• The 200th Ind. Was Not Without Talent in Foraging 169
    The 200th Ind. Was Not Without Talent in Foraging 169
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v forage wander and feed "The animals forage in the woods"
    • v forage collect or look around for (food)
    • n forage the act of searching for food and provisions
    • n forage bulky food like grass or hay for browsing or grazing horses or cattle
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Forage Food of any kind for animals, especially for horses and cattle, as grass, pasture, hay, corn, oats.
    • Forage The act of foraging; search for provisions, etc. "He [the lion] from forage will incline to play.""One way a band select from forage drives
      A herd of beeves, fair oxen and fair kine."
      "Mawhood completed his forage unmolested."
    • v. t Forage To strip of provisions; to supply with forage; as, to forage steeds.
    • v. i Forage To wander or rove in search of food; to collect food, esp. forage, for horses and cattle by feeding on or stripping the country; to ravage; to feed on spoil. "His most mighty father on a hill
      Stood smiling to behold his lion's whelp Forage in blood of French nobility."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n forage Food of any kind for horses and cattle, as grass, pasture, hay, oats, etc.: also used humorously of human food.
    • n forage The act of providing forage; the act of searching for provisions of any kind: as, the troop subsisted by forage.
    • n forage Synonyms Fodder, etc. See feed, n.
    • forage To procure food for horses or cattle by a roving search from place to place; specifically (military), to collect supplies for horses, and also for men or stock, from an enemy by force, or from friends by impressment; in general, to procure provisions or goods of any kind in a predatory manner.
    • forage To ravage; feed on spoil.
    • forage To wander far; rove; range.
    • forage To strip of provisions, as for horses, troops, etc.
    • forage To supply with forage or fodder: as, to forage horses.
    • forage To ransack; overrun, as when searching for forage.
    • forage To procure by forage.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Forage for′aj fodder, or food for horses and cattle: provisions: the act of foraging
    • v.i Forage to go about and forcibly carry off food for horses and cattle, as soldiers
    • v.t Forage to plunder
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. fourage, F. fourrage, fr. forre, fuerre, fodder, straw, F. feurre, fr. LL. foderum, fodrum, of German or Scand, origin; cf. OHG. fuotar, G. futter,. See Fodder food, and cf. Foray


In literature:

One would see them deserted and desperate, wandering round foraging for food.
"The Trail of '98" by Robert W. Service
He touched his old forage cap, went stiffly by upon Little Sorrel.
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
There were rations to hold out for some time, but little forage.
"For the Liberty of Texas" by Edward Stratemeyer
Good forage to-day, sir.
"Pushed and the Return Push" by George Herbert Fosdike Nichols, (AKA Quex)
Aitchkin has been doing great things in forage, but prosperity has not spoilt him.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 158, April 14, 1920" by Various
When grass constitutes the only forage, 2000 pounds is deemed a sufficient load.
"The Prairie Traveler" by Randolph Marcy
Ah, they are going to bivouac there, and we shall have them here directly foraging for food and shelter.
"Crown and Sceptre" by George Manville Fenn
But he still shrank from this kind of foraging.
"Ride Proud, Rebel!" by Andre Alice Norton
Its climbing habit makes it better suited for growing with corn for forage.
"Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement" by Alva Agee
Notwithstanding the flood, Tom soon had a fire, and was off to hunt forage for man and beast.
"Destruction and Reconstruction:" by Richard Taylor

In poetry:

``The water—ouzels dip and shoot
Amid your flashing spray,
Where flapping heron, skimming coot,
Forage, and pair, and play.
"A Border Burn" by Alfred Austin
I've seen them in captivity,
But this white mouse was wild and free,
And every eye with stealth it stole
And foraged in the garbage hole.
"My White Mouse" by Robert W Service
The climax came - one fatal evening
For my latchkey I started to forage
Through the keyhole I yelled to Tallulah
"Has anyone been at my porridge?"
"The Infernal Triangle" by Billy Bennett
It was for him I chased
The Persians o'er wild and waste,
As General of the East;
Night after night I lay
In their camps of yesterday;
Their forage was my feast.
"Belisarius. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fourth)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I foraged all over this joy-dotted earth,
To pick its best nosegay of innocent mirth
Tied up with the bands of its wisdom and worth,--
And lo! its chief treasure,
Its innermost pleasure,
Was always at Home!
"Home" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
Although his cook afar doth forage
For food to woo his appetite,
The old man lives on milk and porridge
And now it is his last delight
At eve if one lone linnet lingers
To pick crushed almonds from his fingers.
"Bird Watcher" by Robert W Service

In news:

We received this information from Michelle Arnold, Cindy Gaskill and Ray Smith, University of Kentucky Specialist in the Forage newsletter.
After our county fair in August, Athens County hosted the Ohio Forage and Grasslands Council Beef Grazing Tour.
"Animals can die within minutes," says Sulc, if they feed on frost-damaged forages containing high levels of prussic acid .
Nitrates and Prussic Acid in forages.
The first few frosts of fall bring the potential for prussic-acid poisoning when certain forages are grazed or fed to livestock, warns Steve Barnhart, Iowa State University Extension forage agronomist.
Today it's his primary forage in several thousand acres of pasture, all fertilized heavily with hog manure.
The second-ever issue of Hay & Forage Grower carried a story on a machine that mowed and shredded hay, then pressed it into thin mats that field-dried to 20% moisture in eight hours or less.
Ragweed growth has exploded in many of our pastures during recent years, according to Bruce Anderson, UNL Extension forage specialist.
USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) recently announced the expansion of the pasture, rangeland , forage crop insurance program (PRF) to additional states and counties over the next two years.
Pilot projects offer livestock producers risk protection for losses of forage produced for grazing or harvested for hay.
AYUKAWAHAMA, Japan — Seiko Taira and her family have settled into a grim routine since the tsunami struck: her sons forage for firewood.
Stockpiled forages also provide flexibility.
Tama Matsuoka Wong explains how to forage.
Dairy producers short on forage may want to take an early cutting from older alfalfa stands before rotating to corn this year, says Phil Kaatz, Michigan State University Extension educator.
Livestock producers with limited pastures supplies should adopt rotational grazing and consider planting a late-season summer-annual forage crop, say University of Kentucky (UK) Extension forage specialists.

In science:

In this article Bush states that selection by associations among items more closely matches human perception of information foraging than selection by hierarchical index structures.
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research
Footprints: History-Rich Tools for Information Foraging.
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research
Physarum computing is based on adaptive foraging behaviour of plasmodium of Physarum polycephalum.
Hot Ice Computer
Passino, Stable social foraging swarms in a noisy environment.
Emergence in Random Noisy Environments
In this paper we consider energy foraging scenario for two robotic species, swarm robots and symbiotic robot organism.
Collective Energy Foraging of Robot Swarms and Robot Organisms