fancy woman


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n fancy woman an adulterous woman; a woman who has an ongoing extramarital sexual relationship with a man
    • n fancy woman a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money
    • ***


In literature:

For that matter, hardly any woman does, I fancy.
"Making People Happy" by Thompson Buchanan
Some men have their fancy caught by a woman's face or form, or both; others by a look, a word, a smile.
"Uncle Terry" by Charles Clark Munn
Fancy a woman of her age marrying a man old enough to be her father.
"The Third Degree" by Charles Klein and Arthur Hornblow
But the woman, she took a fancy to that man you saw trying to kill Sordello.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
She's not to spend the rest of her days with a dreadful, fanciful old woman!
"Frances Kane's Fortune" by L. T. Meade
He was always pulling my ears and treating me like a child when I fancied myself almost a woman.
"Donald and Dorothy" by Mary Mapes Dodge
The manner in which the lovely woman received his attentions may be fancied.
"ZigZag Journeys in Northern Lands;" by Hezekiah Butterworth
Atungait, that great man, had once, it is said, a fancy to go out on a sledge trip with a strong woman.
"Eskimo Folktales" by Unknown
A woman soon finds, or fancies she finds, the realization of her ideal.
"Graham's Magazine Vol XXXII. No. 5. May 1848" by Various
Never in her life had the old woman had such a grand feast, and never had she tasted such broth, and just fancy, made only with a nail!
"Boys and Girls Bookshelf (Vol 2 of 17)" by Various

In poetry:

She's poorly still.
I fancy every day she's growing thinner.
I am sure she's wasting steadily.
"Within and Without: Part II: A Dramatic Poem" by George MacDonald
Between a woman and a child,
In tender charms she grew,
And lov'd with fancy sweetly wild,
The lonely shore to view.
"The Halcyon" by William Hayley
MAGNIFICENT (for her he now replied,)
This flame you'll soon no reason have to hide
Through dread or fear of my old jealous fool,
Who wisely fancies he can woman rule.
"The Magnificent" by Jean de La Fontaine
Hermossan a Persian, more noble and true.
As to woman she rose, put those fancies to flight;
But Ayesha, who watch'd with a mischievous view,
Soon the ruby surveyed, and survey'd it with spite.
"The Baya: Or The Indian Bird" by William Hayley
But a strange uneasiness gradually gained possession of my mind. I began
to fancy that the old woman was not only following me, but that she was
directing me, that she was driving me to right and to left, and that I was
unwittingly obeying her.
"The Old Woman" by Ivan Turgenev
Ah, why is woman thus by man ador'd,
The comeliest object in creation's hoard?
Ah why, where Nature's plastic hand neglects,
Has he an eye to beautify defects?
To hold her perfect in his partial sight,
His fancy's idol, and his heart's delight?
"On Woman" by Thomas Odiorne

In news:

A crook stole a fancy phone right out of a woman's hands on Myrtle Avenue on May 30.
Computers have made it easier to create custom greeting cards with fancy lettering, but a local woman prefers to make them by hand, using calligraphy.
TMZ – reports that a woman is accusing Cee Lo Green of taking her to a fancy restaurant and allegedly slipping ecstasy into her drink.
About a year ago, while climbing the crimson steps leading up to a fancy gala, I was confronted by a spectacle that is all too common in this ambulatory city: a young woman's ass.
The next table over, children color pages depicting a skeleton woman in a fancy, large, dress hat.
Ah, spring, when a young woman's fancy turns to spring cleaning.
A woman photographs a cat at the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy's 'Supreme Championship Cat Show' held in the NEC on November 24, 2012 in Birmingham, England.
An Atlanta woman tied to her bed by burglars is free thanks to some fancy footwork.