• Experience makes a man wise
    Experience makes a man wise
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v experience undergo "The stocks had a fast run-up"
    • v experience have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations "I know the feeling!","have you ever known hunger?","I have lived a kind of hell when I was a drug addict","The holocaust survivors have lived a nightmare","I lived through two divorces"
    • v experience undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind "She felt resentful","He felt regret"
    • v experience go through (mental or physical states or experiences) "get an idea","experience vertigo","get nauseous","receive injuries","have a feeling"
    • v experience go or live through "We had many trials to go through","he saw action in Viet Nam"
    • n experience the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities "a man of experience","experience is the best teacher"
    • n experience the content of direct observation or participation in an event "he had a religious experience","he recalled the experience vividly"
    • n experience an event as apprehended "a surprising experience","that painful experience certainly got our attention"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Domestic Experiences Domestic Experiences
Volta's experiment with frog legs Volta's experiment with frog legs
Experiments with liquid air Experiments with liquid air
More liquid air experiments More liquid air experiments
Franklin Experimenting with Electricity Franklin Experimenting with Electricity
Fulton's Experiments Fulton's Experiments

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Experiments have shown that, ants are capable of lifting 50 times their own weight and pulling loads 300 times their own weight.
    • Experience An act of knowledge, one or more, by which single facts or general truths are ascertained; experimental or inductive knowledge; hence, implying skill, facility, or practical wisdom gained by personal knowledge, feeling or action; as, a king without experience of war. "Whence hath the mind all the materials of reason and knowledge? To this I answer in one word, from experience .""Experience may be acquired in two ways; either, first by noticing facts without any attempt to influence the frequency of their occurrence or to vary the circumstances under which they occur; this is observation ; or, secondly, by putting in action causes or agents over which we have control, and purposely varying their combinations, and noticing what effects take place; this is experiment ."
    • Experience The effect upon the judgment or feelings produced by any event, whether witnessed or participated in; personal and direct impressions as contrasted with description or fancies; personal acquaintance; actual enjoyment or suffering. "Guided by other's experiences .""I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience .""To most men experience is like the stern lights of a ship, which illumine only the track it has passed.""When the consuls . . . came in . . . they knew soon by experience how slenderly guarded against danger the majesty of rulers is where force is wanting.""Those that undertook the religion of our Savior upon his preaching, had no experience of it."
    • Experience To exercise; to train by practice. "The youthful sailors thus with early care
      Their arms experience , and for sea prepare."
    • Experience To make practical acquaintance with; to try personally; to prove by use or trial; to have trial of; to have the lot or fortune of; to have befall one; to be affected by; to feel; as, to experience pain or pleasure; to experience poverty; to experience a change of views. "The partial failure and disappointment which he had experienced in India."
    • Experience Trial, as a test or experiment. "She caused him to make experience Upon wild beasts."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In a psychology experiment, an electrode was attached to the pleasure centre of a rat's brain, which the rat could stimulate at the press of a button. It died of starvation when it wouldn't stop pressing the button long enough to eat.
    • n experience The state or fact of having made trial or proof, or of having acquired knowledge, wisdom, skill, etc., by actual trial or observation; also, the knowledge so acquired; personal and practical acquaintance with anything; experimental cognition or perception: as, he knows what suffering is by long experience; experience teaches even fools.
    • n experience In philosophy, knowledge acquired through external or internal perception; also, the totality of the cognitions given by perception, taken in their connection; all that is perceived, understood, and remembered. Locke defines it as our observation, employed either about external sensible objects or about the internal operations of our minds, perceived and reflected upon by ourselves. The Latin experientia was used in its philosophical sense by Celsus and others, and in the middle ages by Roger Bacon. It translates the Greek ἐμπειρία of the Stoics. See empiric.
    • n experience Specifically That which has been learned, suffered, or done, considered as productive of practical judgment and skill; the sum of practical wisdom taught by all the events, vicissitudes, and observations of one's life, or by any particular class or division of them.
    • n experience An individual or particular instance of trial or observation.
    • n experience An experiment.
    • n experience A fixed mental impression or emotion; specifically, a guiding or controlling religious feeling, as at the time of conversion or resulting from subsequent influences.
    • n experience Synonyms Experience, Experiment, Observation. Experience is strictly that which befalls a man, or which he goes through, while experiment is that which one actively undertakes. Observation is looking on, without necessarily having any connection with the matter: it is one thing to know of a man's goodness or of the horrors of war by observation, and quite another to know of it or them by experience. To know of a man's goodness by experiment would be to have put it to actual and intentional test. Bee practice.
    • experience To learn by practical trial or proof; try or prove by use, by suffering, or by enjoyment; have happen to or befall one; acquire a perception of; undergo: as, we all experience pain, sorrow, and pleasure; we experience good and evil; we often experience a change of sentiments and views, or pleasurable or painful sensations.
    • experience To practise or drill; exercise.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Roulette was invented by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. It was a by-product of his experiments with perpetual motion.
    • n Experience eks-pē′ri-ens thorough trial of: practical acquaintance with any matter gained by trial: repeated trial: long and varied observation, personal or general: wisdom derived from the changes and trials of life
    • v.t Experience to make trial of, or practical acquaintance with: to prove or know by use: to suffer, undergo
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  • Wilhelm Roentgen
    Wilhelm Roentgen
    “I didn't think; I experimented.”
  • Aeschylus
    “The reward of suffering is experience.”
  • Jean Jacques Rousseau
    “The person who has lived the most is not the one with the most years but the one with the richest experiences.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Reading the Scriptures is an uplifting experience.”
  • Alan Keightley
    Alan Keightley
    “Once in a while it really hits people that they don't have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.”
  • Vash Young
    Vash Young
    “Any experience can be transformed into something of value.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. expérience, L. experientia, tr. experiens, experientis, p. pr. of experiri, expertus, to try; ex, out + the root of peritus, experienced. See Peril, and cf. Expert


In literature:

These terms and others signify the precious experiences of sanctification.
"Sanctification" by J. W. Byers
We are unable to find the basis of our taste in our own experience and therefore refuse to look for it there.
"The Sense of Beauty" by George Santayana
I should like to try that experiment.
"Conversations on Chemistry, V. 1-2" by Jane Marcet
These stories are experiments, experiments both in content and form.
"Here and Now Story Book" by Lucy Sprague Mitchell
These experiments were not performed without risk, for on one occasion the experimenting party had nearly blown off the roof of the cottage.
"Lives of the Engineers The Locomotive. George and Robert Stephenson" by Samuel Smiles
Never did experiment break down so completely!
"The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles" by Jean Henri Fabre
Balloon experiments at Woolwich and Chatham.
"The War in the Air; Vol. 1" by Walter Raleigh
In what sense does the communication of an experience to another person change the experience itself?
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
Everything operated precisely as it had during the preceding experiments.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science February 1930" by Various
Hybridisation experiments before Mendel there had been in plenty.
"Mendelism" by Reginald Crundall Punnett

In poetry:

The middle one had human sense,
The young had loving eyes,
The old had much experience,
And all of them were wise.
"In a Far Land Upon a Day" by Eleanor Farjeon
The profoundest of all sensualities
is the sense of truth
and the next deepest sensual experience
is the sense of justice.
"The Deepest Sensuality" by D H Lawrence
Steering for that semi-paradise,
To the land where experience lies,
Where truth and wisdom harmonize
Youth's fervent fires.
"Biographia" by Samuel Alfred Beadle
Various sorrows wait upon us,
While on life's wide ocean steering;
Sage experience looks beyond them,
Future evils ever fearing.
"An Effusion" by Elizabeth Bath
But will he turn to me his face,
From whom he justly did withdraw?
To me who slighted all that grace
I in my past experience saw?
"The Believer's Soliloquy; Especially in Times of Desertion, Temptation, Affliction, &c." by Ralph Erskine
For sad experience shows the heart
Of human beings much the same;
Or polish'd by insidious art,
Or rude as from the clod it came.
"Written In The Isle Of Thanet" by Robert Bloomfield

In news:

Former Ravens Coach Brian Billick shares his experience with arrhythmia .
And so the great cultural experiment draws to a close.
Specialists are intrigued, however, because the experiments are based on a much-needed better understanding of complex artery -controlling genes.
Ten years into the experiment with electric deregulation in Texas, state regulators have reached an interesting impasse.
The problem with Magic Mike, the semi-autobiographical melodrama he co-produced, is that he couldn't find a filmmaker to properly translate that beefcake experience to the screen.
Al Carrion , with more than 40 years of experience practicing law, is the only candidate with relevant judicial experience.
Elizabeth Birolin spoke at a recent Kiwanis of Franklin meeting sharing her volunteer experiences in Key Club (the high school version of Kiwanis) and how those experiences built her self-esteem and prepared her for college.
Prior research experience, preferably related to some aspect of the camp experience.
4, 2012—Temkin Group, an advisor to organizations committed to improving their customer experience, announced that Aimee Lucas has joined the company as a Customer Experience Analyst.
A Delaware pediatrician who achieved national recognition for his research into near-death experiences involving children may have been experimenting on his 11-year-old stepdaughter by waterboarding her, police said in court documents.
I speak from experience, and not just experience as a doctor.
Google's YouTube Leanback is now officially a part of the YouTube experience, and users will be encouraged to make it the default experience for Google TV.
Architects have been making the " loo experience" an important part of the hotel experience for years.
A second experiment deep in an Italian mountain timed these subatomic particles, called neutrinos , traveling at precisely the speed of light and no faster, a team from the experiment, called ICARUS, announced Friday.
Thanksgiving Salt Experience Thursday, November 22, 4 pm - 9 p.m.Discover remarkable culinary experiences with fine dining at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.

In science:

Thus, the RW ensemble changes from experiment to experiment.
Application of Conditioning to the Gaussian-with-Boundary Problem in the Unified Approach to Confidence Intervals
In real experiments on the other hand, disorder is inherent to the working-out process and may result e.g. from the presence of impurities or vacancies in a sample produced in Molecular Beam Epitaxy or sputtering experiments.
Quenched bond dilution in two-dimensional Potts models
Modelling vs experiment. (a) Numerical simulation of the dynamical system (23)-(25); (b) first-return map produced with the real data (current measurements) from experiments using the scheme of Fig. 6, where the circuit of the right is the one of Fig. 7(a).
A mechanism for randomness
To further test robustness of PCSs, we ran numerical experiments in which the solitons were successfully generated from initial Gaussian pulses, launched in the pump fields U1 and U2 (with no initial second-harmonic components, which corresponds to the generation of SHG solitons in real experiments ).
Polychromatic solitons in a quadratic medium
Peebles called these experiments “aether drift experiments” .
General Relativity Requires Absolute Space and Time