• WordNet 3.6
    • n funiculus any of several body structure resembling a cord
    • n funiculus the stalk of a plant ovule or seed
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Funiculus (Anat) A cord, baud, or bundle of fibers; esp., one of the small bundles of fibers, of which large nerves are made up; applied also to different bands of white matter in the brain and spinal cord.
    • Funiculus (Zoöl) A short cord which connects the embryo of some myriapods with the amnion.
    • Funiculus (Zoöl) In Bryozoa, an organ extending back from the stomach. See Bryozoa, and Phylactolema.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n funiculus A small rope or cord.
    • n funiculus In early German land-law, a cord or slender rope with which land was measured.
    • n funiculus In old physics, a self-contracting ether, assumed by some of those who rejected the doctrine of the elasticity of the air.
    • n funiculus In botany, same as funicle, 4.
    • n funiculus In anat.: The navel-string or umbilical cord, connecting the fetus with the placenta, and so with the parent. Also funis and funicle.
    • n funiculus One of the smaller bundles of a nerve which are inclosed in a special sheath of neurilemma or perineurium. See nerve.
    • n funiculus In Polyzoa, the gastroparietal band or ligament connecting the alimentary eanal with the wall of the endocyst. See cut under Plumatella.
    • n funiculus In Myriapoda, a cord connecting the anal end of the embryo with the so-called amnion.
    • n funiculus In entomology, that part of the flagellum of the antenna which is between the pedicel and the club; the funicle: used especially of hymenopterous insects. Also funicule.
    • n funiculus In Protozoa, specifically, the filament or slender thread which connects the several nodules of a compound endoplast, as the component nuclear masses in such infusorians as Loxodes and Loxophyllum. Saville Kent.
    • n funiculus Same as Funiculina
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Funiculus the umbilical cord
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., a little cord. See Funicle
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. funiculus, dim. of funis, a cord.


In literature:

We find now that the ovule is attached to a stalk (funiculus) (Fig.
"Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany" by Douglas Houghton Campbell
The sporangia are quite small and numerous, not attached by a funiculus to the peridium, enveloped in mucus.
"The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise" by M. E. Hard
The ovary develops at the end of the upper, the testis at that of the lower funiculus.
"Freshwater Sponges, Hydroids & Polyzoa" by Nelson Annandale
Ovule pendulous on a slender erect funiculus; seed erect, 6-grooved.
"The Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States" by Asa Gray