• WordNet 3.6
    • adj evasive deliberately vague or ambiguous "his answers were brief, constrained and evasive","an evasive statement"
    • adj evasive avoiding or escaping from difficulty or danger especially enemy fire "pilots are taught to take evasive action"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a evasive Tending to evade, or marked by evasion; elusive; shuffling; avoiding by artifice. "Thus he, though conscious of the ethereal guest,
      Answered evasive of the sly request."
      "Stammered out a few evasive phrases."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • evasive Using evasion or artifice to avoid; shuffling; equivocating.
    • evasive Containing or characterized by evasion; artfully contrived for escape or elusion: as, an evasive answer; an evasive argument.
    • evasive Escaping the grasp or observation; not easily seized or comprehended; faintly or indistinctly perceived; elusive; vanishing: as, an evasive thought or idea; evasive colors.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Evasive that evades or seeks to evade: not straightforward: shuffling
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  • Margaret Thatcher
    “You don't tell deliberate lies, but sometimes you have to be evasive.”
  • Denis Healey
    Denis Healey
    “The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is the thickness of a prison wall.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. évasif,. See Evade


In literature:

Money generated by drug dealings, illicit arm trade and the less exotic form of tax evasion is thus "laundered".
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
The passive, almost imperceptible, but firmly evasive resistance of Liubka irritated and excited him.
"Yama (The Pit)" by Alexandra Kuprin
Upon Monty's return from his trying hour with the lawyers, he had been besieged with questions, but he was cleverly evasive.
"Brewster's Millions" by George Barr McCutcheon
There was a degree of evasion in Slade's manner that he could hardly help noticing.
"Ten Nights in a Bar Room" by T. S. Arthur
The whole situation was clear to him now, and there was nothing to be gained by argument, no possibility of evasion.
"The River's End" by James Oliver Curwood
But before morning the news of the evasion would spread far and wide, and there would be a hot pursuit among the mountains.
"In Freedom's Cause" by G. A. Henty
Mr. Gladstone returned evasive answers.
"The River War" by Winston S. Churchill
He had expected evasion, denial, anything but a bold acceptance of his challenge.
"A Texas Ranger" by William MacLeod Raine
Hast thou any evasion, stinkard?
"The Poetaster" by Ben Jonson
Simbri shook his head and answered evasively.
"Ayesha" by H. Rider Haggard

In poetry:

Ornamental clouds
compose an evening love song;
a road leaves evasively.
The new moon begins
"Evening Love Song" by Rainer Maria Rilke
O Spring, to seek, yet find you not!
To search, yet never win you!
To glimpse, to touch, but bind you not!
To lose, and still continue,
All sweet evasion in you!
"Deep In The Forest" by Madison Julius Cawein
Throughout the world's evasions, wiles, and shifts,
Thou only bidest stable as thy gifts--:
A grateful king re-ruleth from thy lap,
Crowned with a little tinselled soldier-cap:
"To Santa Claus" by James Whitcomb Riley
Are just a case of "penny in the slot."
You should reflect that no evasive bird
Is half so shy as is your fittest word;
And even similes, however wrought,
Like hares, before you cook them, must be caught;--
"The Friend Of Humanity And The Rhymer" by Henry Austin Dobson
He knows nor let nor bar:
With ever-nearing stress, Like Juggernaut his car,
I see him onward press; He waves a huge MS.; He puts evasion by,
He stands—as one on guard, And reads—how volubly!—
Defend us from The Bard!
"The Ballad[e] Of The Bore" by Henry Austin Dobson
"'My friends,' he said,
'Are here among my comrades in the camp.'
That made a mystery and I questioned him:
He gave no answer--or evasive ones--
Seeming to shrink from question, and to wrap
Himself within himself and live within.
"Pauline - Part I - The Captain's Story" by Hanford Lennox Gordon

In news:

A jury has convicted a Boone County minister on all five counts in a tax evasion case.
Google, Amazon and Starbucks face questions on tax evasion .
Greece Tries Again to Cut Tax Evasion .
Tax evasion can be solved through peer pressure.
A former mayor of Toms River is facing tax evasion charges following his return from Afghanistan, where he had been working as a contractor.
Greek Crisis Evasion to Fore as Merkel Hosts Hollande.
In a letter sent to Mellow Thursday, SERS said it determined his guilty plea on May 9 to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tax evasion trigger the state's pension forfeiture act.
BERLIN — The owner of the heavily used YouPorn and Pornhub websites has been extradited to Germany after being arrested in Belgium on suspicion of tax evasion.
German police officers swoop on Deutsche Bank offices in tax evasion probe.
Florence lawmaker found guilty of tax evasion.
Obama's Hostile and Evasive Presser.
KNOXVILLE — A former Knoxville lawyer has been convicted in federal court of income tax evasion.
Harbaugh remains evasive about 49ers starter, Smith not cleared.
Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Russian oil tycoon, was sentenced this week to nine years in a Russian prison camp on charges of tax evasion and fraud.
When he is finished with that prison time he has to report to a federal prison to serve time for tax evasion.

In science:

The definition of SP implies that the probability of an evasive response does not explicitly depend on the sensitivity of the question or on the true status of the respondent.
Accounting for self-protective responses in randomized response data from a social security survey using the zero-inflated Poisson model
Although this would initially be copying bits (no associated phase information so initially no issues of decoherence evasion) the possibility of coherence in this inherently quantum system endows it with potential for conducting a quantum search for the quantum replicator.
Magnetism, FeS colloids, and Origins of Life
Randomized response: a survey technique for eliminating evasive answer bias.
Randomization Resilient To Sensitive Reconstruction
SORAVIA, Pursuit-evasion games with state constraints: dynamic programming and discrete time approximations, Discrete Contin.
Bounded-From-Below Solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation for Optimal Control Problems with Exit Times: Vanishing Lagrangians, Eikonal Equations, and Shape-From-Shading
Roger, Automata network predator-prey model with pursuit and evasion, Phys.
Evolutionary ecology in-silico: Does mathematical modelling help in understanding the "generic" trends?