoration; dress; array.
    • n garnish In cookery, something placed round or added to a principal dish at table, either for embellishment merely or for use as a relish.
    • n garnish A set of dishes, plates, and the like, for table use.
    • n garnish Fetters.
    • n garnish A fee, as to a servant; specifically, money formerly paid by a prisoner on his going to prison as a fee to fellow-prisoners: now illegal.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Garnish gär′nish to adorn: to furnish: to surround with ornaments, as a dish
    • n Garnish entrance-money: something placed round a principal dish at table, whether for embellishment or relish: a gift of money, esp. that formerly paid by a prisoner to his fellow-prisoners on his first admission
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. garnischen, garnissen, OF. garnir, to provide, strengthen, prepare, garnish, warn, F. garnir, to provide, furnish, garnish, -- of German origin; cf. OHG. warnōn, to provide, equip; akin to G. wahren, to watch, E. aware, ware, wary, and cf. also E. warn,. See Wary -ish, and cf. Garment Garrison


In literature:

I never saw a lane so swept and garnished.
"The Independence of Claire" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
Except as garnishes, herbs are probably more frequently used in a dry state than in all other ways put together.
"Culinary Herbs: Their Cultivation Harvesting Curing and Uses" by M. G. Kains
At her first lighting she had a fine fan garnished with diamonds, valued at four hundred pounds at least.
"Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth" by Lucy Aikin
The village, a collection of fifty houses, when all is told, is swept and garnished.
"April's Lady" by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford
It is frequently grown as an ornamental plant, is occasionally employed for garnishing, and is sometimes put into bouquets.
"The Field and Garden Vegetables of America" by Fearing Burr
These were profusely garnished with gold lace, and fastened only at the waist.
"The Pirate City" by R.M. Ballantyne
Put the mixture in a mould and steam, turn out, and garnish with parsley.
"My Pet Recipes, Tried and True" by Various
Here she glanced within, but all was empty, swept and garnished.
"Patsy" by S. R. Crockett
The Rhine was wild as yet, and not paved, swept, garnished and full of modern villas and adornment, as now.
"Memoirs" by Charles Godfrey Leland
When the Mass was done, the King gave the said Lord Granthuse a cup of gold, garnished with pearl.
"Christmas: Its Origin and Associations" by William Francis Dawson

In poetry:

Health to the new people,
health to their flag, to their old
restored house on the hill!
Everything had been swept bare,
furnished, garnished and aired.
"The Old Flame" by Robert Lowell
Bird of the air and beast of the field,
All which the woods and the waters yield,
On dishes of birch and hemlock piled,
Garnished and graced that banquet wild.
"The Bridal of Pennacook" by John Greenleaf Whittier
And, drawn from that great stone vase which stands
In the river scooped by a spirit's hands,
Garnished with spoons of shell and horn,
Stood the birchen dishes of smoking corn.
"The Bridal of Pennacook" by John Greenleaf Whittier
"My lover's gone to win for me,
With tender pride and care,
Riches to garnish all our days;
But love thrives in simplicity
As well as in the prouder ways,
If noble thought is there!
"The Dreaming Wheel" by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop
See, garnish'd for the chase, the fraudful maid
To these lone hills direct his devious way;
The youth, all prone, the sister-guide obey'd;
Ill-fated youth! himself the destined prey!
"Elegy XXIII. Reflections Suggested" by William Shenstone
"I have sinned, I own it with grief and shame,
But not with a lie on my lips I came.
In my blindness I verily thought my heart
Swept and garnished in every part.
He chargeth His angels with folly; He sees
The heavens unclean. Was I more than these?
"John Underhill" by John Greenleaf Whittier

In news:

1/4 cup asparagus , blanched and sliced on bias, reserve tops for garnish.
Garnish with whipped cream, candied walnuts and mint.
4 green onions, chopped, plus more for garnish.
1 lemon twist, plus 1 long, thin lemon twist for garnish.
Garnish the top with berries .
Layer the ingredients in 4 large glasses, cookies first, baileys cheese, berries , cookies, coconut cheese, berries , baileys cheese, then garnish with a mint sprig.
Persian Bistro include haleem bademjune — warm eggplant appetizer garnished with sour cream and caramelized, walnuts and scallions.
Ladle sauce over chops and garnish with fresh blackberries .
Not when you're talking about the bloody mary at Perennial Virant: fresh, light, spiced nice, pickled vegetables garnishing.
Ravens offensive tackle's wages already being garnished.
Aspen mountain's silver medal a nice garnish for last races of season.
Tucson News NowShipment of cucumbers garnished with cannabis .
Garnish with the avocado slices and parsley sprigs.
Remove from the heat and stir in the remaining ingredients, except the garnishes.
Tortilla chips simmered in a spicy black bean sauce and garnished with cotija cheese, avocado, and crema.