• WordNet 3.6
    • v encompass include in scope; include as part of something broader; have as one's sphere or territory "This group encompasses a wide range of people from different backgrounds","this should cover everyone in the group"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Encompass To circumscribe or go round so as to surround closely; to encircle; to inclose; to environ; as, a ring encompasses the finger; an army encompasses a city; a voyage encompassing the world. "A question may be encompassed with difficulty.""The love of all thy sons encompass thee."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • encompass To form a circle about; encircle.
    • encompass To environ; inclose; surround; shut in: as, the besieging army encompassed Jerusalem.
    • encompass To go or sail round: as, Drake encompassed the globe.
    • encompass To get into one's toils; get round; gain power over.
    • encompass To compass or bring about; accomplish.
    • encompass Synonyms To gird, invest, hem in, shut up.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Encompass en-kum′pas to surround or enclose:
    • v.t Encompass en-kum′pas (obs.) to go round
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  • Catherine Booth
    Catherine Booth
    “We are made for larger ends than Earth can encompass. Oh, let us be true to our exalted destiny.”
  • Abraham J. Heschel
    Abraham J. Heschel
    “It is not enough for me to ask question; I want to know how to answer the one question that seems to encompass everything I face: What am I here for?”
  • Arthur Collins
    Arthur Collins
    “Training is all-encompassing and should be related to everything a unit does, or can have happen to it.”


In literature:

Now the chieftains saw a chance to destroy Antar's power and encompass his destruction.
"The Journal of Negro History, Vol. I. Jan. 1916" by Various
She seemed to be encompassed by vague and sinister portents.
"Leonora" by Arnold Bennett
The slanting lines, vaguely discerned in the downpour, almost obliterated the presence of the encompassing forests about the stockade.
"The Frontiersmen" by Charles Egbert Craddock
Sinewy hands encompassed his wrists, forcing his arms above his head.
"Rosa Mundi and Other Stories" by Ethel M. Dell
Ultimately such go to light fires and encompass groceries.
"The Glory of English Prose" by Stephen Coleridge
Holda was first the mild and gracious goddess, then a divine being, encompassing the earth.
"The Development of the Feeling for Nature in the Middle Ages and Modern Times" by Alfred Biese
Encompassed by such assumptions and such customs, Bacon administered the Chancery.
"Bacon" by Richard William Church
But the liberal hand is closed, and the beaming eye is shut, and the world-encompassing heart is still.
"Brave Men and Women" by O.E. Fuller
Thence had sailed her admirals to encompass all the world.
"The Mississippi Bubble" by Emerson Hough
A bleakness and melancholy seemed to encompass the spot on this sombre day.
"The Red Redmaynes" by Eden Phillpotts

In poetry:

Along the way
He walked that day,
Watching shapes that reveries limn,
And seldom he
Had eyes to see
The moment that encompassed him.
"Self- Unconscious" by Thomas Hardy
They have encompassed him with steel,
They spit upon his gentle face,
He smiles and bleeds, nor will reveal
The Church's hidden treasure-place.
"St. Laurence" by Alfred Joyce Kilmer
The Ivory Tower is fair to see,
And may her walls encompass me!
But when the Devil comes with the thunder of his might,
Saint Michael, show me how to fight!
"The Thorn" by Alfred Joyce Kilmer
Heaven awakes to encompass us,
Hell awakes its jubilance
In our hearts mysterious
Marriage of the azure expanse,
With the scarlet brilliance
Of the Moon with Sirius.
"Lyric of Love to Leah" by Aleister Crowley
Hard lot! encompassed with a thousand dangers;
Weary, faint, trembling with a thousand terrors,
I'm called, if vanquished, to receive a sentence
Worse than Abiram's.
"Lines Written During A Period Of Insanity" by William Cowper
Encompassed by the psalm of hill and stream,
By hymns august with their majestic theme,
Here in the evening of exalted days
To Thee, our Friend, we bow with breath of praise.
"Hymn of Praise" by Henry Kendall

In news:

It encompasses some 200,000 square feet and is about 1,045 long and 210 feet wide.
Did you know that the Swan Creek Watershed encompasses nearly 205 square miles of Northwest Ohio.
But what is 4-H and what does it encompass.
There's not simply one identity for people of Hispanic origin, instead they encompass multiple identities stemming from the transatlantic slave trade and other forced (and unforced) movement.
We feel ' Hops ' encompasses several different components we wanted to include in our team name.
In the latest chapter of an industry career that has encompassed everything from teaching and performing to repping and wholesale, John Broermann has found a new challenge with Music Dealers Resource Group (MDRG.
The deal, which the companies said would encompass hundreds of Juniper switches, was a major win for Juniper 's enterprise switch business, an underdog to the dominant Cisco Systems.
Keller 's Encompass, a DOT compliance management tool, will now support the US Oil Field logging exception through the use of Keller 's Android-based EOBR system More.
Color Kinetics Inc announced this week the unveiling of its latest landmark installation, encompassing more than 1,800 LED-based fixtures as part of a lighting renovation project for Los Angeles International Airport ( LAX ).
Nobel Halls encompasses two buildings for a total of 173,000 square feet and 600 beds.
That encompasses not only Clintonville and Beechwold but also the University District.
But residential projects encompass so much more.
Still, a positive trend is fairly evident, and the Twin Cities is improving faster and sooner than the composite index encompassing 20 major metropolitan regions.
I was really learning to see color, light, atmosphere, and the four seasons directly from life—and everything it encompasses.
While murals are typically painted on the side of buildings, this mural encompassed the facades of 55 storefronts.

In science:

It must therefore encompass the increments of knowledge that Copenhagen quantum theory makes predictions about.
Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature
The thermodynamic properties are obtained from the site-to-site magnetization, which by it turn is calculated via a combined method encompassing real space renormalization-group approach and an exact recurrence procedure.
The Random Field Ising Model on Hierarchical Lattices I: Phase Diagram and Thermodynamics
The class of metrics, so characterized, encompasses a wide variety of gravitational models.
On the SO(2,1) symmetry in General Relativity
In the η = 0 case, it was recently argued [22,23] that the corresponding localization scenario belongs to the so-called “C” universality class which encompasses the d-wave superconductors with a strong inter-node scattering in the absence of time reversal symmetry [24,25].
Planar Dirac fermions in long-range-correlated random vector potential
Consider an outbreak on a network that starts with a single individual and spreads to encompass some subset of the network.
Random graphs as models of networks