• "Balancing the bag on his friend's head."
    "Balancing the bag on his friend's head."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Friend a member of the Religious Society of Friends founded by George Fox (the Friends have never called themselves Quakers)
    • n friend a person with whom you are acquainted "I have trouble remembering the names of all my acquaintances","we are friends of the family"
    • n friend an associate who provides cooperation or assistance "he's a good ally in fight"
    • n friend a person you know well and regard with affection and trust "he was my best friend at the university"
    • n friend a person who backs a politician or a team etc. "all their supporters came out for the game","they are friends of the library"
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

The friends' picnic is spoiled by the rain The friends' picnic is spoiled by the rain
We are friends. Wichita We are friends. Wichita
Friend. Hidatsa Friend. Hidatsa
Mabel's three bosom Friends Mabel's three bosom Friends
All His Friends Were Invited All His Friends Were Invited
A bear would rather be your friend than your enemy A bear would rather be your friend than your enemy

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Some of the titles that were considered for the hit T.V. show "Friends" were Six Of One, Across the Hall, and Insomnia Cafe
    • Friend A paramour of either sex.
    • Friend One not inimical or hostile; one not a foe or enemy; also, one of the same nation, party, kin, etc., whose friendly feelings may be assumed. The word is some times used as a term of friendly address. "Friend , how camest thou in hither?"
    • Friend One of a religious sect characterized by disuse of outward rites and an ordained ministry, by simplicity of dress and speech, and esp. by opposition to war and a desire to live at peace with all men. They are popularly called Quakers. "America was first visited by Friends in 1656."
    • Friend One who entertains for another such sentiments of esteem, respect, and affection that he seeks his society and welfare; a wellwisher; an intimate associate; sometimes, an attendant. "Want gives to know the flatterer from the friend .""A friend that sticketh closer than a brother."
    • Friend One who looks propitiously on a cause, an institution, a project, and the like; a favorer; a promoter; as, a friend to commerce, to poetry, to an institution.
    • v. t Friend To act as the friend of; to favor; to countenance; to befriend. "Fortune friends the bold."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The stage were the television sitcom "Friends" is shot on is said to be haunted
    • n friend One who is attached to another by feelings of personal regard and preference; one who entertains for another sentiments which lead him to seek his company and to study to promote his welfare.
    • n friend One not hostile; one of the same nation, party, or kin; one at amity with another; an ally: opposed to foe or enemy.
    • n friend One who is favorable, as to a cause, institution, or class; a favorer or promoter: as, a friend of or to commerce; a friend of or to public schools.
    • n friend Used as a term of salutation, or in familiar address.
    • n friend [capitalized] A member of the Society of Friends; a Quaker.
    • n friend A lover, of either sex.
    • n friend In Scotslaw, a tutor or curator.
    • n friend Synonyms Companion, Comrade, etc. See associate.
    • n friend Patron, advocate, partizan, well-wisher.
    • friend To befriend.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Little Jackie Paper was the name of Puff the Magic Dragon's human friend.
    • n Friend frend one loving or attached to another: an intimate acquaintance: a favourer: one of a society so called:
    • v.t Friend (obs.) to befriend
    • n Friend frend (Scot.) a relative
    • ***


  • Italian Proverb
    Italian Proverb
    “Old wine and friends improve with age.”
  • William Wycherley
    William Wycherley
    “Thy books should, like thy friends, not many be, yet such wherein men may thy judgment see.”
  • Ben Hogan
    Ben Hogan
    “I play [golf] with friends sometimes, but there are never friendly games.”
  • Horace
    “How great, my friends, is the virtue of living upon a little!”
  • Frank Dane
    “It is not necessary to have enemies if you go out of your way to make friends hate you.”
  • Proverb
    “Talk well of your friends and of your enemies say nothing.”


Fairweather friend - A fairweather friend is the type who is always there when times are good but forgets about you when things get difficult or problems crop up.
Friendly footing - When relationships are on a friendly footing, they are going well.
Man's best friend - This is an idiomatic term for dogs.
Old friends and old wine are best - This idiom means that the things and people that we know well are better than the unfamiliar.
With friends like that, who needs enemies? - This expression is used when people behave badly or treat someone badly that they are supposed to be friends with.
You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family - Some things you can choose, but others you cannot, so you have to try to make the best of what you have where you have no choice.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OR. frend, freond, AS. freónd, prop. p. pr. of freón, freógan, to love; akin to D. vriend, friend, OS. friund, friend, friohan, to love, OHG. friunt, friend, G. freund, Icel. frændi, kinsman, Sw. frände,. Goth. frijōnds, friend, frijōn, to love. √83. See Free, and cf. Fiend
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. fréond, pr.p. of fréon, to love; Ger. freund.


In literature:

Here is the son of an old friend of your father's.
"On the Banks of the Amazon" by W.H.G. Kingston
His name, my friends told me, was Sutton, and they added that he was a friend of Colonel Carlyon's.
"Hurricane Hurry" by W.H.G. Kingston
Your needy man's principle-and-interest friend is, I say again, a friend with an enmity in reserve.
"The Confidence-Man" by Herman Melville
And we're going to be friends, now, real friends?
"Mary Rose of Mifflin" by Frances R. Sterrett
However, Mildred did not feel that her Red Cross work in Europe was finished, while Barbara refused to desert her friends.
"The Red Cross Girls with the Russian Army" by Margaret Vandercook
He went to a friend and borrowed twenty-five dollars to help him out of town.
"The Expressman and the Detective" by Allan Pinkerton
I am your friend; it will depend on whether you keep silence or not whether I continue to be your friend.
"A Modern Tomboy" by L. T. Meade
Jack's father and mine were friends, so's he and me.
"The Highgrader" by William MacLeod Raine
McComb was a friend of Clinton.
"A Political History of the State of New York, Volumes 1-3" by DeAlva Stanwood Alexander
Mary found that her letters were far inferior to those of her friend.
"Mary Wollstonecraft" by Elizabeth Robins Pennell

In poetry:

The man said to his friend:
-Soon I'll visit you
and will take my wife with me.
"Society" by Carlos Drummond de Andrade
These I mutely stand for
Though the sight offend,
THIS I reprimand for;
Take it from a friend:
"To A Light Housekeeper" by Franklin Pierce Adams
And sometimes a tear
Will rise in each eye,
Seeing the two old friends
So merrily—
So merrily!
"Old Song" by Edward FitzGerald
And sometimes a tear
Will rise in each eye,
Seeing the two old friends
So merrily— So merrily!
"The Meadows In Spring" by Edward FitzGerald
Private rites of magic send
The temple prostitutes to sleep;
All the literati keep
An imaginary friend.
"The Fall of Rome" by W H Auden
I've a friend beyond the ocean
So regardful, so sincere,
And he sends me in a letter
Such a pretty souvenir.
"Two Roses" by Hattie Howard

In news:

I mean, I've been kissing people on screen all the time, but we're good friends and the kids are good friends.
While you're gathering around family and friends today, counting your Thanksgiving blessings, we thought it would be appropriate to share images of great friends.
Are you really what your "friends" are and what their "friends" are.
I also talked to friends of friends who had prior experience in manufacturing and the import/export business.
Federal regulators say an investment banker at Wells Fargo Securities and his longtime friend passed on insider tips on pending company mergers to friends or family members in five states, racking up more than $11 million in illicit profits.
Bachmann's Friends and Co-workers Mourn For Their Friend.
My friend Julia's future sister in law is a rep for Lia Sophia, and Julia recently hosted a party for some of us friends and family at her house.
Well, when you put it that starkly, it feels like a silly stance, but isn't hating one's best friend's nemesis (at least when talking with your best friend) a requirement.
Donald Trump is a friend of Carrie Prejean, who is now a friend of FOX's "Fox and Friends.".
I have grown up having pure guy friends and a handful of chick friends throughout my life.
On Oct 6, orphans , their families, friends and all interested individuals are invited to attend the 52nd Annual Midwest Orphan Train Riders and Friends annual gathering at St Francis Convent, Little Falls.
Nov 17, 2009 Partners: Friends of Libraries in Oklahoma, Osage Nation The Friends of Libraries in Oklahoma (FOLIO) honored John Joseph Mathews and the Osage Tribal Museum with an ALTAFF Literary Landmark dedication on Nov 17, 2009.
We know that Casper pet owners are proud of their furry friends, feathered friends, scaly friends – so we're teaming up with Casper Animal Medical Center to give you a place to show them off.
Serves Alcohol Vegetarian Friendly Kid Friendly Takeout Handicap Friendly Serves Wine Serves Beer Accept Credit Cards All Ages.
"She lived in many places, but once you were a friend of Pat 's, you were always a friend of hers.".

In science:

I owe a special word of thanks to my friend Dr. A.
An Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation of Statistical physics Problem
Vicious walkers, friendly walkers and Young tableaux: II. J.
Random walks and random fixed-point free involutions
In a network with clustering, many of the second neighbours of a vertex are also first neighbours—the friend of my friend is also my friend—and we would have to allow for this effect to order avoid overcounting the number of second neighbours.
Random graphs as models of networks
Instead, the clustering coefficient—the probability that two of your friends are also friends of one another—is given by Eq. (11), which tends to zero as n → ∞.
Random graphs as models of networks
This is the meaning of clustering: your friend’s friend is also your friend.
Random graphs as models of networks