• WordNet 3.6
    • n etching making engraved or etched plates and printing designs from them
    • n etching an etched plate made with the use of acid
    • n etching an impression made from an etched plate
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The word "tip" dates back to the old London coffeehouses. Conspicuously placed brass boxes etched with the inscription, "To Insure Promptness," encouraged customers to pay for efficient service. The resulting acronym, TIP, has become a byword.
    • Etching A design carried out by means of the above process; a pattern on metal, glass, etc., produced by etching.
    • Etching An impression on paper, parchment, or other material, taken in ink from an etched plate.
    • Etching The act, art, or practice of engraving by means of acid which eats away lines or surfaces left unprotected in metal, glass, or the like. See Etch v. t.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n etching A process of engraving in which the lines are produced by the action of an acid or mordant instead of by a burin. A plate (usually of copper, but sometimes of glass, stone, etc., according to the use to which it is to be put, or the effect sought to be produced) is covered with a ground made of asphaltum, wax, and pitch, which is evenly blackened with the smoke of wax tapers. (See etching-ground.) On this ground the design is drawn with a steel point or needle, as with a pencil on paper (care being taken not to cut the metal), the point leaving the metal exposed where it passes. The plate is then submerged in a bath of dilute acid, which bites in those parts of the surface exposed by the drawn lines, while the remainder of the surface is protected from its action by the wax coating. Furrows are thus formed which, when the plate has been cleaned and charged with ink, will, if impressed upon a piece of moist paper, print an impression of the design. When blackened, the plate may be plunged into cold water to give its surface a polish. For copperplates to be used in printing, the mordant commonly used is nitric acid, but in its place some modern etchers employ a so-called “Dutch mordant,” made of muriatic acid and chlorate of potash. When the fainter lines of the design appear to be sufficiently bitten in, the plate is taken from the bath and, after being carefully washed in cold water these lines are stopped out with a paint-brush charged with a varnish made of asphaltum and turpentine, so that they will be protected from the acid when the plate is replaced in it. This process is repeated from time to time until the strongest lines in the design have been sufficiently bitten in, after which the remaining ground is washed off with spirits of turpentine, and the plate is ready to be inked. Artists who etch from nature while the plate is in the acid bath proceed inversely—that is, they begin by biting in the stronger lines, and end with the fainter; but in either case, whether the latter are stopped out or last put in, they are subjected to a smaller degree of acid action. If the first impressions are imperfect, the plate can be retouched with the dry-point, or rebitten after a fresh ground has been laid on with a roller. The tools used in etching comprise needles, gravers or burins of different shapes, scrapers, burnishers, oil-rubbers, dabbers, camel's-hair brushes, etc. A surface of porcelain may be etched and bitten, and the sunken lines then filled with a metallic pigment which on refiring can be burned into the ware and covered with glaze.
    • n etching An impression taken from an etched plate.
    • n etching A line etched, or appearing as if etched.
    • n etching In photography, a plate, as of copper, coated with a substance sensitive to light, which after exposure and development is subjected to the dissolving action of a chemical, such as nitric acid, which attacks the bare metal.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Etching the act or art of etching or engraving: the impression from an etched plate
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  • Ralph B. Perry
    Ralph B. Perry
    “Age should not have its face lifted, but it should rather teach the world to admire wrinkles as the etchings of experience and the firm line of character.”
  • Jo Coudert
    Jo Coudert
    “The more deeply the path is etched, the more it is used, and the more it is used, the more deeply it is etched.”


Etched in stone - Something, especially rules and customs, that cannot be changed at all is said to be etched in stone.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
From Ger. ätzen, to corrode by acid; from same root as Ger. essen. See Eat.


In literature:

The glass of the show-case was etched with a sinister gray line.
"The Wit and Humor of America, Volume VI. (of X.)" by Various
And we've lots of old etchings at home, with such trees in them!
"Six to Sixteen" by Juliana Horatia Ewing
In my planning I decided to paint and etch on linen.
"Sixty Years of California Song" by Margaret Blake-Alverson
The Hundred Guilder print etched.
"Rembrandt" by Estelle M. Hurll
When the state of his health permitted, he assiduously practised drawing and etching.
"The Youth of Goethe" by Peter Hume Brown
Paul Potter etched as well as painted.
"The Old Masters and Their Pictures" by Sarah Tytler
With 12 original full-page Etchings and 13 vignette Woodcuts and Portrait.
"Pirate Gold" by Frederic Jesup Stimson
Her eyes were piercingly bright and on her lips was etched a sardonic smile.
"Old Fogy" by James Huneker
I think his etchings are as good as any line work the war has produced.
"An Onlooker in France 1917-1919" by William Orpen
He drew designs for engravers, and etched a Judgment of Midas.
"Art in England" by Dutton Cook

In poetry:

Gaunt, grim trees stand,
Etched on space,
Like a mirrored woodland
On a purple vase.
"Break Of Day" by John Gneisenau Neihardt
Etched clear upon the pallid sand
Lies the black boat: a sailor boy
Clambers aboard in careless joy
With laughing face and gleaming hand.
"Les Silhouettes" by Oscar Wilde
That faithful stronghold of Orthodoxy,
Isaac's, is etched upon the sky,
There I will hold a service for Mashenka's health
And a requiem mass for myself.
"The Lost Tram" by Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev
The summer hums. The afternoon fatigues;
she breathed her crisp white dress distractedly
and put into it that sharply etched etude
her impatience for a reality
"Piano Practice" by Rainer Maria Rilke
Then as he lay full length and read,
The firelight flickered on his face,
And etched his shadow on the gloom,
And made a picture in the room,
In that most humble place.
"Lincoln" by Nancy Byrd Turner
Always at sea I think about the dead.
On barques invisible they seem to sail
The self-same course; and from the decks cry 'Hail'!
Then I recall old words that they have said,
And see their faces etched upon the mist—
Dear faces I have kissed.
"Always At Sea" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

In news:

Amanda Etches, Head, Discovery & Access, University of Guelph.
Fresh from his positive experience of installing Sarge on an old home server, the editor of attempts to install an Etch desktop on an old Thinkpad.
Abdur Rahman Chughtai "Rashmiri Woodcutter" Etching, ca 1930 PBS.
Abdur Rahman Chughtai "Rashmiri Woodcutter " Etching, ca 1930 PBS.
It's almost like an Etch-A-Sketch.
We all have moments in our lives that will be etched into out minds and hearts forever.
AFP/GETTY IMAGES) It's Day 3 of the Etch-A-Skandal, and our colleague Phil Rucker has a smart profile of the aide who uttered the name of the now-infamous toy.
Police say a 13-year-old Wilton boy and a 14-year-old Saratoga Springs boy etched anti-Semitic symbols and words into a vehicle parked in a Wilton driveway.
' Any Day Now' is a beautifully etched drama about a gay couple fighting to adopt teen.
' Any Day' is beautifully etched drama.
'Any Day' is beautifully etched drama.
EAST GREENWICH – Bridget Kennedy was as proud as the peacock she had just etched at her feet with chalk.
Romney goes from Etch a Sketch to sketchy.
Romney goes from Etch A Sketch to sketchy romney, budget, obama, debate, president, trust, important, behind, ran, balanced.
David Corn joined MSNBC's Martin Bashir to discuss Mitt Romney's miraculous discovery of the poor, as well as the presidential candidate's etch -a-sketchy memory of his own draft record.

In science:

This pattern is transferred onto the tungsten by parallel plate reactive ion etching using a mixture of SF6 and helium, where the PMMA acts as an etch mask.
Probing the charge of a quantum dot with a nanomechanical resonator
Keys to the technology are being able to etch deep, near vertical holes and coat them with polysilicon.
Physics at Future Hadron Colliders
Moreover, recent experience with straws and honeycomb drift tubes revealed that chemical etching processes leading to a dramatic damage of gold-plating on wires could occur in non-polymerizing C F4 mixtures at exceedingly high current densities.
Summary and Outlook of the International Workshop on Aging Phenomena in Gaseous Detectors (DESY, Hamburg, October, 2001)
Actually, C F4 -based gases are used for both etching and deposition processes, the distinction being made by the gas and its concentration with which C F4 is mixed.
Summary and Outlook of the International Workshop on Aging Phenomena in Gaseous Detectors (DESY, Hamburg, October, 2001)
In general, the addition of oxygenated species shifts the chemistry of C F4 plasmas towards etching, while the addition of hydrogenated species shifts the chemistry towards polymerization , .
Summary and Outlook of the International Workshop on Aging Phenomena in Gaseous Detectors (DESY, Hamburg, October, 2001)