• WordNet 3.6
    • n fallout any adverse and unwanted secondary effect "a strategy to contain the fallout from the accounting scandal"
    • n fallout the radioactive particles that settle to the ground after a nuclear explosion
    • ***


  • Dean McLaughlin
    Dean McLaughlin
    “Welcome thy neighbor into thy fallout shelter. He'll come in handy if you run out of food.”


In literature:

Most communities now have public fallout shelters that would protect many of their residents against fallout radiation.
"In Time Of Emergency" by Department of Defense
The world had been so edgy for so long that there were fallout shelters from Chillicothe, Ohio, to Singapore, Malaya, and back again.
"Operation Terror" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
Even the creatures of the deepest oceans would die of deadly, purposely-contrived fallout particles.
"This World Is Taboo" by Murray Leinster
We won't have any trouble about fallout or with the balloons.
"The Answer" by Henry Beam Piper
He'd been wise, in a way, and had us living at a spot where the bombs didn't touch us or the worst fallout.
"The Night of the Long Knives" by Fritz Reuter Leiber
People dying of disease and worried about dying from radiation and fallout.
"This Crowded Earth" by Robert Bloch
How it works, you know, and why the fallout is dangerous, and ... Oh, good Gawd!
"High Dragon Bump" by Don Thompson
I mean there isn't any sense fooling around with anybody who's taken a good deep breath of fallout.
"The Knights of Arthur" by Frederik Pohl

In poetry:

Today as the news from Selma and Saigon
poisons the air like fallout,
I come again to see
the serene, great picture that I love.
"Monet's Waterlilies" by Robert Hayden

In news:

The fallout from that blow-out has people talking and it has sparked a conversation on TV, radio, and at the lunch counter about sportsmanship.
Fallout from Juan Manuel Marquez's stunning knockout of Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas on Saturday reached all the way to Denver.
Referee pensions and holdout fallout.
Talks fell apart Thursday night amid back-and-forth accusations, and the fallout was still being felt Friday.
GENEVA — Olympic road race champion Alexandre Vinokourov is under investigation for allegedly bribing a rival to fix a race, as ongoing fallout from the Lance Armstrong doping affair threatens to claim another of cycling's biggest names.
The 47 percent remark made by Governor Mitt Romney to a group of wealthy political donors is having its much anticipated fallout.
Back in the days when American dads were building fallout shelters in their basements and backyards, I always wondered where the garbage would go during thermonuclear war.
Regulators investigating the forgotten smelter, Tyroler Metals, tested soil in 2003 and found high levels of lead indicating a possible fallout zone on a neighborhood.
Lynn Ischay, The Plain Dealer When Brad McCoy, right, spoke up on behalf of his son, Colt, left, the fallout led to the NFL changing its sideline medical procedures.
Fallout continues over Fire & Police Commission ruling.
Fallout continues over Memorial CEO 's severance payout.
NFC South champs on guard for fan fallout.
Christopher has denied Carolynne's claims on Twitter and his father told The Sun he is planning to fly to Spain to escape the fallout.
Schundler was fired by Gov Chris Christie in the fallout of New Jersey's Race to the Top failure.
And we have the first official fallout from the Peter Gray case.

In science:

Lastly, though importantly, password safes only prevent the fallout of reuse for people who chose to use them.
KeyAuth: Bringing Public-key Authentication to the Masses
If partially successful, the pro ject will have a significant fallout: a background-independent powerful approach to “quantum relativity” that is suitable for the purpose of unification of physics, geometry and information theory that lies ahead.
Non-Commutative Geometry, Categories and Quantum Physics
The contamination of the inner ballon by the Fukushima fallout is also consistent with the surface activity ratio of 134Cs to 137Cs (0.662 Mev γ ) measured on the surface of the nylon ballon. – The 208Bi isotope is not a fission product.
Review of double beta experiments
The Radon background in the first phase of NEMO-3, the α’s contamination on surface of the materials in TeO2 bolometers, the 42K contamination in the liquid argon in GERDA, and recently the contaminants from Fukushima fallout (and possibly from other origins) in KAMLAND-Zen are few examples.
Review of double beta experiments
There are several fallouts of the AAA-BK theory.
Effect of Boundary Conditions on Fluctuations Measures