• WordNet 3.6
    • n foghorn a warning device consisting of a horn that generates a loud low tone
    • n foghorn a loud low warning signal that can be heard by fogbound ships
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n foghorn A horn used on board a vessel to sound a warning signal to other vessels in foggy weather.
    • n foghorn A sounding instrument for warning vessels off shore during a fog. The most powerful of these instruments is the siren, or siren fog-horn (see siren), in which the sound is produced by means of a disk with twelve radial slits, which is made to rotate in front of a fixed disk exactly similar, a cast-iron trumpet 20 feet long forming part of the apparatus. The moving disk revolves 2,800 times a minute, and in each revolution there are of course twelve coincidences between the two disks; through the openings thus made steam or air at a high pressure is made to pass, so that there are 33,600 puffs of steam or compressed air per minute. The pulsations thus developed impinge upon the sides of the trumpet and are reflected outward in parallel rays, producing a blast of very great power in the direction required.
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In literature:

He was a big man with a voice like a foghorn.
"The Vision Spendid" by William MacLeod Raine
Foghorns were operated by hand or by horse power and were not strong enough to be heard at any great distance.
"Steve and the Steam Engine" by Sara Ware Bassett
This air is used for blowing the foghorns, and when they sound everybody in the locality knows it.
"Some Naval Yarns" by Mordaunt Hall
They've voices like a foghorn.
"A Modern Cinderella" by Amanda M. Douglas
The foghorn was blown constantly, and occasionally came an answering sound from another vessel.
"Dave Porter in the Far North" by Edward Stratemeyer
By one bell the mist had grown denser, and the Mate sung out sudden and angrily for the foghorn to be sounded.
"The Brassbounder" by David W. Bone
She's begun mooing like a foghorn.
"Molly Brown's Sophomore Days" by Nell Speed
Again rose the hoot of that spectral foghorn, and as it ceased I lifted up my voice and shouted like mad.
"A Veldt Vendetta" by Bertram Mitford
It would make a fair sample for an Atlantic liner's foghorn.
"The Boy With the U. S. Survey" by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
Suddenly, the air was rent by the loudest sound she'd ever heard, like she'd put her head inside a foghorn.
"Makers" by Cory Doctorow

In poetry:

He knew the ocean mists that rose
And seemed for ever staying,
When moaned the foghorn from Trevose
And nobody was playing;
"The Hon. Sec." by Sir John Betjeman

In news:

Potent and full-bodied, with names like Monster and Foghorn, these are beers to feast on.
Old Foghorn Barleywine Style Ale.
It appears that the new voice guy hasn't really captured the essence of Foghorn -Leghorn…I say…I say are ya listening to be boy.
It appears that the new voice guy hasn't really captured the essence of Foghorn-Leghorn…I say…I say are ya listening to be boy.
Not many Seattle rock bands have a history that includes trans- Icelandic tours, Brooklyn bluegrass acts, and Fulbright scholarships, but most bands aren't the Foghorns.
Scott Walker's deep, lugubrious, histrionic voice is a foghorn in the dark night of the soul.
Kind of like a distant foghorn, or someone playing a cello, or maybe the approach of an alien spaceship.
Professional-grade features include a powerful 6-watt built-in loudspeaker, 30-watt loud hailer with talk-back and foghorn functions.
On a recent afternoon, a group of schoolchildren ran through the Independence Seaport Museum, shrieking with delight as they shot cannons and sounded foghorns.
The Port San Luis Lighthouse foghorn is the subject of tonight's Good Question.
Barbara Palacios of Avila Beach wants to know: Why do I hear the foghorn in Avila Beach when it's not foggy.
JAMESTOWN – The historic Beavertail Lighthouse, with its majestic 64-foot tower, is a popular place even when its foghorn issues a throaty warning every 30 seconds.
Foghorn Stringband plays at Barking Legs.
Even the coolest of characters usually stutters more than Foghorn Leghorn being tasered when talking with one of the Playmates.
Like the Foghorn Leghorn impersonation.