• WordNet 3.6
    • v forgo lose ( or lose the right to ( by some error, offense, or crime "you've forfeited your right to name your successor","forfeited property"
    • v forgo do without or cease to hold or adhere to "We are dispensing with formalities","relinquish the old ideas"
    • v forgo be earlier in time; go back further "Stone tools precede bronze tools"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Forgo to abstain from; to do without; to refrain from; to renounce; -- said of a thing already enjoyed, or of one within reach, or anticipated. See 1st forego, 2.
    • Forgo To pass by; to leave. See 1st Forego. "For sith [since] I shall forgoon my liberty
      At your request."
      "And four [days] since Florimell the court forwent ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • forgo To go or pass by without claiming; forbear to possess, use, or do; voluntarily avoid or give up; renounce; resign.
    • forgo To quit; leave.
    • forgo Synonyms To yield, relinquish, let go.
    • forgo A Middle English form of forego.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Forgo . See Forego.
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  • Edwin Hubbel Chapin
    “Never does the human soul appear so strong and noble as when it forgoes revenge and dares to forgive an injury.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. forgan, forgon, forgoon, AS. forgān, prop., to go past, hence, to abstain from; pref. for-, + gān, to go; akin to G. vergehen, to pass away, to transgress. See Go (v. i.)


In literature:

But souldiour of his death the maner showe, And how he did this liuing light forgoe.
"A Discourse of Life and Death, by Mornay; and Antonius by Garnier" by Philippe de Mornay
If he be rich, he hates to forgo his traditional luxuries.
"The New World of Islam" by Lothrop Stoddard
The only imperfection, in this event, was that it deprived Harold of his personal vengeance, and magnanimously he was willing to forgo that.
"The Snowshoe Trail" by Edison Marshall
The freshmen who had been so favored did not wish to forgo these joys.
"Hester's Counterpart" by Jean K. Baird
But I am neither disposed to forgo my claim on Miss Rainsfield, nor to permit the pretensions of any other suitor.
"Fern Vale (Volume 1)" by Colin Munro
For your sake they will forgo the pleasure of this fight.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
While he may quarrel from morning until night with his fellow, it is a sociable quarrel and neither would willingly forgo it.
"The Meaning of Evolution" by Samuel Christian Schmucker
But I have preferred to forgo them.
"The Lonely Way--Intermezzo--Countess Mizzie" by Arthur Schnitzler
There wasn't one of those pleasures that Spot wouldn't gladly forgo for the sake of going hunting with Johnnie Green.
"The Tale of Old Dog Spot" by Arthur Scott Bailey
Nor were we the only toilers obliged to forgo the hard-earned half-hour of rest.
"The Long Day" by Dorothy Richardson

In poetry:

Lovers learne to speake but truth,
Sweare not, and your oathes forgoe,
Give your age a constant youth,
Vow noe more then what you'le doe.
"94" by Mary Wroth
Ah, but the Apparition—the dumb sign—
The beckoning finger bidding me forgo
The fellowship, the converse, and the wine,
The songs, the festal glow!
"The Great Misgiving" by William Watson
Though seas and mountains and rough ways divide
Our feet asunder, neither frost nor snow
Can make the soul her ancient love forgo;
Nor chains nor bonds the wings of thought have tied.
"Lxviii. to monsignor lodovico beccadelli." by Michelangelo
Unplucked, the laurels stand as long ago;
The balms of Eros blow
Rose-red and secret in the cedars' pall. . . .
Do you forget, enchantress, or recall
The world you fashioned once, and now forgo?
"Do You Forget, Enchantress?" by Clark Ashton Smith
Their credite quickly lies in dust,
Which yeelde as bondslaues to their will,
And follow euery foolish lust,
Such leaue the good, and choose the yll,
The wayes of vertue those forgoe,
And tread the pathes of care and woe.
"To his friend" by Humfrey Gifford

In news:

Square Lets Merchants Forgo Swipe Fees for Monthly Charge.
Some forgo fries at the drive-through all together to keep from creating a mess in the car.
D.C.-area resident forgoes hoopla .
Many families in Virginia who expected insurance coverage have continued to pay out of pocket — if they can afford it — or forgo treatments they say could help their children.
Virginia Tech could have to deal with players who forgo their final seasons of college eligibility and head to the.
Johnathan Hankins will forgo his senior season at Ohio State and enter the 2013 NFL draft.
All-Big Ten defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins announced on Monday he will forgo his senior season at Ohio State to make himself available for the 2013 NFL draft.
During extremely dry years snail kites , like wood storks, will forgo breeding entirely, and many adults will starve.
The home lender that agreed to refinance mortgages after a probe of the industry's practices, may forgo as much as $2 billion in interest, $300 million more than previously estimated.
If she's pursuing stardom on a massive scale, she's forgoing the easiest routes.
Troubled New York Hospitals Forgo Coverage for Malpractice .
Forgoing the promises of politicians, Mick Swindells, a retired policeman from England, has taken a boots-on-the-ground approach to metal theft prevention and trained a dog to detect forensic markers on metal.
Maybe you can't afford that, and so like many Millennials you may want to choose to forgo the initial purchasing of insurance.
(CBS News) Amazon may forgo Google Maps in its next Kindle Fire.
Obamacare contained a startling provision that if any state opted out of the Medicaid expansion, it would forgo all federal Medicaid funds, not just those dedicated to the expansion.

In science:

In view of these circumstances we shall, for convenience, forgo discussion of σ-a.e. convergence for the one-parameter averages in favor of studying the convergence in Lp (σ) of their Bochner integral formulations.
{Spaces of Infinite Measure and Pointwise Convergence of the Bilinear Hilbert and Ergodic Averages Defined by $L^{p}$-Isometries
The technique is straightforward, fast, and allows observers to forgo the usual standard star observations altogether because all observed stars are expected to lie along the same stellar locus.
Stellar Locus Regression: Accurate Color Calibration, and the Real-time Determination of Galaxy Cluster Photometric Redshifts
However, since the ob jective of this work is the implementation of efficient RNGs, we will forgo the full period LCG and opt for an efficient modulo of 232 , which is essentially free through integer overflow.
Using graphics processing units to generate random numbers
As soon as the de Sitter entropy (15) is taken to be finite, we must forgo the symmetry of different causal patches .
Spacetime Dimensionality from de Sitter Entropy
We forgo the subscript on Zv , let V := V(Z |Xu = b), use “u = s” to imply Xu = s, and use E2 [Z ] to denote (E[Z ])2 .
Variance on the Leaves of a Tree Markov Random Field: Detecting Character Dependencies in Phylogenies