• WordNet 3.6
    • n finch any of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The most frequently seen birds at feeders across North America last winter were the Dark-eyed Junco, House Finch and American goldfinch, along with downy woodpeckers, blue jays, mourning doves, black-capped chickadees, house sparrows, northern cardinals and european starlings.
    • n Finch fĭnch (Zoöl) A small singing bird of many genera and species, belonging to the family Fringillidæ.☞ The word is often used in composition, as in chaffinch, goldfinch, grassfinch, pinefinch, etc.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n finch The chaffinch; any bird of the genus Fringilla or family Fringillidæ, of which the species are very numerous; a bunting, sparrow, grosbeak, etc. See Fringillidæ.
    • n finch Any small conirostral oscine passerine bird, as of the family Ploceidæ or Tanagridæ; a weaver-bird or tanager.
    • n finch Loosely, in composition, some other small bird, as the fallow-finch.
    • n finch Peucæa cassini, a kind of summer finch of southwestern parts of the United States: named for the same.
    • n finch The yellow-hammer.
    • n finch The Texas sparrow, Embernagra rufovirgata. See Embernagra.
    • n finch A misnomer of the Canadian sparrow or tree-sparrow, Spizella monticola.
    • n finch The snow-bunting, Plectrophanes nivalis, in the plumage of winter, or of the female and young male.
    • n finch The pine-siskin, Chrysomitris pinus: so called from its fondness for the seeds of the pine.
    • finch An obsolete contracted form of finish.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Finch finsh a name applied to many Passerine birds, esp. to those of the genus Fringilla or family Fringillidæbullfinch, chaffinch, goldfinch, &c
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. finc,; akin to D. vink, OHG. fincho, G. fink,; cf. W. pinc, a finch; also E. spink,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. finc; Ger. fink.


In literature:

One named Louie Finch, her husband dead.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves, North Carolina Narratives, Part 2" by Work Projects Administration
Peter Price died last July, James Finch died last year, Lieut.
"The Southern Soldier Boy" by James Carson Elliott
By Florence Finch Kelly.
"Vashti" by Augusta J. Evans Wilson
As poet, Mr. Finch of course recalled many former members of the society.
"Nathan Hale" by Jean Christie Root
Who were the other offenders glanced at by Colonel Finch, as also in one of Severn's letters, I have no distinct idea.
"Life of John Keats" by William Michael Rossetti
These are matters to think over dreamily while the finches sing overhead in the apple-tree.
"The Hills and the Vale" by Richard Jefferies
It is an unbroken strain running up and down the middle of the scale and has it in a reminder of the Purple Finch's lay.
"What Bird is That?" by Frank M. Chapman
Jerry L. Finch, former deputy prosecuting attorney of King County, gave impeaching testimony against Wm.
"The Everett massacre" by Walker C. Smith
They seem to partake much of the nature of our linnets, sparrows, and finches.
"Wanderings in South America" by Charles Waterton
Stooping as if to look for the finch, she whispered: 'Save me quickly.
"A Captive of the Roman Eagles" by Felix Dahn

In poetry:

Tutti abbiam nella vita
L'ora fatal che resta, come negro stilita
Sul nostro capo, immobile, finche' anuiam sottoterra.
"Meriggio" by Ferdinando Fontana
But when once more they found themselves deserted,
And little Hop-o'-my-Thumb
Felt sure to lead them out, he found the finches
Had eaten every crumb!
"Hop-O-My-Thumb" by Clara Doty Bates
Up in yon sweet blue fluency of air,
Our mountain trees, greening of dewy light,
Stand in their prosperous height:
Finch, merle, and throstle pipe their morning quarrel there.
"Song The Eigth" by Thomas Aird
It is the lark, that louder, louder sings,
As though but this one thought possessed his mind:
'You silent robin, blackbird, thrush, and finch,
I'll sing enough for all you lazy kind!'
"A Bird's Anger" by William H Davies
There in blossoms odorous the birds sing a chorus,
Of "God save the Queen" as they hop to and fro;
And you sit on the binches and hark to the finches,
Singing melodious in sweet Pimlico.
"The Pimlico Pavilion" by William Makepeace Thackeray
The happy lark whose benison fell from the sunny sky;
The blackbird with his golden lute that serenaded by:
The nightingale that through the night told his low rosary;
The finches, with their little tunes, were all beloved by me.
"The Sea-Mew" by Dora Sigerson Shorter

In news:

Camille Autumn Finch was born Thursday, Oct 11, 2012, at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage.
She weighed seven pounds, 13 ounces and is the daughter of Sheila and Kyle Finch of Eagle River.
(AP) — Over the past year, Roy Finch has seen his chances to make an impact for No 10 Oklahoma shrink to almost none.
Nash Finch lobbying for county funding to expand its facilities, services.
Softball star and former Olympian Jennie Finch is pregnant with her third child with husband Casey Daigle, who's a former major league baseball pitcher.
Ouellette & Crazy Maggy will kick off the new season of the FINCH coffeehouse series in Newburyport tomorrow night.
Robert Finch , age 59, died Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012, at Alliance Community Hospital following a long illness.
He was born in Alliance to William and Isabell (Heaton) Finch .
I had just started setting up the registration table for the National Women's Bicycling Summit when Emily Finch arrived.
Mary Jo Finch (Nichols), 83, of Konawa, died Sept 14, 2012, in Shawnee.
Sports Let's Celebrate Jennie Finch 's Birthday By Watching Her Break Scientific Equipment.
University of Arizona softball great Jennie Finch turns 32 today, 10 years removed from setting an NCAA record with 60 consecutive wins.
Roy Finch 's position for the Sooners has changed, but his attitude has not.
Foster, Finch share Johnnie Walker lead.
Dean Finch , 29, of Canyon died Tuesday, July 3, 2012, in Amarillo.

In science:

We wish to thank Charlie Finch, Hektor Monteiro, and Jen Winters for their supporting work in this effort.
The Solar Neighborhood X: New Nearby Stars in the Southern Sky and Accurate Photometric Distance Estimates for Red Dwarfs
See Finch and Kuchment for surveys of these and other developments in Euclidean space.
The attenuated ray transform on simple surfaces
Finch, The attenuated X-ray transform: recent developments, in Inside Out: Inverse Problems and Applications (edited by G.
The attenuated ray transform on simple surfaces
Finch, The Golden mean, Mathematical Constants, Cambridge Univ.
Three Random Tangents to a Circle
Finch, Mathematical Constants (Cambridge, New York, 2003).
A Hypergeometric Formula Yielding Hilbert-Schmidt Generic 2 x 2 Generalized Separability Probabilities