• WordNet 3.6
    • v fray cause friction "my sweater scratches"
    • v fray wear away by rubbing "The friction frayed the sleeve"
    • n fray a noisy fight
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Fray A fret or chafe, as in cloth; a place injured by rubbing.
    • n fray frā An angry quarrel; an affray; contest; combat; broil. "Who began this bloody fray ?"
    • v. t Fray To bear the expense of; to defray. "The charge of my most curious and costly ingredients frayed , I shall acknowledge myself amply satisfied."
    • v. t Fray To frighten; to terrify; to alarm. "What frays ye, that were wont to comfort me affrayed?"
    • Fray To rub. "We can show the marks he made
      When 'gainst the oak his antlers frayed ."
    • v. t Fray To rub; to wear off, or wear into shreds, by rubbing; to fret, as cloth; as, a deer is said to fray her head.
    • Fray To wear out or into shreads, or to suffer injury by rubbing, as when the threads of the warp or of the woof wear off so that the cross threads are loose; to ravel; as, the cloth frays badly. "A suit of frayed magnificience."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n fray An affray; a battle; an assault; a quarrel with violence.
    • n fray A brawl; a riot; a mêlée.
    • n fray A chase; a hunt.
    • n fray Synonyms Mêlée, Brawl, etc. See quarrel, n.
    • fray To put in fear; terrify; frighten; deter by fear.
    • fray To maltreat; misuse.
    • fray To contend; combat; fight.
    • fray To rub; grate.
    • fray To rub away the surface of; fret, as cloth by wearing, or the skin by friction; especially, to ravel out the edge of, as a piece of stuff, by drawing out threads of the warp so that the threads of the weft make a kind of fringe: in this sense usually with out.
    • fray To rub against something.
    • fray To yield to rubbing or fretting; ravel out, as cloth.
    • n fray A fret or chafe in cloth, a cord, etc.; a place injured or weakened by rubbing: as, a fray in an angler's line.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Fray frā an affray, a brawl
    • v.t Fray (B.) to frighten
    • v.t Fray frā to wear off by rubbing: to ravel out the edge of a stuff
    • v.i Fray to become frayed
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. freier, fraier, froier, to rub. L. fricare,; cf. friare, to crumble, E. friable,; perh. akin to Gr. chri`ein to anoint, chri^sma an anointing, Skr. ghṛsh, to rub, scratch. Cf. Friction


In literature:

A new and unspent and mighty force had come into the fray.
"Winning a Cause" by John Gilbert Thompson and Inez Bigwood
Fierce was the fray that followed.
"Historical Tales, Vol. 6 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
Hippy's efforts to draw Hindenburg from the fray met with no better success.
"Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders in the Great North Woods" by Jessie Graham Flower
The gods who are called the progenitors of Marduk are represented as rejoicing upon seeing Marduk equipped for the fray.
"The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria" by Morris Jastrow
Whitey had preempted the nearer, and was hungrily nuzzling the old frayed hollows in the manger.
"Short Stories of Various Types" by Various
Bravely he rushed himself into the fray to rally his men, but to no avail.
"Parkhurst Boys" by Talbot Baines Reed
Lola's success was assured; and Herr Frays, who had started by refusing to let her appear, was now full of grovelling apologies.
"The Magnificent Montez" by Horace Wyndham
Thou art come from Fray Antonio?
"The Aztec Treasure-House" by Thomas Allibone Janvier
Everyone's nerves were frayed; this Director demanded gruffly to know who we were.
"Tarrano the Conqueror" by Raymond King Cummings
At the same moment a small body of mounted Arabs dashed into the fray.
"The Dash for Khartoum" by George Alfred Henty

In poetry:

She phoned them when the Round was Nine:
'How is my hero in the fray?'
They yelled: 'He leads; he's doing fine,—
Joe's sure Okay.'
"Boxer's Wife" by Robert W Service
E'en where hostile armies join
In the horrid frightful fray,
Where groaning mortals life resign,
I've heard their fellow-mortal say--
"The Culprit" by Nathaniel Bloomfield
I have been brave in my way,
Though men did not call me brave;
They deem that I creep away,
If ever a pennon wave
Over the flashing fray.
"Courage" by Arthur Christopher Benson
What tidings of the heavenly fray?
These, as our sages nightward turn
To gaze within the gulfs where burn
The helms of that sublime array:
"The Testimony of the Suns" by George Sterling
The orient beams serenely fell
Where the serried hosts in order lay:
While rang the trumpet's tuneful swell
Precursory of the coming fray.
"On Buena Vista's Field" by Henry Pelham Holmes Bromwell
"Father, you are an aged man;
Your head is white, your bearde is gray;
It were a shame at these your yeares
For you to ryse in such a fray."
"The Rising In The North" by Anonymous British

In news:

Health Care's Fraying Safety Net.
Health Care 's Fraying Safety Net.
As the only woman in the GOP race to try to oust Sen Kirsten Gillibrand, attorney Wendy Long is going full-bore today on the Ann Romney/ Hilary Rosen storyline, trying to press the incumbent Democrat to jump into the fray.
Steve King joins the fray with incendiary comments.
Tonawanda News — From the amber waves of grain to the purple mountain majesties, I look over this country and find its fabric frayed.
At Home Depot, Samsung joins the fray, while Lowe's introduced LG.
Rush Limbaugh's 'slut' slur to law student draws President Obama into fray.
Low, R Ring, The Fray and more.
Suspicious items on the SkyTrain tracks stop the trains and fray the nerves of travelers.
The place is exactly like its protagonist, legendary grande dame Katharine Cornell—regal, but also fraying around the edges.
Enduring lectures from uninformed people above the political fray.
US, New Zealand mending frayed military ties.
Once again James Bond is dashing into the fray to save humainty and you can EZ DASH to the Bangor Mall Cinemas and be the first to see him do it at the Midnight Show.
The Financial Stability Oversight Council has officially entered the money-market regulatory fray with a set of policy proposals aimed at convincing a reluctant Securities and Exchange Commission to act.
Mothers and daughters deserve time away from the fray.

In science:

Atomic physicists have recently entered the fray, providing a bottom-up approach by engineering the relevant spin interactions in quantum simulators [5, 22, 23].
Engineered 2D Ising interactions on a trapped-ion quantum simulator with hundreds of spins
However, at such a low temperature the island edges are frayed which may reduce the barriers resulting in layer-by-layer growth.
Density Functional Theory of Epitaxial Growth of Metals