extraterrestrial being


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n extraterrestrial being a form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere
    • ***


In literature:

So far, the Martians seem to be the only extraterrestrials who've really taken root here.
"The Telenizer" by Don Thompson
The possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life raises the important question of man's being able to detect it.
"Significant Achievements in Space Bioscience 1958-1964" by National Aeronautics and Space Administration

In news:

Physicist Stephen Hawking believes it would be dangerous to get in touch with extraterrestrial creatures.
Annual conference on extraterrestrial beings to be held in Westmoreland.
There seems to be plenty of available real estate for extraterrestrials to live on.
So if humanity someday arrives at an extraterrestrial cocktail party, will we be ready to mingle.
Future extraterrestrial rovers may be powered remotely by high-energy laser beams shot through miles of thin fiber-optic cables.
For half a century, Hollywood has speculated what it might be like if extraterrestrials paid us a visit.
What if extraterrestrial beings regularly visited our planet.
The day we make contact with extraterrestrial aliens, what do you think would be the first thing our politicians ask them.

In science:

Regarding the SETI - search for extraterrestrial intelligence - pro ject, if the Undetectability Conjecture turns out to be true, then SETI turns into SETPI: search for extraterrestrial primitive intelligence.
Brane Worlds, the Subanthropic Principle and the Undetectability Conjecture
The severity of these ambiguities depends on the SNR. In particular, biosignatures have such an important philosophical impact that they must be extremely robust before one can claim conclusively that indications of extraterrestrial life have been found.
Coronographic Methods for the Detection of Terrestrial Planets
Figure 1: Left: 90% C.L. integral upper limits on the diffuse flux of extraterrestrial neutrinos (normalized to one flavour), as taken from 4 , where all references can be found.
High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy: Status and prospects for cosmic-ray physics
If the dominant extraterrestrial neutrino flux is emitted by a few particularly bright or close sources, their direction could be resolved.
Neutrino Astronomy at the South Pole: Status of the AMANDA Experiment
AMANDA-II may be the first detector with a realistic discovery potential with respect to extraterrestrial high energy neutrinos, even though it is smaller than the square kilometer size generally predicted to be required for clear observation of such signals.
Astrophysical Neutrino Telescopes