• Ferry-Boat on the St. Lawrence
    Ferry-Boat on the St. Lawrence
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v ferry travel by ferry
    • v ferry transport by ferry
    • v ferry transport from one place to another
    • n ferry transport by boat or aircraft
    • n ferry a boat that transports people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular schedule
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The Ferris Wheel wuz indeed nigh to us, and I forgive Josiah for his ardor when I see it The Ferris Wheel wuz indeed nigh to us, and I forgive Josiah for his ardor when I see it

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ferris wheels are names after George W. Ferris who built the first one in Chicago in 1893.
    • Ferry A franchise or right to maintain a vessel for carrying passengers and freight across a river, bay, etc., charging tolls.
    • Ferry A place where persons or things are carried across a river, arm of the sea, etc., in a ferryboat. "It can pass the ferry backward into light.""To row me o'er the ferry ."
    • Ferry A vessel in which passengers and goods are conveyed over narrow waters; a ferryboat; a wherry.
    • Ferry To carry or transport over a river, strait, or other narrow water, in a boat.
    • Ferry To convey back and forth regularly between two points in a vehicle; as, part of her day was spent ferrying the kids to and from school.
    • v. i Ferry To pass over water in a boat or by a ferry. "They ferry over this Lethean sound
      Both to and fro."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • ferry To carry or transport over a contracted body of water, as a river or strait, in a boat or other floating conveyance plying between opposite shores.
    • ferry To pass over water in a boat.
    • n ferry A boat or raft in which passengers and goods are conveyed over a river or other contracted body of water; a wherry.
    • n ferry The place or passage where boats pass over water to convey passengers and goods.
    • n ferry A provision for the regular conveyance by boat or raft of passengers and goods across a river or other body of water between opposite shores: as, to establish a ferry; also, the legal right to maintain such a conveyance, and to charge reasonable toll for the service.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Ferry fer′i to carry or convey over a water in a boat
    • pr.p Ferry ferr′ying; pa.p. ferr′ied
    • n Ferry a place where one is carried by boat across a water: the right of conveying passengers: the ferry-boat
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. ferien, to convey, AS. ferian, from faran, to go; akin to Icel. ferja, to ferry, Goth. farjan, to sail. See Fare


In literature:

He was a strange man; indeed, I know now that all the possessors of the Ferry farm must have been strange men.
"An Arrow in a Sunbeam" by Various
Bobby was quite crestfallen when the opening of the bids proved Ferris to be the second lowest man.
"The Making of Bobby Burnit" by George Randolph Chester
No ferry-boat can sail over the bay in such weather as this.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
Here and there the canoes of the Indians were speeding across at the ferry.
"That Girl Montana" by Marah Ellis Ryan
Also there was Christian Boncer, during the Revolution who like John Orme, before him, was likewise running a ferry over the Potomac.
"A Portrait of Old George Town" by Grace Dunlop Ecker
One night in November came in Mr Underhill, and an hour after him, Mr Ferris.
"Robin Tremayne" by Emily Sarah Holt
At the ferry it is about three miles wide.
"Travels in North America, From Modern Writers" by William Bingley
He now commenced waiting at the ferries and depots, though he did not immediately give up entirely the newspaper trade.
"Ben, the Luggage Boy;" by Horatio Alger
Little Ferry, Evan., 1.60.
"The American Missionary -- Volume 54, No. 2, April, 1900" by Various
On Saturday, 8th of June, orders came for an expedition to Harper's Ferry.
"History of Company F, 1st Regiment, R.I. Volunteers, during the Spring and Summer of 1861" by Charles H. Clarke

In poetry:

The crew, however, were very near the land,
When the gusts rose such as no man could withstand,
With such force that the ferry-boat flew away
From her course, down into the little bay,
"The Kessack Ferry-Boat Fatality" by William Topaz McGonagall
"But now who's a glance for her, limping her round
With coal for the ferries that ply on the Sound?
And who that now sees her would know her the same
Which once was a clipper, a clipper of fame!"
"The Ould Has-Been" by Cicely Fox Smith
The ferry-boat started from the north or Black Isle,
While the gusty gales were blowing all the while
From the south, and strong from the south-west,
And to get to land fclie crew tried their utmost best.
"The Kessack Ferry-Boat Fatality" by William Topaz McGonagall
Ancient Castle of Broughty Ferry
With walls as strong as Londonderry;
Near by the sea-shore,
Where oft is heard and has been heard the cannon's roar
In the present day and days of yore,
Loudly echoing from shore to shore.
"Broughty Ferry" by William Topaz McGonagall
Deep and dissolving verticals of light
Ferry the falls of moonshine down. Five bells
Coldly rung out in a machine's voice. Night and water
Pour to one rip of darkness, the Harbour floats
In the air, the Cross hangs upside-down in water.
"Five Bells" by Kenneth Slessor
Oh, there never dawned a morning, in the long and lonely days,
But I thought I saw the ferries streaming out across the bays—
And as fresh and fair in fancy did the picture rise again
As the sunrise flushed the city from Woollahra to Balmain:
"Sydney-Side" by Henry Lawson

In news:

Stringent safety training requirements and the grounding of the state ferry LeConte have delayed the Juneau launch of the state's new fast ferry Fairweather by about a week, according to the Alaska Marine Highway System.
Jane Holt, DO, has joined the medical practice of Harpers Ferry Family Medicine as a pediatrician.
Adrienne Zavala, MD has joined the medical practice of Harpers Ferry Family Medicine as a family medicine physician.
But could visitors next year be forced to walk the plank if a ferry fare increase is approved.
Ferry system wants to know public's opinion of 12.5 percent fare increase .
A general 12.5 percent ferry fare increase proposal will be the subject of several public meetings to be held across the Puget Sound and Kitsap County during February and March.
Fall Schedule Changes from Washington State Ferries.
Washington State Ferries' fall schedule begins this Sunday Sept 23.
Passenger Ferry Service May Find Home on Bay Street in Sag Harbor.
Minivan rolls off ferry into St Lawrence River.
It wasn't a Black Friday sale, but a classic old Washington state ferry has sold at auction for just 40 percent of market value.
Homes on the islands around Vancouver Island can be viewed from the BC Ferries , Spirit of Vancouver Island ferry , as it makes it's way from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay terminal.
In Barrington, Ferry Lane and Mathewson Road take on water.
State staffers set up mobile office in Little Ferry to take questions, complaints.
Ferry operator pledges to allow use only by 'loyal persons'.

In science:

Notice the reentrant behaviour of the first-order ferri-ferromagnetic transition lines, evident in (b) and (c).
One-dimensional Ising model with long-range and random short-range interactions
The first-order ferri-ferromagnetic transition line (θf ) intersects the second-order ferri-paramagnetic transition line (θ ′ c ) and the first-order ferro-paramagnetic transition line (θt ) at point Pc2 , which is not a tricritical point.
One-dimensional Ising model with long-range and random short-range interactions
The dotted line in the inset corresponds to fist-order ferri-ferromagnetic transition temperatures (θf ).
One-dimensional Ising model with long-range and random short-range interactions
The hot phase of the interstellar medium (ISM), known since more than 30 years, is generated by supernova (SN) explosions, and to a lesser extent by powerful winds from the progenitor stars (McCray & Snow 1979; Spitzer 1990; Ferri `ere 2001).
Supernova remnants, planetary nebulae and superbubbles: prospects for new XMM-Newton observations
Electrons are only about 2 % of cosmic rays (Ferri `ere 2001), but they can reveal a lot on the mechanism of diffusive shock acceleration, as they are accelerated like protons.
Non-thermal acceleration mechanisms in supernova remnant shells