• WordNet 3.6
    • v fish catch or try to catch fish or shellfish "I like to go fishing on weekends"
    • v fish seek indirectly "fish for compliments"
    • n fish any of various mostly cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills "the shark is a large fish","in the living room there was a tank of colorful fish"
    • n fish the flesh of fish used as food "in Japan most fish is eaten raw","after the scare about foot-and-mouth disease a lot of people started eating fish instead of meat","they have a chef who specializes in fish"
    • n Fish the twelfth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about February 19 to March 20
    • n Fish (astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Pisces
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Additional illustrations & photos:

2 Fished 2 Fished
3 Fished and keyed 3 Fished and keyed
A boy and a girl fishing A boy and a girl fishing
A Chinese man fishing with birds A Chinese man fishing with birds
The boys in the pond, fishing with rods The boys in the pond, fishing with rods
Cartoon fish Cartoon fish
Man selling fish to lady Man selling fish to lady
Fished out a Nickel and Gave It to the Porter 041 Fished out a Nickel and Gave It to the Porter 041

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ninety-five percent of tropical fish sold in North America originate from Florida
    • n Fish fĭsh A counter, used in various games.
    • Fish A name loosely applied in popular usage to many animals of diverse characteristics, living in the water.
    • Fish (Naut) A piece of timber, somewhat in the form of a fish, used to strengthen a mast or yard.
    • Fish (Naut) A purchase used to fish the anchor.
    • Fish (Zoöl) An oviparous, vertebrate animal usually having fins and a covering scales or plates. It breathes by means of gills, and lives almost entirely in the water. See Pisces.
    • Fish The flesh of fish, used as food.
    • Fish The twelfth sign of the zodiac; Pisces.
    • Fish To attempt to catch fish; to be employed in taking fish, by any means, as by angling or drawing a net.
    • Fish To catch; to draw out or up; as, to fish up an anchor.
    • Fish To search by raking or sweeping.
    • Fish To seek to obtain by artifice, or indirectly to seek to draw forth; as, to fish for compliments. "Any other fishing question."
    • Fish To strengthen (a beam, mast, etc.), or unite end to end (two timbers, railroad rails, etc.) by bolting a plank, timber, or plate to the beam, mast, or timbers, lengthwise on one or both sides. See Fish joint, under Fish n.
    • Fish To try with a fishing rod; to catch fish in; as, to fish a stream.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The list of ingredients that make up lipstick include fish scales
    • n fish A vertebrate which has gills and fins adapting it for living in the water. In this sense the word has been and is still largely used as the equivalent of the former extensive class Pisces, including the leptocardians, myzonts, and selachians, as well as true Pisces. But the differences between these several types of structure are so great that the leptocardians and myzonts have been each contrasted with all remaining vertebrates.
    • n fish In zoology: Any branchiferous vertebrate with a complete cranium and a lyriform shoulder-girdle. In this sense, the leptocardians and myzonts are excluded, but the selachians are included with true Pisces.
    • n fish A branchiferous or teleostomous vertebrate with dermal plates or membrane-bones superadded to the primordial cranium and shoulder-girdle, and with the branchiæ free outwardly. The sturgeons as well as all the osseous fishes are included in the group thus defined.
    • n fish In popular language, any animal that lives entirely in the water; a swimming as distinguished from a flying or walking animal, including cetaceous mammals, batrachians, mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms, as well as fishes proper: commonly distinguished by some specifying word, as blackfish, shellfish, starfish. See these and other compounds.
    • n fish The meat of a fish or of fishes used as food.
    • n fish The codfish: so called specifically by Cape Cod and Cape Ann fishermen, in distinction from fish of other kinds, as mackerel, herring, etc.
    • n fish The zodiacal sign Pisces.
    • n fish Nautical: A purchase used to raise the flukes of an anchor up to the bill-board. Also called a fish-tackle.
    • n fish A long piece of timber or iron used to strengthen a mast or a yard when sprung.
    • n fish In joinery, etc., a piece secured alongside of another to strengthen or stiffen it.
    • n fish Fish that are or may be caught with bait.
    • n fish Fish having a more or less ossified skeleton: thus distinguished from cartilaginous fish. See cut under Esox.
    • n fish See coarse fish.
    • n fish In ichthyology, a fish inhabiting the sea near the shore and in water of moderate depth: thus contrasting with deep-sea fish and pelagic fish.
    • n fish The squid or cuttlefish.
    • n fish See also whitefish.
    • fish To catch or attempt to catch fish; be employed in taking fish by any means, as by angling or drawing nets.
    • fish To be arranged or adjusted so as to catch fish; bo capable of catching fish: as, the net or pound is fishing; the net was set, but was not fishing; the net fishes seven feet (that is, seven feet deep).
    • fish To catch by means of any of the operations or processes of fishing: as, to fish minnows or lobsters.
    • fish To attempt to catch fish in; try with any apparatus for catching fish, as a rod or net.
    • fish To use in or for fishing: as, gill-nets are fished; an oysterman fishes his boat.
    • fish To catch or lay hold of, in water, mud, or some analogous medium or position, as if by fishing; draw out or up; get or secure in any way with some difficulty or search, as if by angling.
    • fish To search by dragging, raking, or sweeping.
    • fish Nautical: To strengthen, as a weak spar, by lashing one or more pieces of wood or iron along the weak place.
    • fish To hoist the flukes of, as an anchor, up to the bill-board.
    • fish In joinery, to strengthen, as a piece of wood, by fastening another piece above or below it, and sometimes both.
    • fish In railroading, to splice, as rails, with a fish-joint.
    • fish To obtain by careful search or study or by artifice; elicit by pains or stratagem: as, to fish out a meaning from an obscure sentence, a secret from a person, or an admission from an adverse witness.
    • fish To pull up or out from or as from some deep place, as if by fishing: as, the boy fished out a top from the depths of his pocket.
    • n fish A counter used in various games.
    • n fish The Southern Fish, Piscis Australis or Austrinus.
    • n fish A name sometimes applied to fishes having ocellated spots of color resembling auxiliary eyes.
    • n fish Chænobryttus gulosus, one of the sun-fishes found in fresh waters of the eastern United States.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Lake Malawi has the largest number of fish species in the world
    • n Fish fish a vertebrate that lives in water, and breathes through gills: the flesh of fish: a piece of wood fixed alongside another for strengthening
    • v.t Fish to search for fish: to search by sweeping: to draw out or up:
    • n Fish the art or practice of catching fish
    • v.t Fish (naut.) to strengthen, as a weak spar: to hoist the flukes of: to seek to obtain by artifice
    • ***


  • Tom Brokaw
    Tom Brokaw
    “If fishing is a religion, fly fishing is high church.”
  • Ernest Hemingway
    “Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl.”
  • John Ruskin
    “No human being, however great, or powerful, was ever so free as a fish.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “When a flirt fishes for a man, she fishes merely for the sport.”
  • Eric Butterworth
    “The one thing that a fish can never find is water; and the one thing that man can never find is God.”
  • Danish Proverb
    Danish Proverb
    “Fish and guests smell at three days old.”


Big fish - An important person in a company or an organisation is a big fish.
Big fish in a small pond - A big fish in a small pond is an important person in a small place or organisation.
Bigger fish to fry - If you aren't interested in something because it isn't important to you and there are more important things for you to do, you have bigger fish to fry.
Cold fish - A cold fish is a person who doesn't show how they feel.
Different kettle of fish - If something is a different kettle of fish, it is very different from the other things referenced.
Drink like a fish - If someone drinks like a fish, they drink far too much alcohol.
Fish for compliments - Usually said of someone who puts themselves down (similar to false modesty) in the hope that others will contradict them, and in the process, compliment them. Sam: I'm no good at drawing!Judy: Nonsense! You're an excellent artist!Bob: Aw, he was just fishing for compliments.
Fish in troubled waters - Someone who fishes in troubled waters tries to takes advantage of a shaky or unstable situation. The extremists were fishing in troubled waters during the political uncertainty in the country.
Fish or cut bait - (USA) This idiom is used when you want to tell someone that it is time to take action.
Fish out of water - If you are placed in a situation that is completely new to you and confuses you, you are like a fish out of water.
Gone fishing - If someone has gone fishing, they are not very aware of what is happening around them.
Kettle of fish - A pretty or fine kettle of fish is a difficult problem or situation.
Neither fish nor fowl - Something or someone that is neither fish nor fowl doesn't really fit into any one group.
On a fishing expedition - If someone is on a fishing expedition, they are trying to get information, often using incorrect or improper ways to find things out.
Other fish to fry - If you have other fish to fry, it doesn't matter if one opportunity fails to materialise as you have plenty of others.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. fisch, fisc, fis, AS. fisc,; akin to D. visch, OS. & OHG. fisk, G. fisch, Icel. fiskr, Sw. & Dan. fisk, Goth. fisks, L. piscis, Ir. iasg,. Cf. Piscatorial. In some cases, such as fish, joint, fish, plate, this word has prob. been confused with fish, fr. F. fiche,a peg


In literature:

Reaching the hook down into the water, Joe caught it in a portion of Benny's "fish" suit.
"Joe Strong, the Boy Fish" by Vance Barnum
Struggling, it rose again with a great fish in its talons.
"The Young Alaskans" by Emerson Hough
A great fish then swallowed him.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
Have the fish of the lakes no enemy?
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
One meets with water in abundance, wood and shell-fish, and occasionally very good fish.
"Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne
Also, a fishing season for cod; and likewise the cargo of the fishing vessel.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
For still heavier work connected with mammals, and especially with fish, I prefer a pair of small spring shears, 6 in, to 7 in.
"Practical Taxidermy" by Montagu Browne
Godfrey intended to fish as they drifted along, but they had at present at least as much fish on board as they could consume while it was good.
"Condemned as a Nihilist" by George Alfred Henty
And there may be a little fishing.
"A Poor Man's House" by Stephen Sydney Reynolds
He that fishes before the net, fishes lang or he fish get.
"The Proverbs of Scotland" by Alexander Hislop

In poetry:

She sat and sang alway
By the green margin of a stream,
Watching the fishes leap and play
Beneath the glad sunbeam.
"Song III" by Christina Georgina Rossetti
THE SIX month child
Fresh from the tub
Wriggles in our hands.
This is our fish child.
Give her a nickname: Slippery.
"Slippery" by Carl Sandburg
My life would be one long regret
If, for my pleasure vain,
I caused a harmless little fish
An hour of needless pain.
"Womanly Qualms" by Ellis Parker Butler
But soon the giant spat him out,
Three miles into the sea ;
Whereas a fish soon took him up,
And bore him thence away.
"The Life And Death Of Tom Thumb" by Anonymous British
Tug at the net,
Haul at the net,
Strip off the quivering fish;
Hid in the mist
The winds whist,
Is like my heart's wish.
"At The Gill-Nets" by Duncan Campbell Scott
And if Dan’s heavy oars should cause
One little fish to die,
I’d never, never dare to look
Smoked herring in the eye!
"Womanly Qualms" by Ellis Parker Butler

In news:

Cindy Schroeder of Durango caught some nice fish in boils while fishing for stripers near Halls Crossing Marina at Lake Powell .
I caught my personal best lake trout and it is the largest fish I have ever caught ice fishing.
I have had more fun sitting and sipping on a beer watching people fish then actually fishing myself.
Fishing enthusiasts from all over find the bass fishing at Falcon Lake to be among the best around, despite the dangers associated with its nearness to the Mexican border.
They say over the past few years they've seen fewer lamprey wounds in fish, which Young says has left more, bigger fish in Lake Champlain.
Less than two weeks after an Arkansas largemouth bass record apparently was set, an investigation by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has revealed that the fish was caught illegally.
Includes all five state stamp endorsements (archery, freshwater fishing, migratory game bird, saltwater fishing with a red drum tag, and upland game bird).
Game and Fish proposes increasing hunting, fishing licenses by at least 21.5 percent.
The Republican Senate today (April 23) passed its game and fish bill, one including proposed hunting and fishing license fee increases.
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game recently announced that the lingcod sport fishing seasons, bag and possession limits, annual limits, and size limits have been established for the Northern Southeast Area.
'Cause even Hemingway can't help you catch a fish, Chicago Public Library branches located near fishing lagoons* keep a stock of rods and reels available for check out.
The end of April brings the promise of lots of fishing for anglers with pent up fishing needs, restless all winter without much, if any action.
My brother-in-law and I went to a local fishing pier, we are both pretty new to the saltwater fishing game.
I've been fishing a few times with him over the years and have caught a fair share of fish and even a Nurse shark.
Clinton "Tiny" Hancock with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission delivered the fish.

In science:

One method that has been applied by several groups is fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH ).
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
FISH -markers one can measure the mean squared physical distance (cid:10)R2 (cid:11) between these markers as a function of the genomic distance d. A recent study has shed light on the folding at larger length scales .
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
In the past, experimental data from FISH measurements has been compared quite successfully to polymer models.
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
Time evolution measurements cannot be performed on a cell using FISH markers as the cell has to be fixated before applying imaging techniques.
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
Malaysia region currently, the database contains 1513 of fish images. Data acquired on 22th August, 2008, is used. The classification problem involved the identification of 1513 types of image fishes; family ,Scientific Name , English name , local name, Habitat , poison fish and nonpoison .
Fish recognition based on the combination between robust feature selection, image segmentation and geometrical parameter techniques using Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree