• WordNet 3.6
    • v entrance put into a trance
    • v entrance attract; cause to be enamored "She captured all the men's hearts"
    • n entrance the act of entering "she made a grand entrance"
    • n entrance something that provides access (to get in or get out) "they waited at the entrance to the garden","beggars waited just outside the entryway to the cathedral"
    • n entrance a movement into or inward
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Additional illustrations & photos:

the Entrance to The Pyramid of Unas at SaqqÀra the Entrance to The Pyramid of Unas at SaqqÀra
Painting at the Entrance of The Fifth Tomb Painting at the Entrance of The Fifth Tomb
the Pyramid of Illahun, at The Entrance Of The Fa.Ûm the Pyramid of Illahun, at The Entrance Of The Fa.Ûm
Entrance to the Grotto of La Balme Entrance to the Grotto of La Balme
Entrance to the Citadel To-day Entrance to the Citadel To-day
Entrance to the tomb Entrance to the tomb
Showing the entrance with carvings of figures above it Showing the entrance with carvings of figures above it
Showing entrance to portico and dome of rotunda Showing entrance to portico and dome of rotunda

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Adolf Hitler wanted to be an architect, but he failed the entrance exam at the architectural school in Vienna
    • Entrance Liberty, power, or permission to enter; as, to give entrance to friends.
    • Entrance The act of entering or going into; ingress; as, the entrance of a person into a house or an apartment; hence, the act of taking possession, as of property, or of office; as, the entrance of an heir upon his inheritance, or of a magistrate into office.
    • Entrance (Naut) The angle which the bow of a vessel makes with the water at the water line.
    • Entrance (Naut) The bow, or entire wedgelike forepart of a vessel, below the water line.
    • Entrance The causing to be entered upon a register, as a ship or goods, at a customhouse; an entering; as, his entrance of the arrival was made the same day.
    • Entrance The entering upon; the beginning, or that with which the beginning is made; the commencement; initiation; as, a difficult entrance into business. "Beware of entrance to a quarrel.""St. Augustine, in the entrance of one of his discourses, makes a kind of apology."
    • Entrance The passage, door, or gate, for entering. "Show us, we pray thee, the entrance into the city."
    • Entrance To put into a trance; to make insensible to present objects. "Him, still entranced and in a litter laid,
      They bore from field and to the bed conveyed."
    • Entrance To put into an ecstasy; to ravish with delight or wonder; to enrapture; to charm. "And I so ravished with her heavenly note,
      I stood entranced , and had no room for thought."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Check your map! The Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal is farther East than the Atlantic entrance.
    • n entrance The act of entering, as a place, an occupation, a period of time, etc.; a going or coming into; hence, accession; the act of entering into possession: with into or upon: as, the entrance of a person into a room; the entrance of an army; one's entrance upon study, into business, into or upon the affairs of life, or upon his twentieth year; the entrance of a man into office, or upon the duties of his office; the entrance of an heir into his estate.
    • n entrance The power or liberty of entering; admission.
    • n entrance Means or place of access; an opening for admission; an inlet: as, the entrance to a house or a harbor.
    • n entrance An entering upon or into a course, a subject, or the like; beginning; initiation; introduction.
    • n entrance A report by the master of a vessel, first in person and afterward in writing, of its arrival at port to the chief officer of customs residing there, in the manner prescribed by law.
    • n entrance The bow of a vessel, or form of the forebody, under the load water-line: opposed to run.
    • entrance To put into a trance; withdraw consciousness or sensibility from; make insensible to present objects.
    • entrance To put into an ecstasy; ravish with delight or wonder; enrapture.
    • n entrance In phonetics, the initial movement in producing a sound; the ‘attack’ or on-glide.
    • n entrance In music of a concerted sort, the point at which or the effect with which any one of the parts begins, especially when not at the beginning of a piece or passage.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Entrance en′trans act of entering: power or right to enter: the place for entering, the door: the beginning
    • v.t Entrance en-trans′ to put into a trance: to fill with rapturous delight
    • ***


  • Aesop
    “Affairs are easier of entrance than of exit; and it is but common prudence to see our way out before we venture in.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “At the entrance of a second person, hypocrisy begins.”
  • Desiderius Erasmus
    “Heaven grant that the burden you carry may have as easy an exit as it had an entrance. [Prayer To A Pregnant Woman]”
  • Charles Simmons
    Charles Simmons
    “Both mind and heart when given up to reveries and dreaminess, have a thousand avenues open for the entrance of evil.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Every man alone is sincere. At the entrance of a second person, hypocrisy begins.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. entrance, fr. OF. & F. entrant, p. pr. of entrer, to enter. See Enter


In literature:

The small Church of S. Cajetan was the first place we visited after passing the entrance to the palace.
"The Last Voyage" by Lady (Annie Allnutt) Brassey
In one chamber near the entrance-tower, which had been walled up, a large amount of gunpowder was found.
"England, Picturesque and Descriptive" by Joel Cook
I went back to the lock entrance.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, May, 1930" by Various
At the entrance, Verelst, pretexting a pretext, sagely dropped out.
"The Paliser case" by Edgar Saltus
A guard of soldiers was at the entrance, but they did not block the entrance.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930" by Various
At the top of the stairs an entrance slide showed darker on the left.
"Slaves of Mercury" by Nat Schachner
The devilish creatures had solved the puzzle of the means of entrance!
"Astounding Stories, February, 1931" by Various
Past the wooded shores of the creek entrance, he could see fields, obviously tended, and more woods.
"The Flying Stingaree" by Harold Leland Goodwin
Some one was outside, breaking entrance.
"Fire Mountain" by Norman Springer
One entrance port was torn open, and the head itself still hung where it had lodged.
"Astounding Stories, May, 1931" by Various

In poetry:

In the heavenlies see that land,
Satan would thine entrance stay;
Thou against his wiles must stand:
Watch and pray.
"Christian, seek not yet repose," by Charlotte Elliott
But coming to his father's door,
He there such entrance had
As made his parents both rejoice,
And he thereat was glad.
"The Life And Death Of Tom Thumb" by Anonymous British
Shyly the silver-hatted mushrooms make
Soft entrance through,
And undelivered lovers, half awake,
Hear noises in the dew
"May" by John Shaw Neilson
No glorious deeds can urge their claim,--
No merits, entrance win,--
The pierced hand of Christ alone,
Must freely let you in.
"Beechenbrook - VII" by Margaret Junkin Preston
The very doors unwillingly
Shut after you; "She comes,"
Floor, rafter, the dear walls, each thing,
At your sweet entrance hums.
"Immortal Eve - IV" by Manmohan Ghose
I saw you pass the Entrance wide
The shudder with remorse and pain.
Now that you see Me at your side.
Come love Me once again."
"Christ In The Forest" by R S Ward

In news:

Boeing's 747-8 Freighter Makes Green Entrance to Paris.
To be a little literal here, a front door is the first area of entrance … in most cases.
Last week, the Schenectady Museum announced that architecture students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy will spend the fall semester designing a new entrance to the building.
A man crashed his car through the front entrance of the Washington Street Safeway in Sequim just before 5 pm Tuesday, Jan 4.
Car takes out Carrabba's front entrance .
The article states information about $45,000 for art at the school entrance.
(AP) – The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission is considering increases to nonresident hunting and state park entrance fees.
Finished placing a metal gate in front of the entrances of the parking lot Sept 24, although the lot can be reopened by the city for special events, said Abby Sandel, communications manager for the city.
The Planning Board in October rejected a request by Mallard Pointe developers to erect a gate at the entrance to the.
She needs a coded card to get past the electronic gates that guard all three entrances.
Free Museum Entrance Day (Sept 29, 2012).
Arleen Frances Godard made her entrance at home on a cold, snowy, early morning, Oct 29, 1918, in Highmore, S.D.
It started somewhere in April, when the air gained whispers of heat, suggesting summer's upcoming grand entrance.
The next year we moved again, this time to Winthrop Street, directly across from the firehouse and just 20-yards from the school's front entrance.

In science:

For electrons (square symbols) there is a significant increase in the average pulse height at higher drift times, due to preferential absorption of TR at the entrance of the DC.
Prototype tests for the ALICE TRD
Fig. 5) and increases towards the entrance window for a total of 32 time bins.
Prototype tests for the ALICE TRD
A is the entrance area of the detector (in the following we shall put A = 1 for the sake of simplicity).
How photon detectors remove vacuum fluctuations
The entrances of fjords ⊙ close in the scaling limit.
Conformal Fractal Geometry and Boundary Quantum Gravity
As there is a tight mass–luminosity relation for He, C, O stars (Maeder 1983), this is the result of the smaller mass at the entrance of the WC phase for models with rotation.
Stellar evolution with rotation X: Wolf-Rayet star populations at solar metallicity