• WordNet 3.6
    • v flicker move back and forth very rapidly "the candle flickered"
    • v flicker flash intermittently "The lights flicked on and off"
    • v flicker shine unsteadily "The candle flickered"
    • n flicker the act of moving back and forth
    • n flicker North American woodpecker
    • n flicker a momentary flash of light
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flicker on tree trunk by hole flicker on tree trunk by hole

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Flicker The act of wavering or of fluttering; fluctuation; sudden and brief increase of brightness; as, the last flicker of the dying flame.
    • Flicker (Zoöl) The golden-winged woodpecker (Colaptes aurutus); -- so called from its spring note. Called also yellow-hammer high-holder pigeon woodpecker, and yucca. "The cackle of the flicker among the oaks."
    • Flicker To flutter; to flap the wings without flying. "And flickering on her nest made short essays to sing."
    • Flicker To waver unsteadily, like a flame in a current of air, or when about to expire; as, the flickering light. "The shadows flicker to fro."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • flicker To flutter, as a bird; vibrate the wings rapidly.
    • flicker To fluctuate or waver, as the light of a torch in the wind; undergo rapid and irregular changes.
    • flicker To scintillate; sparkle.
    • flicker To act lovingly; bestow caresses.
    • flicker Synonyms Glimmer, Gleam, etc. See glare, intransitive verb
    • flicker Wavering; unsteady.
    • n flicker The act of flickering or fluttering; a wavering or fluctuating gleam, as of a candle; a flutter.
    • n flicker The popular name of the golden-winged woodpecker, Colaptes auratus, a very common and handsome woodpecker of the United States, and of other species of the same genus, as the Mexican or red-shafted flicker, C. mexicanus, or the gilded flicker, C. chrysoides. The common flicker has the under surfaces of the wings and tail mostly golden-yellow, a profusion of round black spots on the light ground of the under parts, a black pectoral shield, a scarlet nuchal crescent, and in the male black mustaches. It is about 12½ inches long and 20 in extent of wings. It nests in holes of trees and lays numerous crystal white eggs. Also called yucker, highholder, yellow-winged woodpecker, and pigeon-woodpecker.
    • n flicker Specifically, in psychology, an unstable visual perception, occasioned by the intermittence or intensive fluctuation of stimuli.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Flicker flik′ėr to flutter and move the wings, as a bird: to burn unsteadily, as a flame
    • n Flicker an act of flickering, a flickering movement
    • ***


  • Edward M. Forster
    “At night, when the curtains are drawn and the fire flickers, my books attain a collective dignity.”
  • Henry David Thoreau
    “Should not every apartment in which man dwells be lofty enough to create some obscurity overhead, where flickering shadows may play at evening about the rafters?”
  • Benjamin Disraeli
    “You behold a range of exhausted volcanoes. Not a flame flickers on a single pallid crest.”
  • Conor Cruise O'Brien
    Conor Cruise O'Brien
    “Man watches his history on the screen with apathy and an occasional passing flicker of horror or indignation.”
  • Mordecai Richler
    Mordecai Richler
    “Fundamentally, all writing is about the same thing; it's about dying, about the brief flicker of time we have here, and the frustration that it creates.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. flikeren, flekeren, to flutter, AS. flicerian, flicorian, cf. D. flikkeren, to sparkle. √84. Cf. Flacker,


In literature:

For a moment the flickering light in him died down to ashes.
"Tharon of Lost Valley" by Vingie E. Roe
The match flickered feebly in the damp air, revealing scantily a small room which looked like a laundry.
"The Web of the Golden Spider" by Frederick Orin Bartlett
Now and then the flickering light touched her face and he thought she studied him.
"Partners of the Out-Trail" by Harold Bindloss
A faint smile flickered across Goldsturmer's mouth.
"The Island Mystery" by George A. Birmingham
At times, when the light died down, this dome gleamed with dull flickerings that threatened to vanish entirely.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, August 1930" by Various
Bell felt his eyelids flicker.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, May, 1930" by Various
Its light cast flickering shadows on walls of stone.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June, 1930" by Various
The silence persisted; no living thing other than himself lent any flicker of motion to the scene.
"Two Thousand Miles Below" by Charles Willard Diffin
Their nesting season is during May and June, when they lay from four to eight white eggs, with less gloss than those of the Flicker.
"The Bird Book" by Chester A. Reed
Then under the flickering shade of the tree they sat down together for their talk.
"Robinetta" by Kate Douglas Wiggin

In poetry:

Shadow and light are lying
On all the hills I see;
Flicker of shadow and sunshine
On wood and stream and tree.
"Shadow And Sunshine" by Alexander Anderson
These mortal hills, this flickering sea,
This shadowy and thoughtful night,
Throb with infinity,
Burn with immortal light.
"Stars" by John Freeman
There's a way, o'er rocks--but quicker
Is the beat of heart and foot,
As the beams above us flicker
Sun upon moss and root!
"The Ramble" by Cale Young Rice
Wild cherry-boughs above us spread,
The whitest shade was ever seen,
And flicker, flicker, came and fled
Sun spots between.
"The Letter L" by Jean Ingelow
The sunlight flickered on the wave,
Lay quiet on the hill;
Italian sunshine, bright and brave,
Though 'twas but April still.
"At San Giovanni Del Lago" by Alfred Austin
No longer in a glittering morn
Their misty meadows flicker nigh,
No singing with the spray is borne,
All that is long gone by.
"Hesperides" by Richard Le Gallienne

In news:

We reported on June 4 that a flickering streetlight had been repaired in the 8500 block of Sikorski Lane in Far East Dallas.
At this stage of the season, you are just looking for that flicker.
User adjustments offer an anti-flicker filter to reduce flickering of the interlaced HD/SD-TV outputs as well as 2Dsharpness, RGB level, and black level.
Flickering lamp in Arlington is fixed.
INTERVIEWS Hear Hello Skinny's Flickering, Afrobeat-Inspired Dub 'Hello Skinny'.
In the video, a series of people get into the elevator and are unsettled when the lights flicker and go out while they are riding.
Soon enough, the curtain will rise, the lights will flicker on and the show will start.
What do you do when your relationship is great but the spark has become barely a flicker.
But despite flickers of national attention, a breakthrough moment hasn't yet come for Hayes.
Given that greenwashing claims pour water on the flickering flame of eco-marketing, one might ask whether this so-called green movement is just another marketing fad.
Last night, as the Internet started to flicker in and out and Manhattan went dark, so too did some websites and news outlets.
But despite flickers of national attention, a breakthrough moment hasn't yet come for Hayes .
Prisoners huddle around flickering fires and gnash hard tack.
Not flickering candles or blinking strings of Halloween pumpkins.
But some may not know about the possible danger in a warm, flickering flame.

In science:

Convertons, corresponding to interconversions between tr and lb types of the effectons (flickering clusters); 3.
Hierarchic Models of Turbulence, Superfluidity and Superconductivity
Flicker “Principles, limitations, and performance of multiconjugate adaptive optics,” Proc.
Tomographic reconstruction for Wide Field Adaptive Optics systems: Fourier domain analysis and fundamental limitations
Flicker Y., Kazhdan D.A., Metaplectic correspondence.
The Langlands-Shahidi Method for the metaplectic group and applications
This resulted in a very flickering webpage since all photos behind the photo being dragged flickered or disappeared until completion of the operation.
Analysis of Using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications for Image Manipulation
Figure 28: Flicker amplitude over the diameter of a cell. (Arrows indicate the cell boundary.) The observed distribution agrees well with the theoretical flicker amplitudes obtained from the BC model.
Amphiphilic Membranes