• Makoma gets entangled by a hair of Chin-debou Mau-giri
    Makoma gets entangled by a hair of Chin-debou Mau-giri
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v entangle twist together or entwine into a confusing mass "The child entangled the cord"
    • v entangle entrap "Our people should not be mired in the past"
    • ***

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He felt the net very heavy; and lifted it out quickly, with Tom all entangled in the meshes He felt the net very heavy; and lifted it out quickly, with Tom all entangled in the meshes

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Entangle To involve in such complications as to render extrication a bewildering difficulty; hence, metaphorically, to insnare; to perplex; to bewilder; to puzzle; as, to entangle the feet in a net, or in briers. "Entangling alliances.""The difficulties that perplex men's thoughts and entangle their understandings.""Allowing her to entangle herself with a person whose future was so uncertain."
    • Entangle To twist or interweave in such a manner as not to be easily separated; to make tangled, confused, and intricate; as, to entangle yarn or the hair.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • entangle To tangle; intermix the parts of confusedly; make confused or disordered: as, to entangle the hair. See tangle.
    • entangle To insnare; involve, so as to render extrication difficult; subject to constraining or bewildering complications: as, to entangle fish in the meshes of a net; to entangle a person in a labyrinth.
    • entangle To involve in difficulties or embarrassments; embarrass, puzzle, or distract by adverse or perplexing circumstances, interests, demands, etc.; hamper; bewilder.
    • entangle Synonyms To tangle, knot, snarl, mat.
    • entangle Involve, etc. See implicate.
    • entangle To confuse, mystify.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Entangle en-tang′gl to twist into a tangle, or so as not to be easily separated: to involve in complications: to perplex: to ensnare
    • ***


  • Thomas Jefferson
    “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.”
  • Herbert Marcuse
    Herbert Marcuse
    “The web of domination has become the web of Reason itself, and this society is fatally entangled in it.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “Some people wave their dogmatic thinking until their own reason is entangled.”


In literature:

Mannix stumbled, got his fishing-rod entangled in the rail of the gangway, swung half round and then fell sideways on the pier.
"Priscilla's Spies" by George A. Birmingham
But he found it was too late, as they had already got entangled in the thick woods.
"The Myth of Hiawatha, and Other Oral Legends, Mythologic and Allegoric, of the North American Indians" by Henry R. Schoolcraft
Then the pole of the carriage became entangled with Stair's carefully angled lodge-gates.
"Patsy" by S. R. Crockett
But Maya got herself only more entangled.
"The Adventures of Maya the Bee" by Waldemar Bonsels
There was in the first place the main position well provided with wire entanglements.
"New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 5, August, 1915" by Various
Those streams were generally bordered by a thick growth of trees and entangled vegetation.
"Across Unknown South America" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
Their feet getting entangled among the cordage, and between the planks, bereaved them of the faculty of moving.
"Perils and Captivity" by Charlotte-Adélaïde [née Picard] Dard
Between these pits and the Fort were wire entanglements, running from stump to stump, and also an abatis.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 105, July 1866" by Various
It did so, for, as he dashed forward over it, he became entangled among the limbs, and again charged without striking me.
"The Young Voyageurs" by Mayne Reid
Again the vessels were entangled among sand-banks, and the water appeared as white as milk.
"Notable Voyagers" by W.H.G. Kingston and Henry Frith

In poetry:

Oft at eve I love to saunter
Where the sedge sighs drearily,
By entangled hidden footpaths,
Love! and then I think of thee.
"Sedge Songs" by Nikolaus Lenau
All that is Earth has once been sky;
Down from the sun of old she came,
Or from some star that travelled by
Too close to his entangling flame.
"The Meteorite" by C S Lewis
The world-tried sailor tires and droops;
His flag is rent, his keel forgot;
His farthest voyages seem but loops
That float from life's entangled knot.
"Birthday Of Daniel Webster" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
With frowsy snow blanched is the world;
Stiff sweeps the wind thro' murmuring pines,
Then fiend-like deep-entangled whines
Thro' the dead oak, that vagrant twirled
"The White Evening" by Madison Julius Cawein
Tell wit how much it wrangles
In tickle points of niceness;
Tell wisdom she entangles
Herself in overwiseness:
And when they do reply,
Straight give them both the lie.
"The Lie" by Sir Walter Raleigh
And underneath a wall of mottled stone,
We knew the sleeping beauty lay in state,
Entangled in a mist of tears, to wait
The prince whose kiss would raise her to a throne.
"Wood Magic" by Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

In news:

Quantum entanglement can reach into the past.
Jon Heras, Equinox Graphics Ltd. Scientists have entangled particles in such a way that a future decision can affect the past states of the particles.
As the Google-China face-off spirals and even entangles President Obama, one Chinese computer whiz adds to the fray by creating a fake version of YouTube.
Last week, The Observer reported on the ongoing battle in the West Village that has entangled artist Julian Schnabel at 360 West 11th Street, as well as, Richard Meier's partners at 166 Perry Street.
Their stems entangled, some are broken, others.
The New York Times has a great scoop this morning advancing the ball on the SEC's entanglement with Bernie Madoff.
Physicists entangle artificial atom with light particle.
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott this morning announced the State of Texas has legally intervened on behalf of the cheerleaders at Kountze High School who are currently entangled in legal action.
A one-year-old was killed in 2007 when he became entangled and strangled in the lift cord loop of a roll-up blind from Lewis Hyman that had fallen into his portable crib, CPSC said.
Became entangled in the inner cord of an IKEA Roman Blind and strangled.
The animals often become entangled in abandoned fishing nets or accidentally caught on fishing hooks.
Rape, Race And The Press, Entangled In ' Central Park '.
Touch "Entanglement" April 12, 2012.
Shootout wrestling Clovis ' Jason Ladd becomes entangled with Paso Robles' Kevan Garcia in a tightly fought match in the 152 lb.
Chopper doing NYSEG inspection became entangled in power lines.

In science:

The entanglement purification is a protocol to select the subensemble of maximally entangled pairs from the whole ensemble of quantum states .
Optimal conclusive teleportation of a d-dimensional unknown state
The completeness with respect to the entangled states {|ψα i} is nontrivial due to their being non-orthogonal for a partially entangled quantum channel.
Optimal conclusive teleportation of a d-dimensional unknown state
As maximally entangled states have reduced density matrices proportional to the identity, we can immediately see that any F , G corresponding to maximally entangled states are proportional to unitary matrices.
Optimal local discrimination of two multipartite pure states
For the present experimental ability the only difficulty seems to be related to the special properties of the sources which produces the pairs of entangled fermionic particles, such as electrons, neutrons or entangled bosonic particles.
On the Experimental Incompatibility Between Standard and Bohmian Quantum Mechanics
Alice and Bob divide all entangled pairs into n ordered groups, every group include 2 entangled pairs.
A random quantum key distribution by using Bell states