• Gang-Saw
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v gang act as an organized group
    • n gang tool consisting of a combination of implements arranged to work together
    • n gang an organized group of workmen
    • n gang an association of criminals "police tried to break up the gang","a pack of thieves"
    • n gang an informal body of friends "he still hangs out with the same crowd"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Double Gang Edger Double Gang Edger
Automatic Gang Lumber-Trimmer Automatic Gang Lumber-Trimmer
Ten Saw Gang Lath Bolter Ten Saw Gang Lath Bolter

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: A species of dolphin is born naturally blind in the Indus and Ganges rivers in South Asia. These dolphins have a highly sophisticated sonar system and swim on only one side of their body
    • Gang A combination of similar implements arranged so as, by acting together, to save time or labor; a set; as, a gang of saws, or of plows.
    • Gang A going; a course.
    • Gang A group of persons organized for criminal purposes; a criminal organization; as, the Parker gang .
    • Gang A group of teenagers or young adults forming a more or less formalized group associating for social purposes, in some cases requiring initiation rites to join; as, a teen gang; a youth gang; a street gang .
    • Gang A number going in company; hence, a company, or a number of persons associated for a particular purpose; a group of laborers under one foreman; a squad; as, a gang of sailors; a chain gang; a gang of thieves.
    • Gang (Naut) A set; all required for an outfit; as, a new gang of stays.
    • Gang (Mining) The mineral substance which incloses a vein; a matrix; a gangue.
    • v. i Gang găng To go; to walk.☞ Obsolete in English literature, but still used in the North of England, and also in Scotland.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • gang To go; walk; proceed.
    • n gang A going; walking; ability to walk.
    • n gang Currency.
    • n gang A way; course; passage.
    • n gang The channel of a stream, or the course in which it is wont to run; a watercourse.
    • n gang Hence A ravine or gulley.
    • n gang In mining. See gangue.
    • n gang The field or pasture in which animals graze: as, those beasts have a good gang.
    • n gang A number going or acting in company, whether of persons or of animals: as, a gang of drovers; a gang of elks. Specifically— A number of persons associated for a particular purpose or on a particular occasion: used especially in a depreciatory or contemptuous sense or of disreputable persons: as, a gang of thieves; a chain-gang.
    • n gang A number of workmen or laborers of any kind engaged on any piece of work under supervision of one person; a squad; more particularly, a shift of men; a set of laborers working together during the same hours.
    • n gang A combination of several tools, machines, etc., operated by a single force, or so contrived as to act as one: as, a gang of saws or plows; a gang of fish-hooks; a gang of mine-cars, tubs, or trams. In this sense frequently combined with other words to form the names of tools or machines, in each of which two or more tools, cutters, saws, shares, etc., are united in one frame or holder, as gang-cultivator, gang-edger.
    • n gang As much as one goes for or carries at once; a go.
    • n gang A retired place; a privy; a jakes.
    • n gang Synonyms Covey, etc. See flock.
    • gang To arrange in gangs; combine (several) into one set, to be operated together: as, to gang saws, plows, or the like. See gang, n., 9.
    • n gang Nautical, a set of standing rigging.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Gang gang a number of persons or animals associated for a certain purpose, usually in a bad sense: a number of labourers working together during the same hours: the range of pasture allowed to cattle: a set of tools, &c., used together for any kind of work
    • v.i Gang gang (Scot.) to go
    • n Gang in mining, the stony matrix in which metallic ores occur.
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. gangan, akin to OS. & OHG. gangan, Icel. ganga, Goth. gaggan,; cf. Lith. żengti, to walk, Skr. jaṅgha, leg. √48. Cf. Go
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—Ger. gang, a vein.


In literature:

But I'll no gang on the parish," she said in a passionless voice, "I'll no gang on the parish.
"The House with the Green Shutters" by George Douglas Brown
Ancient gang-boards from the ship to the quays.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
At last I managed to lay my hand on a member of the gang, and made him speak up.
"A Coin of Edward VII" by Fergus Hume
As the market gangs the wares sell.
"The Proverbs of Scotland" by Alexander Hislop
Wolf-like, the gang attacked in a pack, and on all sides at once.
"Uncle Sam's Boys as Lieutenants" by H. Irving Hancock
Quintana's gang had arrived at Clinch's dump.
"The Flaming Jewel" by Robert W. Chambers
The Baghirati, which is known further on as the Ganges, was met with at the end of a pass.
"Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne
The completeness of the organization of the gang was a sufficient negative to such a statement.
"A Woman at Bay" by Nicholas Carter
But how can I break it without making a racket and bringing Delton and his gang rushing in?
"The Boy Ranchers on Roaring River" by Willard F. Baker
But I had to tell you about his gang, if I can't about him.
"The La Chance Mine Mystery" by Susan Carleton Jones

In poetry:

Above the grey down
Gather, wan, the glows;
Relieved by leaden
Gleams a star-gang goes;
"Invalid Dawn" by Elizabeth Daryush
"I downa pay ye guid for ill,
Ye heedna fause and true!
Gang back to Katie at the mill—
She loos sic like as you!"
"The Last Wooin" by George MacDonald
They rade, they ran, an some did gang,
They were o sma record;
But Forbes and his merry men,
They slew them a' the road.
"Traditionary Version" by Andrew Lang
"If I do gang to Broomfield Hills
A maid I'll not return;
But if I stay from Broomfield Hills,
I'll be a maid mis-sworn."
"The Broomfield Hill" by Andrew Lang
They rade, they ran, an some did gang,
They were o' sma record;
But Forbes an his merry men,
They slew them a' the road.
"The Battle Of Harlaw" by Anonymous British
"Ye maunna Benjie head, brothers,
Ye maunna Benjie hang;
But ye maun pike out his twa gray een.
And punish him ere he gang.
"Young Benjie" by Andrew Lang

In news:

Purported member of 'Cut Throat Gang' arrested in Athens.
Police identify 'Cut Throat Gang' as new Athens threat.
An Athens street gang was publicly identified for the first time in a document recently filed in Clarke County Superior Court.
'Gang of Six' Debt Ceiling Plan is DOA in House.
The so-called "Gang of Six" plan has hit the US House of Representatives with a resounding "thud.".
Murder charges have been laid by Toronto Police in the gang shootout at the Danzig community BBQ in Scarborough in the summertime.
We all brace for that moment when the person runs out of real estate and gets gang tackled and possibly tased by that cities' finest.
OGDEN — Lawyers for Trece gang members had a tumultuous first day in the trial of the city's anti-gang injunction, succeeding only in angering the judge with last-minute motions.
A Southern California high school has cancelled senior week "Seniores" and "Senoritas" events after deciding students dressed as gang members, Border Patrol agents and a pregnant female pushing a stroller were offensive.
Architect Jeanne Gang's rendering of a possible reuse for Prentice.
City begin demolishing vacant buildings in effort to fight gangs.
The buildings targeted for teardown are considered hubs of gang activity in the neighborhood.
Slain Mexican kingpin deserted army, led Zetas drug gang.
The gang's all here: Kenneth Branagh (left) and the rest of the Love's Labour's Lost troupe.
In Contra Costa County, one school bond election victory will bring more security to the scene of a horrific gang rape at a high school.

In science:

Fig. 41. RF phase slippage along the multi-pass linacs; initial ‘gang phases’ for each pass (listed at the bottom of the plots in RF degrees) were chosen for optimum longitudinal bunch compression in each linac-arc segment.
Accelerator design concept for future neutrino facilities
Michael Levin and Xiao-Gang Wen, String-net condensation: A physical mechanism for topological phases, Phys.
String-net model of Turaev-Viro invariants
Acknowledgement: We learnt the inspiring conjecture, which is answered affirmatively in Corollary 2, from Professor Gang Tian.
Special test configurations and $K$-stability of Fano varieties
The author is grateful to Luis Caffarelli for discussions and pointing out Theorem 1.2, to Gang Tian for pointing out the simple argument in Step C of the proof of Theorem 1.1, which avoids the usual approach via Allard’s regularity.
A Bernstein problem for special Lagrangian equations
The first author also thanks Thomas Hertog, John Lott, John Roe and Gang Tian for useful discussion.
On the Stability of Riemannian Manifold with Parallel Spinors