• WordNet 3.6
    • n faker a person who makes deceitful pretenses
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • faker a peddler of petty things.
    • faker a person who makes deceitful pretenses.
    • faker a thief.
    • faker a workman who dresses things up.
    • faker One who fakes something;
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n faker One who fakes; specifically, in the life-saving service, a surfman whose duty it is to fake the shot-lines in a faking-box.
    • n faker A pickpocket; a thief.
    • n faker One who sells or deals in fakes; specifically, a street-vender.
    • n faker A hanger-on of the theatrical profession.
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  • Robert Heinlein
    Robert Heinlein
    “No matter where or what, there are makers, takers, and fakers.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Sometimes erroneously written fakir,


In literature:

Just as there are fakers in every profession.
"The Return of Peter Grimm" by David Belasco
It's true that there are a host of fakers in the business.
"Frank Merriwell's Son" by Burt L. Standish
He was one of the strange, impudent race of fakers who prey upon the clever city.
"The Job" by Sinclair Lewis
They have absolutely nothing to tell you, and they are fakers and worse, in every instance.
"The Silver Butterfly" by Mrs. Wilson Woodrow
Them swine is fakers!
"Gold Out of Celebes" by Aylward Edward Dingle
The Magazine Page-faker and the News-gleaner sat in the same room, the latter at a table next Joan.
"To Love" by Margaret Peterson
With what fine contempt the 'rube' is surveyed by the faker who has plucked him!
"An Anarchist Woman" by Hutchins Hapgood
That man is a faker, Rebstock.
"Whispering Smith" by Frank H. Spearman
Ever so many other "fakers" were shown up in due time.
"Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome" by Apicius
The question is not whether the fakers can do them, but whether the real mediums can.
"The Come Back" by Carolyn Wells

In news:

Romney's China Is A Currency Manipulator And Apple Shop Faker .
Why not confront fakers directly.
Toward that end, I'm presenting this exclusive interrogation of a verified Facebook faker .
(I was able to confirm the fakeness of this fake Facebook faker with a reasonable degree of certainty, because I made him up myself.
Heartland Memo Looking Faker by the Minute.
The Faker 's own children will not give her the same mad props.
Two recent titles have caught the Faker 's eye for their creative use of the "f" word: "Fathermucker" (Harper, $13.99), a novel about stay-at-home-dadhood by Greg Olear, and "What The F**k Should I Make For Dinner".
There's no better way to convince the lovely future Mrs Faker of his gourmet chops than to order like a pro at the swankest restaurant in town.
Just remember The Faker 's motto, which applies to flowers as well as the rest of life: If they can't tell, it's not fake.
The Faker 's pal, Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips, knows a thing or two about movies.
SEAL faker pleads guilty in Stolen Valor case.
The Faker 's Art from the October 23, 1986 issue.
Romney's China Is A Currency Manipulator And Apple Shop Faker.
To spotlight the biggest fakers, we present Flop of the Night.
Chris Jericho's Bottle Is Faker Than The Actual Wrestling Match .

In science:

For this reason, a faker that deviates from expected behaviour in one time period has to be compensated by later deviating from the expected behaviour in an opposite way such that deviant behaviour averages out.
Properties of Quick Simulation Random Fields
Consequently, marginal probabilities and pair-wise covariances between each flip and the flips that preceded in time were used to describe faker’s behaviours.
Properties of Quick Simulation Random Fields