• WordNet 3.6
    • n fascism a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)
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  • Jean Baudrillard
    “Democracy is the menopause of Western society, the Grand Climacteric of the body social. Fascism is its middle-aged lust.”
  • Chris Patten
    Chris Patten
    “Green politics at its worst amounts to a sort of Zen fascism; less extreme, it denounces growth and seeks to stop the world so that we can all get off.”
  • Aneurin Bevan
    “Fascism is not in itself a new order of society. It is the future refusing to be born.”
  • Benito Mussolini
    Benito Mussolini
    “Fascism is a religion. The twentieth century will be known in history as the century of Fascism.”
  • Jean-Paul Sartre
    “Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them.”
  • Ignazio Silone
    Ignazio Silone
    “Fascism was a counter-revolution against a revolution that never took place.”


In literature:

In the wake of the downfall of all the major ideologies of the 20th century - Fascism, Communism, etc.
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
The political doctrine of Fascism is not the whole of Fascism.
"Readings on Fascism and National Socialism" by Various
But President Ubico is not hopelessly addicted to one brand of fascism.
"Secret Armies" by John L. Spivak
Fascism was taken over and made respectable by Ronald Reagan.
"Coming to Grips with White Knuckles" by Paul Cameron Brown
And fascism is the discarded past of capitalism.
"Proclaim Liberty!" by Gilbert Seldes
Just because Fascism and Communism were once forced on reluctant populations, you think this holds true for all time.
"Sense of Obligation" by Henry Maxwell Dempsey (AKA Harry Harrison)
He was seeing the face of fascism for the first time, he wrote, and seeing it at close range.
"The Five Arrows" by Allan Chase

In news:

But, as Michael Kimmelman writes in his review of the Met exhibit and Will's new book, we can more readily see her latent fascism .
Crypto- fascism is scary, nationalist and protectionist impulses hurt economies, and the E.U.
The Ukrainian Military Organization, however, formed of Ukrainian veterans in Poland, followed the movement that sought to change the boundaries of Europe: fascism .
It's actually fascism , and I think we need to be precise about this.
They own a couple of car companies, and they're mucking that up, but fascism is where the private sector still owns businesses, but t...
In fact, the very opposite is true: fascism is a variant of left-wing ideology.
Anti- fascism first arose in Europe in the 1920s to oppose violent far-right groups, and has since spread to the Americas and Australia.
Catalyst's 'Rise' Skewers Fascism Masterfully .
The Great Test of This Generation Naming and defeating the enemy, Islamic fascism.
Occupy America and Friendly Fascism.
Fascism in German army reminiscent of dark past.
Woolsey got it right when he called it Fascism.
Fascism is Fabian socialism plus the inevitable dictator.
Shortland's " Lore " Explores Purest Product of Fascism.
His latest book is The Anatomy of Fascism.