• WordNet 3.6
    • v gabble speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly
    • n gabble rapid and indistinct speech
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Gabble Inarticulate sounds rapidly uttered; as of fowls.
    • Gabble Loud or rapid talk without meaning. "Forthwith a hideous gabble rises loud
      Among the builders."
    • Gabble To talk fast, or to talk without meaning; to prate; to jabber.
    • Gabble To utter inarticulate sounds with rapidity; -- used of fowls as well as people; as, gabbling geese.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • gabble To talk noisily and rapidly; speak incoherently or without sense; prate; jabber.
    • gabble To utter inarticulate sounds in rapid succession, like a goose when feeding.
    • gabble To utter noisily, rapidly, and incoherently: as, to gabble a lesson.
    • gabble To affect in some way by gabbling.
    • n gabble Loud or rapid talk without sense or coherence.
    • n gabble Inarticulate chattering, as of fowl.
    • n gabble Synonyms See prattle, n.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Gabble gab′l to talk inarticulately: to chatter: to cackle like geese
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Freq. of gab,. See Gab (v. i.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Freq. of gab.


In literature:

One does not gabble the common-places of life when in the presence of the supreme in art.
"The Strange Case of Mortimer Fenley" by Louis Tracy
Mud-hens gabbled in a slew, alfalfa shone with unearthly green, and bees went junketing toward a field of red clover.
"Free Air" by Sinclair Lewis
She is poor, and maintained partly by the parish and partly by fortune-telling and gabbling Cornish.
"The Cornwall Coast" by Arthur L. Salmon
An hysterical gabble broke the contemplation.
"Child and Country" by Will Levington Comfort
I s'pose all trees look alike to city gals, but don't stop to gabble.
"The Brass Bound Box" by Evelyn Raymond
The voices, all speaking so fast, gabbling like a flock of turkeys, made him dizzy.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
Such government as existed was one of gabble.
"Chit-Chat; Nirvana; The Searchlight" by Mathew Joseph Holt
She gabbled shrilly, but she knew only Erse, and Colonel John attempted no explanation.
"The Wild Geese" by Stanley John Weyman
We just gabbled about you all the time.
"Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall" by Alice B. Emerson
There were lights, movement, a storm of people all gabbling away in a foreign tongue.
"The First Violin" by Jessie Fothergill

In poetry:

Back of my back, they talk of me,
Gabble and honk and hiss;
Let them batten, and let them be-
Me, I can sing them this:
"The Whistling Girl" by Dorothy Parker
The winter wind is not so cold
As the bright smile he sees me win,
Nor the host's oldest wine so old
As our poor gabble, sour and thin.
"Without And Withiin" by James Russell Lowell
The Tea, that in the magic of its Flow
Anoints the Tongue to wag of So-and-So,
To gabble garbled Garrulousness ere
You lay the Cup and Saucer down and Go.
"The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám Jr." by Wallace Irwin
They don't know Hagen from Bobby Jones,
They never heard of Al Smith,
Even Red Grange is beyond their range,
And Dempsey is a myth.
Oh golly, to gabble upon the shoulder
Of someone my own age, or even older!
"You Can Be A Republican, I'm A Genocrat" by Ogden Nash
And so was drawn thro dark cadaverous with the sound of gabbling dead.
Where we heard them hoot palaverous
Drivel learned beneath unsavorous
Moulds, and saw a glutton's head
Grin to a hissing bat,
That scraped him as he spat.
"Written In Hell" by Cale Young Rice
'Gabble-gabble . . . brethren . . . gabble-gabble!'
My window glimpses larch and heather. I hardly hear the tuneful babble,
Not knowing nor much caring whether The text is praise or exhortation,
Prayer of thanksgiving or damnation.
"The Boy In Church" by Robert Graves

In news:

Peter Gabriel launches Gabble .
An indictment of Clayton Osbon, the JetBlue pilot restrained by passengers, reports erratic behavior in the cockpit , such as telling air traffic control to be quiet and gabbling nonsensical numbers.