• WordNet 3.6
    • n eyeliner makeup applied to emphasize the shape of the eyes
    • ***


In news:

As the Persian king's brother Nizam, Ben Kingsley does his best not to let his eyeliner upstage him.
She looks like she has brown eyeliner under her eyes.
Can good eyeliner come straight from your garden.
Taylor Swift's Makeup Fail: Using a Sharpie as Eyeline.
Taylor Swift Doesn't Recommend Subbing Sharpie for Eyeliner.
Stylish women can get creative in a pinch when they don't have eyeliner and need it.
Notice the eyeliner you so carefully applied that morning is fading away, help may be no further away than the black markers in the office supply closet.
Besides the fact that it's kind of scary / dirty, what kind of girl can find a cork and a lighter before she can find her eyeliner.
Dolly Parton uses "burnt matchsticks" as makeshift eyeliner.
She's got a movie star side-part in her hair, with black liquid eyeliner and sheer pink lip gloss.
The 2-D image was projected into a stage set, using the patented Musion Eyeliner 3-D Holographic Projection System, to create the illusion of a.
Does your inner lid deserve its own eyeliner.
Zahra Mahmoodi is 21-years-old, wears heavy eyeliner and a headscarf, and is the captain of the newly-formed Afghan National Women's Soccer team: the country's first national soccer team for women.
If you love funky eyeliner, bright lipstick, and pretty pastel polish, Lime Crime is the brand for you.
Sure, organic eyeliner and paraben-free foundation sound great, but it can be hard to give up your regular faves.

In science:

Bridge interests: anxiety, bracelets, corsets, edgar allen poe, emotions, (black) eyeliner, girl interrupted, girls, glitter, horror movies, insomnia, leather, lesbians, magick (sic), marylin monroe, (heavy) metal, night, poems, red, safety pins, screaming, spikes, techo, tori amos, etc.
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