• Six Mile Flume. Adirondack Mountains, New York
    Six Mile Flume. Adirondack Mountains, New York
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n flume watercourse that consists of an open artificial chute filled with water for power or for carrying logs
    • n flume a narrow gorge with a stream running through it
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Flume f;ūm A stream; especially, a passage channel, or conduit for the water that drives a mill wheel; or an artifical channel of water for hydraulic or placer mining; also, a chute for conveying logs or lumber down a declivity.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n flume A stream; a river.
    • n flume In physical geography, in the United States, especially in New England, a narrow defile with nearly vertical walls, the bottom of which is usually occupied by a mountain torrent. The best-known flume is in the Franconia notch of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, on a branch of the Pemigewasset river. It is about a third of a mile in length, having walls from 20 to 50 feet in height.
    • n flume An artificial channel for a stream of water to be applied to some industrial use. Flumes for conducting water to mill-wheels are open or covered passages formed of boards, planks, or stone, from which the water falls upon the wheel. In gold-mining regions flumes for furnishing water as a power in hydraulic mining are often extensive structures of planks, carried on heavy timbers over gullies, ravines, or valleys. Flumes are also used to convey water for irrigation, etc.
    • flume In gold-mining, to carry off in a flume, as the water of a stream, in order to lay bare the auriferous sand and gravel forming the bed.
    • n flume An inclined trough in which water runs, used in transporting logs or timbers.
    • flume In lumbering, to transport, as logs or timbers, by a flume.
    • flume To conduct a channel or canal, by a flume, along an artificial temporary construction in situations where an earth or masonry channel cannot readily be secured by excavation and embankment.
    • flume To build a flume or artificial channel and its supporting construction.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Flume flōōm an artificial channel for water to be applied to some industrial purpose:
    • n Flume flōōm (U.S.) a narrow defile with upright walls, the bottom occupied by a torrent
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. OE. flum, river, OF, flum, fr. L. flumen, fr. fluere, to flow. √84. See Fluent
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. flum—L. flumen, a river—fluĕre, to flow.


In literature:

Benson looked at the roaring flume.
"Still Jim" by Honoré Willsie Morrow
That world's wonder can scarcely be more romantically beautiful than our Flume.
"The Continental Monthly, Vol. 2 No 4, October, 1862" by Various
And we will see the Flume and the wonderful Notch.
"Hildegarde's Holiday" by Laura E. Richards
To get the water across, a trestle had been erected and a flume laid on it.
"Desert Conquest" by A. M. Chisholm
Mike leaned forward with face turned towards the flume, listening.
"Polly's Business Venture" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
He'd have gone down the flume, if I hadn't got hold of his bridle.
"The Mascot of Sweet Briar Gulch" by Henry Wallace Phillips
Thet an' riggin' up them flumes.
"The Gold Girl" by James B. Hendryx
Their descent was rapid, but it was long after dark before they reached Flume, which lay up the valley to the right.
"The Forester's Daughter" by Hamlin Garland
This means the end of Flume Valley, I reckon!
"The Boy Ranchers in Camp" by Willard F. Baker
Then it is let from the flumes into large and stout iron pipes, which grow gradually smaller and smaller.
"Seven and Nine years Among the Camanches and Apaches" by Edwin Eastman

In poetry:

The day is but a breezy dream,
The sky is like a bloom;
Life flows, a fragrant, bubbling stream,
Along a lilied flume.
"A Dream Of Romance" by Maurice Thompson
All day the forges flare and flume,
Like giants in despair,
And belch from out their murky throats
Their black breath on the air.
"Anvil And Newspaper" by Alexander Anderson

In news:

Water diverted into the flume then plummets down the steep mountainside through large tubes into the power plant to turn turbines and generate electricity.
Riders hit Flume Trail for good cause.
Riders mount up at the start of the Flume Race on Sept 10, 2011.
During the 33-year existence of the flume , which gave birth to Madera, more than one billion feet of lumber, floated down the big trough from the mountains toward the mill near where Millview School now stands.
Kent Diebolt, founder of Ithaca-based Vertical Access industrial rigging company, whose workers normally scale skyscrapers and historical buildings, is back for his second up-close peek into the flume 's mysteries.
Repairs complete on historic Ocoee flume .
Ocoee flume repairs nearing completion.
Wilmington's Flume Trail system provides mountain biking fun.
WILMINGTON — The AuSable River tumbled down, crossing under state Route 86 in Wilmington, as several mountain bikers geared up for a Sunday afternoon ride on the Wild Forest Flume Trail System.
Tracy Woodrow walks Tuesday along the flume trail as rain and snowmelt pour over the flume .
W'TON FLUME TRAIL SYSTEM: Mountain bikers, hikers have access to multi-use trail connected to Whiteface Mountain.
These photos from a 1963 collapse of the flume system under Shelbyville reveal some similarities to the problems experienced in 2009.
Flume , tells Rolling Stone.
Splash Mountain, the flume ride in Disneyland 's Critter Country, underwent a similar makeover in 2011.
Scientists of the University of Melbourne collected dumpling squid from the wild and forced the squid — both males and females — to swim to exhaustion in a flume.

In science:

Even before its discovery as a regularized version of the supermembrane theory, this quantum mechanics theory had been studied as a particularly elegant example of a quantum system with a high degree of supersymmetry (Claudson and Halpern, 1985; Flume, 1985; Baake, Reinicke, and Rittenberg, 1985).
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory
Flume, The 4-Point Correlations of Al l Primary Operators of the d = 2 Conformal ly Invariant SU (2) σ -Model with Wess-Zumino Term, Nucl.
A Collection of Exercises in Two-Dimensional Physics, Part 1