• WordNet 3.6
    • adj fresh improperly forward or bold "don't be fresh with me","impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup","an impudent boy given to insulting strangers","Don't get wise with me!"
    • adj fresh not yet used or soiled "a fresh shirt","a fresh sheet of paper","an unused envelope"
    • adj fresh recently made, produced, or harvested "fresh bread","a fresh scent","fresh lettuce"
    • adj fresh not canned or otherwise preserved "fresh vegetables"
    • adj fresh not containing or composed of salt water "fresh water"
    • adj fresh imparting vitality and energy "the bracing mountain air"
    • adj fresh (of a cycle) beginning or occurring again "a fresh start","fresh ideas"
    • adj fresh original and of a kind not seen before "the computer produced a completely novel proof of a well-known theorem"
    • adj fresh free from impurities "clean water","fresh air"
    • adj fresh not soured or preserved "sweet milk"
    • adj fresh with restored energy
    • adj fresh having recently calved and therefore able to give milk "the cow is fresh"
    • adv fresh very recently "they are newly married","newly raised objections","a newly arranged hairdo","grass new washed by the rain","a freshly cleaned floor","we are fresh out of tomatoes"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

You better take a fresh middle You better take a fresh middle
A fresh water planarian A fresh water planarian
Dissection of fresh-water mussel Dissection of fresh-water mussel

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Manitoulin Island is the largest island in a fresh water lake. It is located in Canadian Lake Superior
    • Fresh A flood; a freshet.
    • Fresh A stream or spring of fresh water. "He shall drink naught but brine; for I'll not show him
      Where the quick freshes are."
    • Fresh In a raw, green, or untried state; uncultivated; uncultured; unpracticed; as, a fresh hand on a ship.
    • Fresh Lately produced, gathered, or prepared for market; not stale; not dried or preserved; not wilted, faded, or tainted; in good condition; as, fresh vegetables, flowers, eggs, meat, fruit, etc.; recently made or obtained; occurring again; repeated; as, a fresh supply of goods; fresh tea, raisins, etc.; lately come or made public; as, fresh news; recently taken from a well or spring; as, fresh water.
    • Fresh New; original; additional. "Fear of fresh mistakes.""A fresh pleasure in every fresh posture of the limbs."
    • Fresh Not salt; as, fresh water, in distinction from that which is from the sea, or brackish; fresh meat, in distinction from that which is pickled or salted.
    • Fresh Possessed of original life and vigor; new and strong; unimpaired; sound.
    • Fresh Renewed in vigor, alacrity, or readiness for action; as, fresh for a combat; hence, tending to renew in vigor; rather strong; cool or brisk; as, a fresh wind.
    • Fresh The mingling of fresh water with salt in rivers or bays, as by means of a flood of fresh water flowing toward or into the sea.
    • v. t Fresh To refresh; to freshen.
    • Fresh Youthful; florid; as, these fresh nymphs.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: One gallon of used motor oil can ruin approximately one million gallons of fresh water
    • fresh Having its original qualities; unimpaired in vigor or purity; not weakened, faded, tainted, or decayed; not stale or worn: as, a fresh voice; a fresh complexion; events still fresh in the memory; to keep meat or flowers fresh.
    • fresh Of unimpaired physical or mental condition; having full natural vigor, activity, beauty, bloom, etc.; hearty; sound; brisk; lively.
    • fresh In a refreshed condition; freshened; reinvigorated; strengthened or purified: as, the troops were now fresh for action; to put on fresh linen.
    • fresh New; recent; novel; newly produced, obtained, occurring, arriving, etc.: as, coins fresh from the mint; a fresh coat of paint; fresh tidings; a fresh misfortune; to take a fresh sheet of paper.
    • fresh Hence Unpractised; untried; inexperienced; unsophisticated: as, a fresh hand on a ship; a fresh youth.
    • fresh Cool; refreshing; invigorating; imparting strength or refreshment; in nautical language, moderately strong or brisk: as, a draught of fresh water; a breath of fresh air; a fresh breeze.
    • fresh Not salt, salted, or pickled; not brackish: as, fresh meat or codfish; fresh water.
    • fresh Bright; brilliant.
    • fresh Tipsy.
    • fresh Sober; not tipsy.
    • fresh Verdant and conceited; presuming through ignorance and conceit; forward; officious. Compare cool.
    • fresh Open; not frosty.
    • fresh Novel, Recent, etc. See new.
    • fresh Untrained, unskilled, raw.
    • n fresh A flood; a stream in overflow; an inundation; a freshet.
    • n fresh Figuratively, a flood or rush of persons.
    • n fresh A spring or brook of fresh water; a small tributary stream.
    • n fresh A stream or current of fresh water running into tide-water.
    • n fresh The mingling of fresh water with salt in rivers or bays, or the increased current of an ebb-tide caused by a great volume of fresh water flowing into the sea.
    • n fresh Open weather; a day of open weather; a thaw.
    • n fresh A freshman.
    • fresh Freshly.
    • fresh To refresh.
    • fresh To grow fresh; freshen.
    • fresh Noting a cow that has recently given birth to a calf.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Frozen food can be just as nutritious as fresh food
    • adj Fresh fresh in a state of activity and health: new and strong, not stale or faded: recently produced or obtained: untried: having renewed vigour: healthy, refreshing, invigorating: brisk:
    • n Fresh (Shak.) a small stream of fresh water:
    • v.i Fresh to grow fresh: to grow brisk or strong
    • adj Fresh fresh (slang) tipsy: not salt
    • n Fresh (Scot.) a thaw, open weather
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  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity.”
  • Hervey Allen
    Hervey Allen
    “Each new generation is a fresh invasion of savages.”
  • Arthur Schopenhauer
    “Each day is a little life; every waking and rising a little birth; every fresh morning a little youth; every going to rest and sleep a little death.”
  • Walt Whitman
    “There is that indescribable freshness and unconsciousness about an illiterate person that humbles and mocks the power of the noblest expressive genius.”
  • J. B. Priestley
    J. B. Priestley
    “I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning...”
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
    “Eternal truths will be neither true nor eternal unless they have fresh meaning for every new social situation.”


A fresh pair of eyes - A person who is brought in to examine something carefully is a fresh pair of eyes.
Fresh from the oven - If something is fresh from the oven, it is very new.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. fresch, AS. fersc,; akin to D. versch, G. frisch, OHG. frisc, Sw. frisk, Dan. frisk, fersk, Icel. frīskr, frisky, brisk, ferskr, fresh; cf. It. fresco, OF. fres, freis, fem. freske, fresche, F. frais, fem. fraîche, which are of German origin. Cf. Fraischeur Fresco Frisk


In literature:

At last Mr Hooker's fresh line was got ready.
"In the Eastern Seas" by W.H.G. Kingston
The simplest way is to give the child a teaspoonful of the fresh syrup of ipecac.
"The Eugenic Marriage, Volume IV. (of IV.)" by Grant Hague
Thereupon, they joined with Fritz Peissner when he was thinking of establishing a fresh corps.
"The Magnificent Montez" by Horace Wyndham
But the wherry looked so fresh and gay, that we hoped to make up for it the next week.
"Peter Trawl" by W. H. G. Kingston
When the water makes the patient feel chilly or he tires of it, use fresh olive oil, warmed if necessary.
"Papers on Health" by John Kirk
With ordinary precaution, they will remain sound and fresh until May or June.
"The Field and Garden Vegetables of America" by Fearing Burr
Effects of Fresh Air on Clothing worn next the Skin.
"A Treatise on Domestic Economy" by Catherine Esther Beecher
We had not many fresh troops.
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
Off then with grave clothes; put fresh colours on, And flow and flame in your vermilion.
"The Hesperides & Noble Numbers: Vol. 1 and 2" by Robert Herrick
Lord Reginald stood by, watching them until the whole gang, utterly unable to work longer, were relieved by fresh hands.
"The Rival Crusoes" by W.H.G. Kingston

In poetry:

'Fresh is love in May
When the Spring is yearning,
Life is but a lay,
Love is quick in learning.
"The Passing Of Cadieux" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
She is a rich and rare land;
Oh! she's a fresh and fair land;
She is a dear and rare land--
This native land of mine.
"My Land" by Thomas Osborne Davis
--Oh! what aching, anguish'd hearts
O'er lone graves will hover,
With a new, fresh sense of pain,
When the war is over!
"When The War Is Over" by Margaret Junkin Preston
And yet it is not always so;
I dreamt a little while ago
That all was as it used to be:
A fresh free wind passed over me;
"A Voice From The Dungeon" by Anne Bronte
THE sky is clear, the voice is fresh
Of waters beating on the shore,
And nature to my heart her heart
Now lays once more.
"Upon Revisiting A Green Nook" by Annie Adams Fields
Portraits have recorded
her spring-fresh face;
the tinkle of girdle pendants heralds
her soul's vain return by moonlight.
"Thoughts On An Ancient Site:Birthplace Of Wang Qiang" by Du Fu

In news:

Fresh wasabi paste Freshly ground pepper and salt to taste Mix together and set aside.
I've already said the fish at other sushi places around town was fresh, really fresh and really, really, bright-and-shiny fresh, so now what do I say.
) Olive Oil (Oil can be reduced for heart healthy) 5 Medium sized fresh Tomatoes, chopped 3-4 Fresh Basil Leaves Salt & Pepper to taste.
2 pork tenderloin (not the whole loin ) 2 tbsp freshly grated ginger 1 tbsp orange zest 1 tbsp brown sugar 1 tbsp freshly chopped thyme 1 tbsp freshly cracked pepper 1 tbsp kosher salt.
Bill Kim prefers using frozen lemongrass to fresh here because he finds the flavor sweeter than fresh.
DayMark's TimeStrip freshness indicators automatically monitor freshness of foods in transit and storage.
These may look like fresh orange wedges, but they're actually "jigglers" made of fresh orange juice and unflavored gelatin, served in hallowed out orange peels.
Eating fresh and living fresh.
Try Pane 's version of a Caprese sandwich, with fresh pulled mozzarella, thick ripe tomatoes, and fresh basil, or the Sopressata, filled with layers of spicy salami and roasted red peppers.
Cup grape tomatoes ¼ cup thinly shaved red onions 1½ cups fresh green beans ¼ cup Kalamata olives 2 lemons, sliced paper thin ¼ cup fresh oregano (do not use dried) 2 oz.
2 pork tenderloin (not the whole loin) 2 tbsp freshly grated ginger 1 tbsp orange zest 1 tbsp brown sugar 1 tbsp freshly chopped thyme 1 tbsp freshly cracked pepper 1 tbsp kosher salt.
Eat, Drink & Be Merry: Pot Roast Fresh Vegetables Over Fresh Pasta.
Bad Cop and fresh vids — especially fresh vids of a sexy nature — go together like Mitt Romney and gaffes: You can pretty much count on seeing one every month.
Sunkist fresh grapefruit segments and Sunkist fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice may be substituted if pummelos are not in season.
Mushrooms, fresh, sliced1 sprig rosemary, fresh.

In science:

Proof of Theorem 5.1: It is useful to consider the marked point process of fresh times and fresh points.
A law of large numbers for random walks in random mixing environments
Formally, fresh times are those times when the random walk achieves a new record value in the ℓ direction.
A law of large numbers for random walks in random mixing environments
For transient walks in the direction ℓ, there are infinitely many fresh times {si}i≥0 and fresh points {xi }i≥0 , and, in the present case ℓ = e1 , it holds xi+1 · ℓ = xi · ℓ + 1.
A law of large numbers for random walks in random mixing environments
Note that all S k are L-successful fresh times, and that an L-successful fresh time s leads to an L-regeneration time (more accurately, an “approximate L-regeneration time”) s + L if θs+LD ′ = ∞.
A law of large numbers for random walks in random mixing environments
As a general feature, fresh points have much nicer tail properties than fresh times.
A law of large numbers for random walks in random mixing environments