• Some of the Military Athletic Exercises
    Some of the Military Athletic Exercises
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v exercise do physical exercise "She works out in the gym every day"
    • v exercise give a workout to "Some parents exercise their infants","My personal trainer works me hard","work one's muscles","this puzzle will exercise your mind"
    • v exercise learn by repetition "We drilled French verbs every day","Pianists practice scales"
    • v exercise put to use "exert one's power or influence"
    • v exercise carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions "practice law"
    • n exercise the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit "the doctor recommended regular exercise","he did some exercising","the physical exertion required by his work kept him fit"
    • n exercise a task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding "you must work the examples at the end of each chapter in the textbook"
    • n exercise systematic training by multiple repetitions "practice makes perfect"
    • n exercise the act of using "he warned against the use of narcotic drugs","skilled in the utilization of computers"
    • n exercise (usually plural) a ceremony that involves processions and speeches "academic exercises"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: 80% of people that are on weight loss programs exercise on average three times a week
    • Exercise Bodily exertion for the sake of keeping the organs and functions in a healthy state; hygienic activity; as, to take exercise on horseback; to exercise on a treadmill or in a gym. "The wise for cure on exercise depend."
    • Exercise Exertion for the sake of training or improvement whether physical, intellectual, or moral; practice to acquire skill, knowledge, virtue, perfectness, grace, etc. "Desire of knightly exercise .""An exercise of the eyes and memory."
    • Exercise That which gives practice; a trial; a test. "Patience is more oft the exercise Of saints, the trial of their fortitude."
    • Exercise That which is done for the sake of exercising, practicing, training, or promoting skill, health, mental, improvement, moral discipline, etc.; that which is assigned or prescribed for such ends; hence, a disquisition; a lesson; a task; as, military or naval exercises; musical exercises; an exercise in composition; arithmetic exercises. "The clumsy exercises of the European tourney.""He seems to have taken a degree, and performed public exercises in Cambridge, in 1565."
    • Exercise The act of exercising; a setting in action or practicing; employment in the proper mode of activity; exertion; application; use; habitual activity; occupation, in general; practice. "exercise of the important function confided by the constitution to the legislature.""O we will walk this world,
      Yoked in all exercise of noble end."
    • Exercise The performance of an office, a ceremony, or a religious duty. "Lewis refused even those of the church of England . . . the public exercise of their religion.""To draw him from his holy exercise ."
    • v. i Exercise To exercise one's self, as under military training; to drill; to take exercise; to use action or exertion; to practice gymnastics; as, to exercise for health or amusement. "I wear my trusty sword,
      When I do exercise ."
    • Exercise To exert for the sake of training or improvement; to practice in order to develop; hence, also, to improve by practice; to discipline, and to use or to for the purpose of training; as, to exercise arms; to exercise one's self in music; to exercise troops. "About him exercised heroic games
      The unarmed youth."
    • Exercise To occupy the attention and effort of; to task; to tax, especially in a painful or vexatious manner; harass; to vex; to worry or make anxious; to affect; to discipline; as, exercised with pain. "Where pain of unextinguishable fire
      Must exercise us without hope of end."
    • Exercise To put in practice; to carry out in action; to perform the duties of; to use; to employ; to practice; as, to exercise authority; to exercise an office. "I am the Lord which exercise loving-kindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth.""The people of the land have used oppression and exercised robbery."
    • Exercise To set in action; to cause to act, move, or make exertion; to give employment to; to put in action habitually or constantly; to school or train; to exert repeatedly; to busy. "Herein do I Exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Gardening is said to be one of the best exercises for maintaining healthy bones
    • n exercise A carrying on or out in action; active performance or fulfilment; a physical or mental doing or practising: used of the continued performance of the functions, or observance of the requirements, of the subject of the action: as, the exercise of an art, a trade, or an office; the exercise of religion, of patience, etc.
    • n exercise Voluntary action of the body or mind; exertion of any faculty; practice in the employment of the physical or mental powers: used absolutely, or with reference to the reflex effect of the action upon the actor: as, to take exercise in the open air; corporeal or spiritual exercise; violent, hurtful, pleasurable, or healthful exercise.
    • n exercise A specific mode or employment of activity; an exertion of one or more of the physical or mental powers; practice in the use of a faculty or the faculties, as for the attainment of skill or facility, the accomplishment of a purpose, or the like: as, an exercise in horsemanship; exercises of the memory; outdoor exercises.
    • n exercise A disciplinary task or formulary; something done or to be done for the attainment of proficiency or skill; a set or prescribed performance for improvement, or an example or study for improving practice: as, school exercises; an exercise in composition or music; exercises for the piano or violin.
    • n exercise A performance or procedure in general; a definite or formal act for a purpose; specifically, a feature or part of a program or round of proceedings: as, the exercises of a college commencement, or of a public meeting; graduating exercises.
    • n exercise A spiritual or religious action or effort; an act or procedure of devotion or for spiritual improvement; religious worship, exhortation, or the like.
    • n exercise Specifically— Among the Puritans, a church service or week-day sermon: still occasionally used.
    • n exercise Family worship. [Scotch.]
    • n exercise Formerly, in Scotland, the critical explication of a passage of Scripture, at a meeting of presbytery, by a teaching presbyter, succeeded by a specification of the doctrines contained in it by another, both discourses being judged of, and censured, if necessary, by the rest of the brethren.
    • n exercise Formerly, also, the presbytery.
    • n exercise A disciplinary spiritual experience or trial; spiritual agitation.
    • exercise To put in practice; carry out in action; perform the functions or duties of: as, to exercise authority or power; to exercise an office.
    • exercise To put in action; employ actively; set or keep in a state of activity; make use of in act or procedure: as, to exercise the body, the voice, etc.; to exercise the reason or judgment; exercise your skill in this work.
    • exercise To train or discipline by means of exertion or practice; put or keep in practice; make, or cause to make, specific trials: as, to exercise one's self in music; to exercise troops.
    • exercise To give mental occupation or exercise to; cause to think earnestly or anxiously; make uneasy: as, he is exercised about his spiritual state.
    • exercise To impart as an effect; put forth as a result or consequence; communicate; exert.
    • exercise Synonyms To apply.
    • exercise To drill.
    • exercise To try, afflict, pain, annoy.
    • exercise To use action or exertion; exert one's self; take exercise: as, to exercise for health or amusement.
    • exercise To conduct a religious exercise, as the exposition of Scripture.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Greyhounds are not hyper and do not need constant exercise; they are quite happy occupying space on a couch.
    • n Exercise eks′ėr-sīz a putting in practice: exertion of the body for health or amusement: discipline: a lesson, task, academical disputation, &c.: :
    • Exercise the addition, giving the doctrinal propositions, &c.: the Presbytery itself
    • v.t Exercise to train by use: to improve by practice: to afflict: to put in practice: to use: to wield
    • n Exercise eks′ėr-sīz (Shak.) skill
    • n Exercise eks′ėr-sīz (pl.) military drill: an act of worship or devotion: a discourse, the discussion of a passage of Scripture, giving the coherence of text and context, &c
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  • Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
    “Reading without purpose is sauntering not exercise.”
  • J. S. Buckminster
    J. S. Buckminster
    “The highest exercise of charity is charity towards the uncharitable.”
  • T. S. Eliot
    “People exercise an unconscious selection in being influenced.”
  • Francis Bacon
    “God has placed no limits to the exercise of the intellect he has given us, on this side of the grave.”
  • John Adams
    “Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.”
  • E. V. Cooke
    E. V. Cooke
    “Perhaps the reward of the spirit who tries is not the goal but the exercise.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. exercice, L. exercitium, from exercere, exercitum, to drive on, keep, busy, prob. orig., to thrust or drive out of the inclosure; ex, out + arcere, to shut up, inclose. See Ark
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. exercice—L. exercitium—L. exercēre, -citumex, out, arcēre, to shut up.


In literature:

These are questions which should exercise the mind of the child.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study" by Ontario Ministry of Education
The influence which the teeth are capable of exercising on the personal appearance is usually known and admitted.
"The Ladies Book of Useful Information" by Anonymous
The women of our country are suffering incalculably for want of proper exercise.
"How To Behave: A Pocket Manual Of Republican Etiquette, And Guide To Correct Personal Habits" by Samuel R Wells
Exercises for instruction in bayonet combat are prescribed in the Manual for Bayonet Exercise.
"Manual of Military Training" by James A. Moss
Fresh air and exercise enabled the first six to overcome the disease germs.
"Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why" by Martha M. Allen
Physicians prescribed its rhythmic exercise for many ailments.
"The Art of Stage Dancing" by Ned Wayburn
M. M. A blister, nutrientia, incitantia, exercise, oxygene gas.
"Zoonomia, Vol. II" by Erasmus Darwin
The savage is prompted to its exercise under the tuition of Nature.
"A Practical Enquiry into the Philosophy of Education" by James Gall
How is that duty to be exercised?
"Progress and History" by Various
Without great exercise of this power the vast amount of material can never be mastered.
"History of Education" by Levi Seeley

In poetry:

Mine exercise naught ells
But raginge agonies;
My bookes, of spightfull fortune's foiles
And drerye tragedies.
"A Fancy" by Edward Dyer
'Tis not a day, in listless sleep to waste,
'Tis not a day, to lie a-bed supine,
But 'tis a day, by Christians to be past,
In ev'ry act and exercise divine!
"Concerning The Sabbath" by Rees Prichard
IV. Now through the mazy figure flying,
With some (less active) partner vying,
And full of gig;
Now warm with exercise and pleasure,
Each pulse beats wildly to the measure
Of the gay jig!
"The Irish Jig" by Sydney Owenson
Could we but know, in that Elysian lore
Of happy exercise still going on
Could we but know of glorious heights attained,
Of his reward, of mysteries explained,--
Ah! but to know were to lament no more
The student gone.
"The Student Gone" by Hattie Howard
My piazza, my piazza! my spirit oft rejoices,
When from thy distant nooks I hear the sound of youthful voices;
The careless jest, the bursting laugh, the carol wildly gay,
Or cheerful step, with exercise that crowns the studious day.
"My Piazza." by Caroline Howard Gilman
Soft is thy form--amid the unpent air,
Pay rosy exercise her just demands:
Tho' heaven thy lone hours woo
Earth still demands her due;
Gay health to guard e'en genius' palace stands--
And when she takes her flight--e'en genius, must despair.
"Ode" by Maria Gowen Brooks

In news:

Use bending and suppling exercises borrowed from dressage to improve your western horse.
Now, 15-year-old Rachel feels as though an exercise machine is more important to her mother than their relationship.
In an exercise called Keeping Up with the Thunder, the Spurs did.
For Young Musicians, This Exercise Has a Ring to It.
Exercise Science, Montana State University.
Molly Wade, an exercise physiologist at the Kettering Sports Medicine Center, monitors Tyler Layer, 16, while he works out on a treadmill.
FILE PHOTO Veteran trainer Erin O'Brien teaches Olympic figure skater and "Dancing With the Stars" winner Kristi Yamaguchi how to do an abs exercise with weights.
Exercise Boosts Your Brainpower .
Your brain isn't a muscle, but as you age exercise can improve your memory and other thinking skills, a new study shows.
Carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for muscle during exercise.
After a few minutes of exercise, carbohydrates stores (which are stored in the muscle as glycogen) are tapped, replenishing depleted blood glucose and restoring energy levels.
Eight years ago, Collins and his partners installed a professional kitchen – adjacent to an exercise facility – at their South Denver Cardiology Associates office in Littleton.
Description The Cha-Cha-Cha exercise works your abs.
Running is one of my favorite forms of exercise, but it isn't always pretty.
For a change of pace exercise, try a water workout.

In science:

Since the fibers of GS H (T T M ) are contractible, this is an easy exercise in obstruction theory [15, Ch. 8]; however, an explicit construction is desirable.
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
It is not hard exercise to find the elements ˜f but it is sufficiently difficult problem to describe homogeneous components of their images in S .
Invariants of mixed representations of quivers II : defining relations and applications
Similar, but less known, are the Narayana numbers Nk,r [5, Exercise 6.36, page 237]; since they sum up to Ck , they partition combinatorial structures enumerated by Catalan numbers according to a certain statistic.
Path counting and random matrix theory
It is an instructive exercise to check, using the properties of the parallel displacement propagator given in the Appendix, that K+ (z , z ′ |s) is covariantly chiral in both arguments.
Low-energy dynamics in N = 2 super QED: Two-loop approximation
We selected a sample of about 50 events recorded during the Engineering Array run to exercise the presented reconstruction method.
Performance of the Pierre Auger Fluorescence Detector and Analysis of well recontructed events