• WordNet 3.6
    • v fib tell a relatively insignificant lie "Fibbing is not acceptable, even if you don't call it lying"
    • n fib a trivial lie "he told a fib about eating his spinach","how can I stop my child from telling stories?"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Fib A falsehood; a lie; -- used euphemistically. "They are very serious; they don't tell fibs ."
    • v. i Fib To speak falsely.
    • v. t Fib To tell a fib to.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n fib A lie; specifically, a white lie; a venial falsehood, told to save one's self or another from embarrassment.
    • fib To say what is not true; lie, especially in a mild or comparatively innocent way.
    • fib To tell a fib to; lie to.
    • fib To beat of strike, especially by delivering a succession of short rapid blows.
    • fib To deliver a succession of short rapid blows.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Fib fib something said falsely: a mild expression for a lie
    • v.i Fib to tell a fib or lie: to speak falsely:—pr.p. fib′bing; pa.p. fibbed
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Prob. fr. fable,; cf. Prov. E. fibble-fabble, nonsense


In literature:

I told a horrid fib and said the newsagent had forgotten to leave it.
"The Explorer" by W. Somerset Maugham
Oh, you know we were both fibbing when we vowed we adored one another; I am a romancer by profession, and you by nature.
"The Land of The Blessed Virgin; Sketches and Impressions in Andalusia" by William Somerset Maugham
You don't need to tell me polite fibs, you know.
"Master of the Vineyard" by Myrtle Reed
That fib she soon repented to have uttered.
"The Silver Lining" by John Roussel
Never a fib since last I gave him the ox-reim end to taste.
"The Dop Doctor" by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
You must even fib a little, if it is necessary.
"A Romantic Young Lady" by Robert Grant
For years he had not seen or heard anything of the rector; but it was a fib which slipped from him unawares.
"A Vanished Hand" by Sarah Doudney
She told such awful fibs, and her exaggerations were not decorative; they were criminal.
"The Smart Set" by Clyde Fitch
It seems nateral to men's nater to tell fibs about fish.
"Samantha at Coney Island" by Marietta Holley
What to one of them would be only a fib would be to the other, to old Morestal, a criminal betrayal of his own side.
"The Frontier" by Maurice LeBlanc

In poetry:

"Well, it IS curious, I agree,
And sounds perhaps like fibs:
But still it's true as true can be -
As sure as your name's Tibbs," said he.
I said "My name's NOT Tibbs."
"Phantasmagoria Canto VI ( Dyscomfyture )" by Lewis Carroll

In news:

In Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812, at Ars Nova, composer Dave Malloy and director Rachel Chavkin swathe the audience in falsehoods and fibs, all set to music.
When realtors fib and foodies slice the truth.
Fibbing About His Viewership, Al Gore 's Credibility Took Another Beating This Week.
On " Black Swan ," happy road trips, and a fibbing Sasha.
Hollywood stars are famous for getting themselves in trouble with their far from little fibs, getting publicly busted in the biggest lies.
In therapeutic doses, it inhibits the clotting mechanism in humans to reduce the risk of strokes in those who have a-fib and to prevent DVT formation.
Using a pseudonym on Facebook or fibbing about your age on a dating site could be illegal if the US Department of Justice has its way.
'Pinocchio' wasn't a lie: The nose reacts when you fib.
MALIBU, Calif — Dick Van Dyke fibs in his new memoir, My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business.
Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib' book signing.
A new survey shows that some of them fib a lot.
If you've fibbed to your doctor about your health habits or how faithfully you've followed his or her guidance, you're far from alone.
Obama's Climate Position : A Lie Inside a Fib Coated with Spin.
Its a bit different for me, I had cardiac surgery a few weeks ago for A-fib, believe me its not something you want.
Of the 738, 78% (n = 574) subsequently remained in a non-shockable rhythm/state at each evaluation throughout the resuscitation (Non- shock group) while 22% (n = 164) converted to V Fib and were shocked by EMS ( shock group).

In science:

Fibonnacci streams Define a co-inductive predicate, called local fib, that is satisfied by any stream such that, if n, m, p are consecutive elements, then p = n+m.
CoInduction in Coq
The FIB has been slowly emerging from careful analyses of (largely) COBE data.
Known and unknown SCUBA sources
In this section, we generalize generating function (3.2a) to the so called binomial-like theorem (compare with Fib-binomial theorem in ).
Generalization of Fibonomial Coefficients
It is interesting to confront the Theorem 2 with logarithmic Fib-binomial theorem in valid for a very broad class of F -sequences - see Remark at the end of .
Generalization of Fibonomial Coefficients
Krzysztof Kwa´sniewski, The logarithmic Fib-binomial formula Adv.
Generalization of Fibonomial Coefficients